The Future Of Our Human Language

The Future of our Human Language
Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the future of our language going to be globally? What is the only one global language for all of us to innerstand and communicate each other?

Today, we have many languages. We have many nations. We have organizations that promote division. The many languages that we have today is dividing us and conquering us globally. May that be Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, English, Portuguese, Korean, and many more languages. Speaking these languages sound as if we are barking dogs. If I am speaking Spanish and you are speaking French, for example, how are we going to innerstand each other? The many nation-approved languages is specifically designed to cull down humanity. To remedy the culling languages, we have to replace the many culling languages into one global language.

If you guessed English or any nation-approved language, you are not correct. In the beginning, there was sound, not word. Specific types of sounds are designed to manifest a particular reality. For example, if I say “OR”, OR is the highest vibration of AEYA and (Hebrew word) light. UR, however, is the sound of darkness and garbage. The language I am going to bring up today is Source Code. To break up the word Source Code, you have S-OR-SE K-OH-DE. Source is S-OR-SE, the all-living OR. The Code is K-OH-DE, the living breath that stands. Many times throughout my essays, I revealed many source-code words for you to speak and use them for humanity’s best interest. I also reveal the source code for the art of work. Most of them may be capitalized and/or broken down for you. Also I link the source-code words to any of my essays containing the sounds. Out of trial and error, I have to defide, or DEE-FIE-DE. what sounds really are. “Defide” is to strengthen something out of hiding, or to reveal. My sentence structures may trick your “inside-the-box” mind. For this reason, words do not really matter; sound does. Probably at first, you may ridicule the truth. Then, you may violently oppose the truth. Finally, you accept the truth. Look at innerstanding, for example. Innerstanding is an alternate word for understand. Understand can also be standing under. Standing under what? Is understand equivalent to bowing down to the Archons? Arch-on is AR-K-ON, or to control. Beware of the sound of EL. El is the Saturn God. El is another name for Satan, the Biblical God, Yahweh, and Jehovah. Look at Israel. Broken down you have: ISIS-RA-EL: Moon, Sun, and Saturn gods. Ironically in astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. God/Satan does not exist; they are dead entities. Isis and Ra are also dead entity. The real sound for sun and moon are hee and yee. What if you want to visit and talk to me in your “native” language?

I care not if you speak Chinese, French, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, English, or any language to me. I also care not where you are from. All nations and culling languages are illusions. Look through insights; insights are blocked by illusions. Although there are many languages and many nations, we are all connected through our creator through the source code. All of these languages are derived from original sounds, prior to the division of humanity.

As of 2017 (the time of my writing), Pluto is in Sagittarius until 2024. As Pluto enters Capricorn, humanity shall be divided into two groups: the ORKAs and URKAs. As Pluto leaves Capricorn into Aquarius by 2040, we, the ORKAs as a global community, shall speak the Source Code as our global language to denate, end, and noyte (N-OY-T, to stop) the division and non-innerstanding communication between all people on Gayth. We shall have WOR and AEYA. My source-code message to all of humanity (beware of o as au [in lot]):

In’swee ah. Noyt kull’ka. Nin’aeya wor’ka. In’nur borah ee vee’ah ra’er ee neh’f. Poy-s de hah ee ah. Ka nau-t deh-de. Nau voy-d ee deh’vul. Nau voy-de ee UR’KA. Voy-d in’ee vee’da. De’nae-t cull’in ra’thin. Or’ka voh-k. Ee’voh-k wor, nur-s, ee AE’YA. Om nin’nur kah.

Translation: Stop the culling of all people. From love outside, I spread the magic. I heal the aura and the insight of willpower and life. I pour forth the warm energy of air. A soul is not dead. Do not turn to the devil foolishly. Do not turn to the dark and tainted souls. Do go instead to insights inwards. Destroy any plagues of the mind. As a light soul, I speak. Evoke peace, health, and love. May all souls be healed.

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