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All About Christmas

All About Christmas Robbie Theer’nigor At the time I wrote and published this essay, it was Ophiuchus 11th, 2118; in addition, it was 15 days till Christmas. However, what is Christmas all about? The origin of Christmas predates Christianity as a Pagan Holiday known as Saturnalia. Saturnalia was a Roman Holiday that worshiped Saturn, and …

The Grey Swastika

The Grey Swastika Robbie Theer’nigor What is the origin of the Grey Swastika? First, let us define the swastika first. The Swastika is the cross symbol with right-angled, legs going either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The counterclockwise swastika is the hee swastika. The Hee is H-EE, or male energy. The hee represents the number 6 and …