What Is The Correct Sound For Love?

What is the Correct Sound for Love?

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is love? Love as defined in the dictionary is a deep affection to someone or something. If so, then what does the word love translated into sound?

Love is L-uh-v. The L is descending. The uh is the sound of sex. The v is sight. So, love is falling into lust, or a strong sexual desire, at sight. Lust is L-UH-ST. If you do not want to cause unwanted sexual intercourse, what should I say rather than love?

In my experience on finding the sound of love, this all started back at the end of July 2015. I used to take Spanish classes back in old school, and upon reviving the Spanish words I recalled, I spoke “Ella” (Spanish e is AE [as in bait], the Latin American Spanish LL is Y, and the Spanish A is ah). Instead of “ella”, I spoke “AEYA”. After speaking that sound, I felt a boosting energy of my heart, as if I am falling in love.

What is aeya? Aeya is AE-Y-AH. The AE is to create/make. The Y is the sound of female/feminine. The AH is the air. So, aeya is love, or to make loving air. What word contains the sound of aeya?

Have you heard of the Norse Goddess of Love known as Freya? Freya is Fr-aeya. Freya is the counterpart of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love. Venus, in astrology, rules aeya, the heart, riches, and relationships. Venus rules the Dancing Woman and is exalted in Pisces. The number of Venus is 8. When the numbers 6 (male) and 9 (female) unite and kiss, they form the infinity symbol, or omfinity as I define the sound. Tilt the infinity symbol 90 degrees, and you have the number 8. The octagram can also be used as a love (aeya) symbol.

So, what is the correct sound of love? I evoke the sound of aeya, the real sound for love.


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