The Energy of Hair

The Energy of Hair

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the Energy of Hair?

Hair is part of you. Hair is part of your body. Hair is the crown of both men and women. All men and women are capable of full-grown long hair at adulthood. In fact, humans are the only animals capable of growing longer hair on the head as they reach adulthood. Hair is also an extension to the nervous system. Men are capable of growing a beard after he reaches puberty. Hair can grow at a rate between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch a month. Hair grows fast at summer; however, hair grows slower at winter. What is the origin of hair?

Hair was derived from the constellation Coma Berenice, between Virgo and Canes Venatici. Coma is another word for hair. Coma is K-AU-M-A. Coma is the all-living that flows on air. So, coma is the sound for hair. Words that have the sound coma are comma and comet.

Having long hair, including beards for men, has endless benefits. The energy of long hair is an amazing gift from the Source. Long hair increases the kundalini force or the ki (as in key; Japanese word for Chinese chi) within you. The kundalini is the rising serpent within you. Long hair also increases your vitality, intuition, beauty, and tranquility. If you leave your hair uncut, you are allowing your hair to grow until it stops at a perfect length for you. Long hair also represents sexual energy. The longer your hair grows, the stronger the sexual energy you have within you. Having more sexual energy increases fertility. Having long hair also represents rebellion against ignorance. By having long hair, you are more complete physical, mentally, and spiritually. Having long hair makes hee-warlocks and yee-warlocks. In other words, long hair is knowledge and your sixth sense.

To the men out there reading: here are the real benefits of growing a beard. If you cannot grow a beard, that is okay (especially if you carry Native American genes within you). By keeping your beards, you are saving time and resources by not shaving and buying new razor blades (saving a lot of money in the long run). Shaving your beards is like batting against growing your beard. You can actually realize that every man’s battle is a losing one. You cannot change the laws of your body; the only way to win is to not shave your beards at all. By keeping your beards, you are going to be more attractive to women. As men are attracted to women with long hair, women are more attracted to men with long hair and beards. Beards make real men and make you more masculine.

The disease of hair growth is hair loss. What causes baldness or hair loss? There are many ways to lose hair. This is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair. Anything over this limit is a disease. Here are some causes of hair loss by the list:

  • Stress 
  • Living in ignorance and darkness 
  • Excessive Vitamin A 
  • Violating the Laws of Your Human Digestive System (by eating GMOS, junk food, acidic diet, and/or excessive meat) 
  • Synthetic, man-made shampoo

How do I nurse myself from hair loss and bald spots? How do I regrow hair? Do the exact opposite of what I listed. Be calm and do not live in ignorance and darkness. Do not exceed the recommended dosage for vitamin A. Go vegan. You can also use small amounts of baking soda and raw vinegar. The use of Yorin (or Urine Therapy) and the Art of Recycing Jing can also nurse your hair loss and can regrow your hair.

A long time ago, all culture (including Native Americans and Chinese) rarely cut their hair. This is because they are what they are. What happens if you shaved/cut your hair?

If you shaved, trimmed, or cut your hair and/or beard, the intuition, vitality, beauty, and tranquility that you always favored shall be lost. You shall also lose your extrasensory perception and tracking abilities. Also, you are going to be very weak like every other ignorant human beings, only subservient and docile to the oppressors (those souls who betrayed the source and working against humanity’s best interest). In other words, a shaved/short hair is a true sign of slavery. Favoring haircuts or barber shops is only going to keep you in the vicious cycle of slavery and ignorance.

What is our society going to regard hair in the near future? We are going to transcend from ignorance against the knowledge of hair into accepting hair as part of us. Hair salons and barber shop are going to be put out of business. There are corporations that favor shaved/short hair. In the very near future, these corporations are going to allow people to grow long hair; should they refuse, these corporations shall be phased out of existence forever. In other words, everyone is going to grow out their long hair.

Here are the solutions in defending your long hair and beards and supporting people with long hair and beards:

  • Save your money by not going to haircut/barber shops at all. 
  • Ditch your razor blades. 
  • Do not use scissors to cut your hair and/or beards. 
  • Resign/Retire from corporations that favor short hair and short/no beards. Boycott these corporations. Forgive these people. Do not fight; violence is a waste of energy. 
  • If people ask you shave/cut your long hair (including beards), do not consent; disown them (especially if they are your friends or families). In other words, leave them alone and forgive them. Forgiving others is how you save your blood sugar. 
  • Do not consent to sinner/oppressors. If a sinner entices you, do not consent. 
  • Support long-haired communities by going to a “long-hair” community.

Remember, you cannot change the laws of the body. The energy of your hair is what you are.







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