The Myth Of The Law Of Free Will

The Myth of the Law of Free Will

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the Law of Free Will? The Law of Free Will states that everyone has the universal right to explore whatever they want to experience. In other words, “You are free to do whatever you want to experience.” Is this law true?

Not exactly. In other words, you are not exactly free to do what you want. Here is the UR side and the OR side to the Law of Free Will.

An UR side to the Law of Free Will is the black-box warning of lowering your frequency. If you are an old soul and chose an experience that can harm (hurm) your frequency, you are basically sinning. Sinning in your dictionary is another definition of lowering your frequency. Another way of saying sin is air’ur. Air (or aer) is action, and UR is the sound of garbage and darkness. In other words, air’ur is the action to the garbage and darkness, or action that lowers your frequency. The sound of sin is s-in.

On the OR side of the Law of Free Will, you spiritually progress in many incarnations as a baby soul (tike-kahs), learning (mor’ae-ing) your lessons (mor-ons). As you increase your experiences and morality in many incarnations, you are going to see that you are not exactly free to do what you want. This is one of the reasons that moral laws existed in the first place, generally to prevent souls from lowering their frequencies. This is true for old souls (indigos or dark souls).

What is opposite of air’ur? The opposite of air’ur is air’or. Air’or is the action to high vibration and love. In other words, air’or is doing something that raises your frequency.

In the very near future, Gaia is raising her frequency. She is raising her frequency from 3D+ to 4D+. In other words, Gaia’s frequency is going to resonate with the OR. Those who refuse to raise their frequencies at Gaia’s frequency shall undergo physical death. All souls are immortal (ommortal). Tike-kahs shall be given another incarnation in a planet compatible with their frequencies to resume/finish their lessons. Only the dark souls (4D+ or higher) are going to live in Gayth and in the OR frequency.

In conclusion, to freely do whatever you want is a pure myth. You are not exactly free to do what you want. You are free to do what you want to experience as long as your raise your frequency, or air’or. Do not air’ur, or you shall hurm your frequency.

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