Humans Are Designed To Eat Plants, Not Meat

Humans Are Designed To Eat Plants, Not Meat

Robbie Theer’nigor

Humans are designed to eat fruits, vegetables, and plants. Humans are not designed, however, to eat meat (raw or cooked). There are scientific reasons that we, humans, have a digestive system that is capable of digesting plants.

We have a very long small intestines that is 9 times as the human body length. Carnivores such as the panthers, lions, tigers, cougars, and wild/domesticated cats have very short, small intestines, roughly 1.5 to 3 times their body length. We, humans, have long colons, and carnivores have short colons. How about the craving of raw meat? If you see a dead animal in your path, do you have the taste buds to eat that dead animal? Do you have the guts to eat a dead animal? If you have answered “no” (or not) to all of these questions, congratulations, you are a plant eater. He who eats dead foods that is cooked meat, cooked dairy from animals, and junk/garbage foods is a death eater. Eating meat is for people living in the UR (dark). Eating meat as humans is also the desire of the Flesh. Early death begins in the colons; you eat meat, and you begin to have Gut And Psychological Syndrome (GAPS). The Gut and Psychological Syndrome is a disorder of the mind and the gut. GAPS can affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In other words, eating meat as a human can give you disease. True obligate carnivores have the ability to eat raw meat and lack the taste buds for vegetables. They are also capable of metabolizing large amounts of cholesterol and vitamin A. Look at our flattened, fingernails, as opposed to the carnivore’s sharp claws. What happens if you eat meat and yorinate? The Yorin becomes Urine (Yurin). Urine is an acid, waste product. The carnivore’s urine is acidic and very concentrated. However, we, humans, have an alkaline urine, or Yorin. Yorin is the liquid Or within you and is alkaline and moderately-concentrated. How do we chew our foods? We chew until all food particles become liquid; carnivores, however, swallow the whole meat without actually chewing.

Omnivores are animals that can eat both raw meat and raw plants. The few animals that I can exemplify are by the following: bears, coyotes, (part-time) wolves, and raccoons. Similar to the carnivores, omnivores are capable of metabolizing large amounts of Vitamin A and cholesterol.

Some of you may conclude that we are omnivores. This is not true. As evidenced from above, we do not have the guts to eat raw meat and animal products. You can have food poisoning if you eat raw meat and raw eggs. Does the human body accept dairy products from animals? The answer is absolutely not. We do not have the guts to metabolize diary products from cows, goats, or any other animals, because these things do not belong to our human digestive system. The only exemption to this is human-mother breastfeeding a human baby. In the very near future, we are going to steer away from animal products and go straight to eating plants. You eat nehf (life), and you receive nehf. Raw foods contain life energy. Let vegan be thy medicine, derived from Hippocrate’s quote. We are herbivores.

We, human and herbivores, are not capable of metabolizing large amounts of Vitamin A and cholesterol, only small amount of these two. Vitamin A is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, designed to improve eyesight, maintain immune system, and assist the growth and maintenance of body and other tissue functions. The maximum, safe limit for Vitamin A is between 5,000 IU (International Units) and 8,000 IU. Anything over this limit causes Hypervitaminosis A. Hypervitaminosis A, as applies to humans and herbivores, is the excessive consumption of Vitamin A. Prolonged, excessive Vitamin A consumption leads to the symptoms of hair loss, digestive discomfort, blurred vision, nausea, headaches, changes of consciousness, drowsiness, and weakness. If this is you, you have to stop consuming excessive vitamin A. Stay within the limits of Vitamin A.

If you ask me, “Are we humans omnivores or herbivores?” I am going to vote, “Herbivores.” Some of you may ask me, “Prove it.” I am going to say, “Here is my essay I have written to prove we humans are herbivores.” I am also going to ask you things as, “Look at your fingernails”, “Look at our human digestive system”, or maybe “We, humans, are designed to eat plants, not meat.”

Planning your next hunting season? Going to eat meat from your hunting? I am counting out on these two. I would also renounce hunting licenses and give up hunting animals for food. By doing so, the animals shall thank you on your part against animal cruelty. I shall renounce meat (maybe you can follow my footsteps into being a vegan), for eating meat is not a food for survival in the near future.



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