The Energy Of The Sun

The Energy Of The Sun

Robbie Theer’nigor


What is the Energy Of The Sun? The correct sound for the sun is the hee. The hee is the sound of male, man, fire, and masculine. The hee rules ego and success. Because the hee is the fire sign, the symbol for fire is an up-sided triangle. The up-triangle is also the symbol of the penis, or the male delta.

The Sun rules Leo (co-rules Cancer with his lover: the Moon); hence the Greek name: Helios (Hee-Leo-s). His rising sign is Aries (one of Mars’s domicile). The sun’s detriment is Aquarius (Oranus’s and Saturn’s co-ruling sign) and Capricorn (Saturn’s domicile). The sun’s fall sign is Scorpius (Oranus’s rising sign). The number of the hee is 6, and the square sum is 666. The number 666 is not the number of the beast. The chromosome code of the beast is 66. The chromosome code of the hee is 96 (9+6=15; 1+5=6). The sun represents all physical and spiritual aspects; unifying both male and female.

The sun rules willpower and self. Because the Sun is a white star, the representative color of the sun is gold/yellow. The Sun rules the metal gold. The color of the Yorin (urine) is gold. Willpower is blocked by shame.

A medicine of the sun is called heliotherapy. Another medicine of the sun is sungazing (known as Hee’orin), or the art of looking at the sun (only one hour within sunrise or sunset. The color of the sun is red to orange/gold at dawn or dusk, turning later to ultraviolet white minutes prior to sunset or after sunrise.

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