Seeking The Source

Seeking The Source

Robbie Theer’nigor

There exist the Source. The Source is both male and female. The Source is the universal mainframe that creates and destroys. The source is the maker of all living things and is the destroyer of all the UR. The Source has both OR and NOR qualities. We, souls, all have OR and NOR qualities, similar to the Source. The source is all-loving to the OR and all-hatred to the UR. The Source is whatever you want to call it (God/Goddess, Creator, Source, etc). The Source is the Creator, the hee, and the yee. The Source’s number is 3, 6, and 9. Source is pronounced S-OR-S (SORS).

The creator rules the OR number 3, and Saturn rules this number. Saturn rules the chromosome 66. 66 divided by 2 equals 33, one of the important numbers for the path to inner peace. The square sum is 45. Creator is K-UR (short)-EE-AE-T-UR. What is the correct sound for creator? I am going to say, “Thaeor.” Thaeor is TH-AE-OR, or strong making of the light. The Thaeor represents the truth and openness. The Thaeor is the source.

Satan rules the number 55, also the number of the beast. The Thaeor is not Satan. Saturn is Satan, in astrotheology. Satan is also known as El, the Saturn God. El is also the Biblical God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, and the Lord thy God. Satan is the king of the Beast; hence, Nazi tuning of A = 55 hz. Satan represents lies and deception. However God and Satan are fictitious; they are dead entities.

The hee rules the number 6, and the square sum is 666. The hee is another word for male energy (masculinity). The chromosome of the hee is 96. The hee also represents solar energy. The hee is the source.

The yee rules the number 9, and the square sum is 3,321. The yee is another word for female energy (femininity). The chromosome of the yee is 99. The yee also represents lunar energy. The yee is the source.

Because the Source’s number is 3, 6, and 9, the thaeor, the hee, and the yee are the source. Together, they make the Trinity. The trinity is the union of all these three things (Truth, Sun, and Moon). Adding all the chromosomes together (66+96+99), they equal 45, or via Pythagoras Reduction: 9. Coincidentally, 45 is the square sum of Saturn. However, when you add 45, 666, and 3,321 together, you have 4,032. Remove the 0 from 4,032, and you have 432. 432 is one of the 28 universal tones; the remaining 27 are from 3s, 6s, and 9s.

So, the Source is the universal Trinity. The Source is all-loving and real. The Source is both the God and the Goddess, the Father and the Mother. We are the sons and daughters of the Source; this makes us our brothers and sisters. Male and Female energies have to exist to create balance. Without the NOR, OR cannot exist. Without the female, male cannot exist. 3, 6, and 9 are all connected.

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