Robbie Baldwin

What is naturism? Naturism is a back-to-nature movement that propagated clothing-optional, or nudism, lifestyle. Nudism is, of course, the movement that promotes, defends, and practices nakedness. Nude is no clothing, period. Nude shows all of your body; therefore, you have nothing to hide. Nudism is one of the things that the Lebensreform promoted in the late 19th century and the early 20th century.

The origins of Naturism goes back to the Ancient Greeks. The Greek word for naked is gymnos. Hence, we have the words gymnasium and the gym. Nudity was the way of life for Greek men when exercising and perform athletics. Nudity makes Greek soldiers. The original Olympic Games were conducted in the nude.

The benefits of Naturism are limitless on behalf of arguments and observations in support of Naturism. Naturism is not pornography, for pornography is the antithesis of naturism.

  • Naturism teaches you to accept your body. Pornography does the exact opposite: do not accept your body, accept someone’s body.
  • Nudism gives you more freedom. Pornography enslaves you, for pornography is an addicting drug.
  • Sleeping naked have benefits for your body. Sleeping naked is easy, cool, and harmless. Your sexual organs shall thank you for sleeping naked.
  • Repressing or non-promotion of naturism fuels pornographic business. Replace pornography with naturism.
  • Nudism promotes sexual health.
  • Nudism promotes mental health.
  • Nudism promotes physical health. You can also do yoga, martial arts, tai chi, qigong, and many physical arts. Clothing hampers your physical health.
  • Nudism promotes spiritual growth. If you start accepting your body, you are spiritually growing.
  • Being naked makes you do more physical labor. You can do chores in your house naked, can you? I have.
  • Clothing promote unhealthy sexual fantasies, as naturism does the opposite. Partial clothing is more sexual stimulating than full nudity.
  • Naturism focus attention away from sexuality, including sexual arousal and sexual parts.
  • Nudism promotes manliness in men and femininity in women.
  • Nudism promotes social relationships, including families.
  • Naturism is consistent with women’s rights and women’s freedom. You can also see the art of women’s rights, feminism, sexual liberation, freedom, witchcraft, and rebellion against the dominant, patriarchal society. Ophiuchus rules these things.
  • Nudism is also the symbol of rebellion against oppression.
  • Nudism is more natural than clothing-compulsiveness.
  • Nudism is shameless and guiltless. No need to feel guilty or ashamed of your body.
  • Naturism is growing in numbers day by day.
  • Naturism promotes financial freedom. If you are planning to go off-grid, naturism is right around the corner. By not wearing your clothes and saving them in your drawers, you are saving a lot of resources (not to mention money).
  • You are born naked, so are we.
  • Naturism is a personal experience, not disgusting and gross as you would expect. The word Gymnophobia comes to play. Gymnophobia is the fear of being naked.

There is nothing wrong being born naked. You can start your naturism today, or follow the clothing-compulsive flock. The choice is yours. Do something in the nude. Exercise. Do yoga, tai chi, qigong, or whatever resonates with you as long as you are naked. Accept your body; accept who you are. Always remember, feed Naturism; do not feed pornography. The choice is yours.



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