What is Yorin?

What is YORIN?

Robbie  Theer’nigor

The fountain of youth is a magical water that is said to bring eternal youth whoever drinks or bathe the waters. Yes, true, but where at? In the past, the fountain of youth was thought to be somewhere, in Bimini. I say the exact opposite, you cannot find the fountain outside nor the fountain of youth is located in Bimini. The LOST fountain of Youth is a myth! I have discovered this fountain of youth around the Ides of March 2014. This is NOT lost but hidden. Do “put aside your differences.”

YORIN is the correct sound for URINE. This featured image above is YORIN. YORIN is the lost Fountain of Youth that is within YOU! Y-UR-IN (URINE) is the liquid LIEs and GARBAGE within, or the waste products of the slaves. The YORIN is the WATER and LIGHT within. Do not worry, you are NOT going to be sick by the touch of YORIN. The YORIN is the golden water of NEHF (the water of life), the raising vibration or life, or the AGUA DE VIDA. The YORIN is the beverage of our souls, or spiritually vibrating souls known as the ORKAs.  The YORIN does appear gold (either more clear oros, near-oro clear, or nearly opaque-oro). YORIN may be strong or offensive on your senses for the first; as you progress, the YORIN shall be easy on you. The YORIN may taste strong depending on your eating habits, or your progress of your NEHF.

Yorin remains fresh for about five to six hours after yorinating! After these five to six hours, you CANNOT take AGED yorin INTERNALLY! Ammonia fluids is present in YORIN after aging. Yet, do not discard the aged yorin away. Another advantage with aged yorin awaits externally, described with external use. I have found advantages and disadvantages, and I am going to update this essay during my YORIN journey.


  • Increased calmness
  • Increased Brain power
  • Increased force of the Ki
  • Increased adaptation
  • Increased psychic intuition
  • HAIR growth (counteracts baldness)
  • Anti-cancerous
  • Youthful appearance
  • NEHF span, your body does not dies. You can stay at GAYTH (I do not use Earth) as long as you want.
  • Natural internal deodorant
  • Purifies your blood/organ system
  • Laxative response for the gut (cleans your gut from the inside)
  • Increases NEHF, or existence.
  • Increases liberation at a body, mind, and soul effect
  • Saves gallons of toilet water
  • Your body does not runs out of YORIN! Very interesting.
  • Useful for emergencies or whenever the manure hits the fan, if there is not any clean water available.
  • More to see for YORIN has many advantages!


  • If eating GARBAGE food, your YORIN shall taste bad (you have URINE). If possible, cut back some LIGHT food (GMOS, junk foods, and excessive acidic foods)! You can have white meat or fish in small amounts, and the YORIN would not taste bad. Eat at least 80 percent OR foods, and less than 20 percent UR foods.
  • If you have any reactions to any of these specific foods that leads to Gut and Psychological Syndrome, eliminate these food triggers.
  • If also taking pharma-based medications, please turn to natural remedies.
  • Please do not drink POISONOUS, TAP water! Drink dis-tilled or ozonated water!
  • Do not INTAKE salt! Salt is not-organic and can cause ailments if abused.

External uses:

I also applied YORIN on my body, whether fresh or aged. I also use YORIN as a conditioner, a body wash, a shampoo, a face-wash, a mouthwash, and the list keeps going. You can also use YORIN for your wounds. YORIN regrows and accelerates KOMA (hair) growth. You can use fresh YORIN for your eyes, for yorin can clear and revitalizes your eyes. You can also use fresh yorin for sinus rinse. You can use fresh yorin to clean/unclog your inner ear canals.

How to perform YORIN:

  1. You shall  need at LEAST one quart-sized jars (I used quart-size to gallon sized mason jars). If you are going to drink YORIN for a long periods of time (for more than a day), you may or will need more than one glass jar (I bought a pack of 12 mason jars for this reason).
  2. You have to pee (P-OR) INTO the quart-sized jars to do so. Do this privately! This is required.
  3. You shall  need to be acquainted with the scent of yorin for at least a couple days, after you yorinated of course.
  4. For external use, start by applying yorin on your skin, getting used to yorin for at least a couple days. Your skin starts healing by applying yorin. Work you way around the body with YORIN.
  5. For internal use, start drinking yorin by the drip inside your mouth on the first day, a couple drips on the second day, few drips after the second day, and later start sipping after getting used to the drips. You may end up to half a cup, but eventually, you will be able to drink at least a quart of yorin.

Have fun drinking/using YORIN! I promise you shall not run out of YORIN as long as you raise your NEHF. I have drunk  a near-clear YORIN at one point, and the YORIN tastes almost as WATER. I drank all of that YORIN. Feel free to start your YORIN therapy today!

For advanced Yorin and Ouroboros practitioners, click here on how not to lose energy after sexual discharge.

What do you think? Comment below this essay. You can also share with your ORKAs, your spiritually-vibrating friends and families.

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