The Energy of Mars

The Energy of Mars
Robbie  Theer’nigor

What is Mars? Oh, how about Martial Arts?

Mars is the Roman God of War, Energy, and Pleasure. Mars rules Female Warrior (Aries) and co-rules Scorpius, exalted in Capricorn. Mars’s detriment is the Dancing Woman (that is Venus’s domicile) and Mars’s fall sign is Cancer (domicile of the Moon). Mars rule energy and action. Mars also rules military. The number of Mars is 4, or the sum of the magic square is 136. Mars’s ruling metal is Iron. Mars also rules sexual energy. Mars rules pleasure, as pleasure is blocked by guilt. Accepting your guilt washes the illness from you so that pleasures goes forth in you.

Martial Arts is the Art of Energy. If Mars rules sexual energy, then Mars rules energy.  See the  Art of Ki.

Mars rules sexual energy. Sexual energy is equal to a fire, for fire is a living beast. You must use either the Sexual Ouroboros or the Sixth Tibetan Rite. The Tibetan Sixth Rite is the rite that transmute sexual energies upwards and using this energy for spiritual purposes. It is an exercise that requires you to empty your long and hold the breath as you pull in the abdomen. This rite requires you to have diligently mastered the Five Tibetan Rites and have sexual urges. Doing the Sixth Rite is a one-way street to make pornography flee.

When a Mars goes retrograde, masculine and sexual energies are directed inside, instead of the outside. Be careful not to make WUR and violence. Do not sign a peace treaty prior to or during a Mars Retrograde. Do not attempt to buy heavy machinery during this time. Use your WOR of non-compliance  to things that are detrimental to your growth. You can also find your guilt inside of you so that you reform pleasure inside you. Mars direct goes the outside; Mars retrograde goes within. Mars stays direct for about 22 to 24 months. The Mars Retrograde lasts for about 70 days.

On the other hand, Mars has a lover named Venus, who rules the number 8 (twice than of Mars).

Beware of Tuesday the 13th. Tuesday the 13th is the Hispanics’ and Greeks’ “bad-luck” day. As Mars rules Tuesday, Tuesday is Tiw’s Day.




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