All About Marriage

All About Marriage

Robbie Baldwin

What is Marriage? Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman. To marry is to take as one’s wife or husband in marriage. You often see marriages performed in many religious organizations. What is marriage really about?

During marriage, both partners exchange wedding rings in vows prior to the legal unification of husband and wife. However, the wedding rings are ruled by Saturn. All types of rings are ruled by Saturn, because they represent the rings of Saturn. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. Saturn rules Capricorn and rules the number 3. Satan is also known as the king of the Beast. The number (chromosome) of the Beast is 66, not 666. Satan is also known as the Saturn God: El. Satan is also the Biblical God, Yahweh, and Jehovah. However, God and Satan are fictitious and dead. So, when people get married, this event boils down to a Satanic ritual.

There is an opposition to marriage. This movement is called the Free Love movement. The Free Love Movement is a movement that opposes and rejects the traditional form of marriage. However, free love is F-UR-EE L-UH-V. The F-UR-EE/free is the hidden energy of darkness. L-UH-V/love is the descending sex at sight. Love and lust both contain the UH sound. When you support free love, you are basically supporting lust before taking any relationship. For this matter, I am basically going to throw free love out of the window because you cannot simply engage in a long-term, heterosexual relationship with a partner by holding on to free love. This is placing sex before any relationship. This is similar to having sex with someone who you have met yesterday or today. Do not commit sexual lust with whom you met yesterday or today. Have you noticed that you are committing adultery in your heart by looking at someone of your opposite sex with lust?

There are corporations who are making heterosexual marriage a privilege. The corporations that promote marriages are primarily religious organization. This all boils down to money. Marriages and weddings are very expensive (this is not a joke). These corporations wanted money to sustain the ship. Having sexual intercourse between you and your consensual, mature partner does not cost you anything except a baby in the next nine months (then you have to raise the baby until adulthood). If you and your partner do not want to raise children or want to put aside in raising family for now, then chastity is the key. You have to release sexual tensions through sexual, nocturnal emissions because you cannot change the laws of the body.

So, what is marriage really all about? Marriage is the Satanic ritual that people go through when they are married. Wedding rings are the rings of Saturn. Both religious marriage and free love is ruled by Satan. Do not do deal with Satan, who is the devil. Marriage is optional; however, the two individuals have to consent with each other to bring forth the highest form of heterosexual relationship and aeya. If you do want to get married, then do not hire the church, not even you should go to a religious church. In other words, do not get religiously married.

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