The Fictitious Jesus Christ

The Fictitious Jesus Christ

Robbie Theer’nigor

Who is Jesus Christ? Does Jesus Christ exist? If so, do we have proof?

We heard this story over and over again that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of humanity, resurrecting on the third day after his death. Can we actually prove this? If allegedly so, is there a reason that any one living around 33 AD did not write these events, including miracles? Could they at least draw a picture of one or two of these miracles? What is the origin-name of Jesus Christ?

There are a plethora sources for the name of Jesus Christ. Look at the letter J. The letter J was not invented until the 15th century. The closest source I go through is IESUS KRIE-S-TE. Going deeper, I also get IA-SUS KRISHNA, or EA-SUS KRISHNA. The enemy wants us to worship EA of SUS and KRISHNA. EA is Ea Enki. SUS is also ZEUS, the Greek God of Thunder (worth noting that there is no GOD, but man). KRISHNA is the Hindi God of Creation and all NEHF, and what is Krishna is an Archon? As we hear the name of Jesus, the son of the Biblical GOD, also known as Satan. Also, the word GOD (G-O-D) pronounced backwards is DOG.

Sources may prove that Yeshua ben Yosef existed 100 years prior to the “so-called” Creation of Christ. At the beginning of the Age of Pisces, there was a 400 year prophecy that a messiah was born to lead the Hebrews out of the Hebrew governing body. Yeshua ben Yosef is actually Joshua, son of Joseph, not Jesus. Yeshua, with his wife Mary Magdelene and his daughter, fled to France (that was part of the Roman Empire as Gaul) from the governing Hebrew body by evading prosecution.

How about GOD is Satan? Satan is also known as Elohim (El, the Saturn God), Jehovah, Yahweh, and the Biblical God. However in astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. In reality, both God and Satan are fictitious; they are dead entities.

For example, Jesus Christ is thought to be a sinless man; ironically, the opposite is true in the Bible. Although Jesus Christ has came to Earth from the Virgin Mary, he treated his earthly parents with nothing more than ill-respect and ill-manners. Jesus also told his followers not to call anyone “father.” Jesus Christ was also a drunkard, and he calls his mother, “woman.” Jesus Christ teaches his followers that in order to follow him, you must first hate your friends and families, including you. He also went far to teach his followers to forsake friends, families, children, and useful things in order to have everlasting life. Jesus teaches his disciples and his followers not to call anyone fools, lest they be liable for the hell of fire. Ironically, Jesus did call his neighbors “fools, vipers, and hypocrites”, making him subjected to the hell of fire. Jesus had made the lake of fire (hell) for the majority of souls to burn for eternity (John 1:1 – 3). Jesus Christ was also a coward in a couple occasions: He was running in fear of his life (Matthew 12:14 – 16), and he begged his father not to go through the crucifixion (Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:36).

BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #1: Jesus Christ is not YOU.

What if the fictitious Jesus Christ is not YOU? If Jesus Christ is fake, then YOU are real. You exist. Look no closely in the comic books at the Marvel superheroes who have powers. In reality, they are fake and they do not have powers. So, literally Jesus Christ is fictitious and dead. YOU, ironically, are REAL and have POWERS. Any reasons we should use the Art of Ki?

BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #2: The letter J

If there was a Jesus Christ in 0 to 33 AD, then do we have a reason that the letter J was not invented until the 15th century? Names that have J are: John, Jack, Jill, Joshua, Jenny, Jew, Jude, and James. This is the result before the letter J: Iohn, Ioshua, Iack, Iill, Ioshua/Yoshua, Ienny, Iew, Yude, and Iames. Weird, is this not?

BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #3: The Holy Trinity

I shall not use the Christian Holy Trinity. I am going to use the Universal Trinity. The Universal Trinity are the numbers of 3, 6, and 9. 3 is the number of the thaeor (or the creator). 6 is the number of the hee. 9 is the number of the yee. All of these three numbers together make up the Source. The Source is not Elohim, or the Biblical God.

BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #4: The Nehf Bemorts, another opposing name for the Deathly Hallows

Mind if I bring the topic Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I was looking at the Deathly Hallow symbol closely, out of a metaphysical aspect, and I found these symbols out of my point of view. Instead of naming the Deathly Hallows, I shall replace the name with the Nehf Bemorts. Deathly Hallows could be blessing/bemorting death. Death Science is the science of Death and accepting Death.

The stick is the Rod and/or the Blade. The Rod is the wand made from you. In Harry Potter, the stick is the Elder Wand, or the Wand of Destiny. What if the Blade is actually the Flaming Sword? How do I acquire the Flaming Sword? From you. How about the flaming Rod? From you. Look at the movie Starchaser: The Legend of Orin; the flaming sword is a metaphor for a full-functioning, pineal gland. Also look at Star Wars: instead of a flaming sword, you have the lightsaber, only that a Jedi can master.

The Circle is the Oroboros, or the snake eating the tail. In Harry Potter, the circle is the resurrection stone. The Oroboros is also the Orin, or Auryn. Moreover, the NEHF is the Oroboros, for the story does not begin and does not end.

The Triangle is, of course, the Universal Trinity. In Harry Potter, the triangle is the invisibility cloak. As mentioned with the Holy Trinity, you have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In the Universal Trinity, you have the thaeor (3), the hee (6), and the yee (9). All of them are part of the Source.

For this sake, I would not use the Master of Death, or accepting Death. Instead, hee/yee who uses all three of the NEHF Bemorts shall be the Warlock of NEHF, acquiring immortality (also ommortality).

BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #5: The Age of Pisces

In astrotheology, The Age of Pisces was the reign of Jesus Christ. Neptune rules Pisces and rules illusion. When the disciples asked Jesus where to go after Jesus’s reign is finished, he said, “Go to the city with the man bearing the water pitcher.” The Time of Pisces is not finished, the Time of Aquarius begins at 2,600 AD. Some point in the 21st century, we are going to enter the void course between Pisces and Aquarius for about 500 years.


BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #6: You save you

We have been taught that a fictitious savior (Jesus Christ, or some saving figure) can only save you. The opposite is true. Everyone outside of you is not going to save you. You can only save you.


BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #7: Forsaking things

You have to renounce materialistic items that do not serve your NEHF. This work is emotive. As you progress your spiritual path, you may end up losing your friends and families who cannot awake at this time.


BONUS ‘Jesus Christ’ #8: Love Your Enemy Myth

“Love your enemy.” Merely loving the enemy is the “wurst” and the most foolish thing to do. I call this extreme stupidity. What if an enemy is an URKA, working against the best interest of humanity? What happens if you gave your consent to the enemy? You are basically allowing the enemy to control you. What if you gave your non-consent to the enemy? I encourage you to give your non-consent to the enemy so that you cannot be controlled by the enemy. Keep your neutral behavior to the enemy. Should the enemy try, they are going to deal with cosmic sources for violating universal laws. If you have to aeya your friends and families, you have to naeya (hate) your enemies. In other words, hate your enemy.

When told to go the LIGHT, LIGHT is actually LIE-TE. The LIGHT is of the Archons. The Archons are parasitic entities that have betrayed the source and are feeding on the OR of souls to survive. ARCHON is ARCH-ON (AR-K-ON), or to control on/over. I would do the opposite, do not go to the LIGHT. I would go to the real OR, that is NOT bright and deceiving. Doing so would free you from the ARCHONs. Look at Jesus Christ saves you. Replace Jesus Christ with you. Look: You save you.

As a result of the fabrication of Jesus Christ brought forth from the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, Jesus Christ is not only dead, but fake also. If Jesus Christ is dead, the father and holy spirit are also dead. If these three things are dead, then God is dead and fictitious. If God is fake, Satan is also fictitious.




<> – This is the Lucifierian Liberation Front Webpage on Internet Wayback. Most of the controversies from the Bible has been referenced here (Mostly Anti-tracts). Use your discernment to see what is true and what is a lie.



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