What Are Lessons?

What Are Lessons?
Robbie  Theer’nigor

What are lessons? Lesson is defined in the dictionary as the amount of teaching given at one time, or an experience that exists as a warning or encourage. What if lesson is to be dumb down?

Lesson is phonetically LESS-IN. As you look and speak at this word lesson, you have LESS-IN. LESS is L-EH-S. Examples that have the sound l-eh-s is bless, less, lest, and lesson. Phonetically, you have lesson defined as less in. Less experience into you? Mainly, lesson is the art of losing spiritual knowledge for the purposes of conformity, subservience, and control. What if you want to gain an experience of warning or moving on? If lose is less, then gain is more. If you gain an experience, then you have been taught a MORE-IN.

To look at the word more-in, more-in is the correct sound  for lesson. What about to learn? To learn is to L-UR-N. The UR is the cold and darkness sound. The L is the descending. Possibly, L-UR-N may be L-UR-NAE, to destroy a thing that lures you. Or what if lur-nae is the sound to prevent you from going into the false-or (light)/ur (darkness). The correct sound for learn is MORE-AE or Morae. More-ae is to add more  or gain something. Gain is GAE-N, or GAE-NAE.

Bonus “nae” #1: Morning

I thought I would bring along a reference from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Good morning. Good morning? Are you going to be-more me with Good Morning? Or is this a good morning a yue-d hee-dae? Yue-d hee-dae is the correct sound for good morning. Good is G-oo-d, also known as thick ground. Morning is M-or-n-ing. What if morning was MOR-NAE? MOR-NAE is the destruction of the vibrating light. Morning and Mourning contains the sound of mor-nae. If you see a sunrise, I am going to be-more you with the words, “Yue-d Hee-dae.” More-in more-ae.

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