Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the Living? What is the Dead? The living has a spirit. The spirit is ah-nehf (alive) and darth (intelligent). A spirit has power and free will. The dead is dead and inert.

As the living has real power, the living has rights, authority, and power. The living can write, speak, think, command, forgive, and many more things. The living is spiritually awakened. The dead does not however has rights, authority, and power. The dead does not speak, write, think, command, forgive, or anything. In other words, the dead stays dead, or the dead does not have a soul. To summon (S-UH-M-UH-N) the dead is the art of necromancy. What is a name?

The name (N-AE-M) is the legal name in CAPITALIZED letters. All living souls do not have a name. The NAME is the description of a fictitious entity. The NAME is the name given you upon birth/berth (B-UR-TH) by registration. Look no closely at JOHN H. DOE. The capital letters of the legal name is the name of a fictitious corporation. You are not a NAME.

I would describe this reality as the living seas with a ship. A ship is also lifeless and inert. I would also see a ship with a pot of gold. A pot of gold is money. A ship is a corporation and be named and described in many ways. To get aboard the ship, you have to register. Register is R-EH-J-IS-T-UR. There is not a free pass to enter the ship. Be warned of being press-ganged into a ship. Being press-ganged is to be forced into boarding of ship with pending, premeditated threats if failed to do so. To avoid being press-ganged, do not use the NAME, and do not give them your NAME. If you did give them the NAME, you shall lose your sovereignty. Without a name, a ship cannot be operated. By entering/boarding the ship, you are being given admiralty laws; if you failed, there are punishments that include being kicked off from a ship (or being fired at work). Admiralty laws are earthly laws of a ship given to you into subservience, control, and conformity. Also, working at a ship is a privilege, not a right.

Mutinies do not work against a ship. To engage in a mutiny is to rebel against admiral authority. There too awaits consequences. Do not give up, mateys. There is a way out of the ship. The opposite of register is un-register. To un-register is to get off the ship. Now, you are lost at the sea, what do you do then?

The sea is an endless sea. The sea is a wild sea. The pot of gold does not exist in the seas. If you are not prepared, you shall be dragged into the dark abyss of the sea, where you shall be drowned to DEATH. If you do not want this happening to you, there is only one option: make a ship and be a captain of the ship.

Aboard the ship you have been registered in, you are a crew (K-UR-UE). A crew is a slave of a ship. A ship requires a battery to operate. You, as a crew, are the battery of the ship. The crew is the walking dead; they are also the ignorant masses. A ship is run by its captain (your boss in other words). An admiral is the owner of all ships of the same flag (CEO or higher of the corporation). By getting off the ship, you are not a crew anymore. However, you have to make an escape boat from the ship you have been enslaved to before getting off from it.

An escape boat is your vessel that you, as a captain, takes command. You, as a captain, become an admiral of the ship. The vessel can be your bike or you walking. The vessel has to be self-sustainable for a very long period of time or eternity if you want to be ommortal (immortal). So, feel free to name your vessel if you want to. You can travel anywhere you want, and you can find your nehf (life). You can do anything you want, as long as you make an air’or. By being a captain of a vessel/ship, you have a nehf. Whatever you do, do not allow pirates take control of your ship!

Final Warning: Do not be a pirate; not even you should commit piracy. A pirate is a person who engages in robbery or criminal violence by a ship to attack other ships with the intent to steal cargo (gold), valuable items, or properties. This is an air’ur. Shoplifting, robbery, stealing, pillaging, looting, burglary, kidnapping, and numerous of crimes are examples of piracy. You shall end up in prison for piracy. You have to be an anti-pirate in order to make an air’or. Thee be warned.

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