The Time of Pisces is Not Yet Finished

The Time of Pisces is Not Yet Finished
Robbie Theer’nigor

The time of Pisces is not yet finished, and (remind me again) what is the Time of Pisces?

Pisces is the fish, the mutable, feminine zodiac sign. Pisces rules the 12th house. The ruler of Pisces is Neptune. Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea. Of course, Neptune rules the clouds, dreams, movies, Navy, fishermen, actors, mainstream media (not of the truth), scenes, religions, seas, and anything of illusions. Pisces is a yin and yang, allowing you to see what is true and what is a lie.

The Time of Pisces is the Reign of the fictitious Jesus Christ. The Council of NIcea made up Jesus Christ in 425 AD for the new religion: Christianity. In my words, the existence of Jesus Christ is an ILL-LUSION, or “Jesus Christ is dead”. Jesus Christ is NOT the Lord and King. We are true Lords, Kings/Queens, and Sovereigns, and this is what the ELITE has been hiding from you. The “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ is a fraud, or a false prophecy. Angel, when broken down phonetically, is (AE)N-J-EL, tying to the so-claimed, Saturn god EL. Is the sound of EL related to YHWH or Jehovah (the so-called, fictitious God)? Do you want to worship a psychopathic, mass-murdering god who is thirsty for blood? The letter J was made to sound in the 1500s.

Do you also see that the Christian Fish is actually the Yoni symbol? The Christians claim that the fish symbol was Christian and nothing more. Actually, this symbol has origins thousands of years. The Yoni was the sacred power of the Yee (women). Fish is sacred on Fridays or Freya’s day. AEYA is the correct sound for love; hence the Norse Goddess: FR-AEYA (also  Venus).

Do you also see that the Christian Cross also resembles of a Penis? Flip the cross upside down, and the symbol represents an erected penis. The Christians claim the cross to be original and nothing more; ironically, this is not true. The cross is the power of the Hee (Men). Is this inverted cross a form of pornography? If so, no doubt we are worshipping the penis! Do not watch pornography!

How about the Grey Swastika? The Grey Swastika (also known as the Hinyin swastika) is the symbol of the window. The box is also the digital number of 6 and 9. The Grey Swastika is also the hee swastika and yee swastika combined. Through visual abstraction, you can see either a hee swastika or a yee swastika. Draw a Grey Swastika (not the hee swastika) at the beach or at grounds. Watch the WORK begins. A lot of illusions can be broken by us.

What is happening to these illusions at this moment? Thanks to Pluto in Sagittarius, the illusions are failing. As a result, the ELITE is having a hard time hiding from plain view, for they are being exposed of their crimes against humanity. The enemy’s plan is backfiring because we are waking up from the illusion. Despite many false flag attacks from the enemy, the false flags are always exposed against the Enemy.

As of May 2017, Neptune is in Aquarius, deluding freedom and anarchism; in addition, Oranus is at Pisces. Pluto remains at Sagittarius until 2024-2025, signaling the spiritual-awakening period. Neptune is going to cross from Aquarius to Pisces in 2020. As Neptune enters Pisces until 2039, this signals the last days of the ELITE Empire. The prophecy also says that a lot of people shall die (all ignorant people) as Neptune enters Pisces. If you or your child has a Neptune in Aquarius, your child can experience a lot of friends and families that pass over to the other side. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was the American Civil War, although Pluto was not at Capricorn. Oranus is also going to cross at Aries, signaling the end of suppressing technologies beneficial to humanity before going to Taurus. Pluto is also going to enter Capricorn at 2025; as a result, the Last GEETH WUR (World War III) begins. After the crossing of Capricorn, Pluto is going to enter Aquarius at 2036.

The Time of Pisces is going to remain for another 600 years. The Time of Pisces began around 75 BC to 68 BC. The Time if Pisces is around 2,675 years. The cusp between the Time of Pisces and the Time of Aquarius is around 2,600 AD. Between now and the cusp, this is going to take up to two and a half Pluto orbits; however, the Law of Time applies. The Law of Time states that time is a spiral, not linear. Modern Astrology is not correct, as modern astrology is only set for the time of 100 AD. What if the “so-called” Age of Aquarius, set by the Global Elite, is a trap? If so, then the “so-called” Age of Aquarius is not only a lie, yet delusional and misleading. If this is true, you have to save yourself from that earthly attachment. Only the sidereal zodiac proves correct.

What should I do about the times of Pisces? If you want to stay on Geeth for more than 600 years, find ways to be ommortal (or immortal in other words). The willpower of an OR is all you have to be ommortal. Do not buy into these illusions for any reasons. Use your feelings to decide what is true for you. The only way an illusion is destroyed is do not feed these illusions. Find ways to starve out LIES. A saying goes, “What you feed shall grow. What you starve shall fester and die.” Reclaim your sovereignty through internal monarchy and external anarchy; be a Lord. Say this WORD, “I am a Lord.” Feel free to modify your script. You probably want to ask me, “Are you a Lord for a reason?” I say, “Lord is L-OR-D, descending light that grows within. We are the true Lords of GEETH, through our CREATOR/SOURCE.” Have fun destroying illusions! OR. AEYA.

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I found out with Sidereal zodiac that the Time of Pisces is not finished yet.

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