How To Start A Heterosexual Relationship

How To Start A Heterosexual Relationship

Robbie Baldwin

How do you start a heterosexual relationship? The minimum requirements for engaging in a heterosexual relationship is to be straight through sexual orientation. Also, the most important requirement is to not fall in love and succumb to lust to someone whom you have met yesterday or today. This is so because of the law of the body. A man was created to have sex with a woman. A woman was created to have sex with a man. This is the law of the body; you cannot change these laws.

You have to first find ways to draw lustful thoughts away from that particular person. You can direct these sexual energies through masturbation and aeya yourself. By speaking the sound of aeya (AE-Y-AH), draw in the self-love inside you. Some people want to hold onto their seeds for spiritual reasons; this is chastity. Masturbation is a personal choice and should not be viewed as a very bad thing. You can do these things in private until you have found your correct partner. Purge those lustful thoughts, and replace them with socialization.

You have to socialize in order to engage in a heterosexual relationship, especially in a long-term. Use your willpower to socialize to someone of your opposite sex. Always remain truthful to your partner. A lie is a very serious air’ur that can cause your heterosexual relationship with someone to meet a dead end. In other words, someone shall break up on you if you lied. What are the things you are allowed to socialize your partner about?

How about socialize to your partner about cosmic energy? In metaphysics, cosmic energy opposes earthly wealth. Por favor (P-OR F-AH-V-OR) view closely that I did not include earthly wealth. Do not show off your personal properties (earthly wealth) to your partner. Excessive materialistic items can control you (this is not a joke). Do not control your partner. Your partner is not your property. One zodiac resists being dominated; the name is Ophiuchus. Feel free to break up a partner that is only dominating/controlling you. Heterosexual relationship revolves around only cosmic energy, not earthly attachments. Of course you can discuss about many topics from cosmic energy, this can literally be anything from astrology, sungazing, yorin therapy, Phoenician, truth, bicycles, chakras, warlocks, numerology, etc. This can be anything as long as you are truthful. What should you not talk about in heterosexual relationships?

Do not get up close and personal. Plain and simple. Here is the list of things that you should not be discussing about:

  • Sex (lust, talk about someone’s private body parts; however, the spiritual power of long hair is an exemption)
  • Religion (exposing the dark side of religion is an exemption)
  • Politics (nowadays modern politics is corrupt [K-UR-R-UH-P-T]; again exposing modern politics is an exemption)
  • Birthdays (please ask first to your partner before asking someone’s birthday, or this could be viewed as an offense)
  • Weight (do not call someone skinny or fat)
  • Money (do not ask about someone’s money or how much they have)
  • Earthly Attachments (as discussed about cosmic energy versus earthly wealth)
  • Not anything up close and personal (any of these things not listed)

Do not fall in love with someone whom you have met yesterday. What if someone whom you have met yesterday is too sweet to be true? Someone can be luring you into a vicious trap of living in the dark. Love is L-UH-V, descending sex at sight. Do not succumb to sexual lust with someone whom you have met yesterday also. This is not aeya. Aeya is not love. Lust is L-UH-ST, or a strong descending sex. Have you also noticed that looking at someone of your opposite sex with lust is considered adultery in your heart? Adultery is sexual intercourse between you and someone (married or not) other than your partner. Here is an example to adultery: This is you and your heterosexual partner together, and you saw someone of your opposite other than your partner walking that you begin to have sexual arousal. You find ways to have sexual intercourse with someone other than your partner, and do that. This is adultery; this is not aeya also. And por favor, do not watch pornography. Pornography causes not only heterosexual relationships to end; it also causes you to commit adultery deep in your heart.

Who is your partner going to be? When you make tons of air’ors and raise your frequency, you can feel the desire to find the heterosexual partner with the same frequency. You can also find that a particular partner ending the relationship on you. Remember, people are earthly attachments. You have to personally grow up before taking on a true heterosexual relationship. Once you are matured, you can take on a heterosexual relationship through socialization and controlling your sexual energies. As long as you are truthful, the heterosexual relationship can sustain for a very long time.

Is this okay to have sexual intercourse with your partner? As long as you are planning to have children, have known your partner for a very long time (some years to be exact in my comfort zone), and have not committed adultery in your heart, you can do so, only if you and your partner consent with each other. Marriage is optional. If you and your partner do not want to raise children, then do not engage in sexual intercourse; you and your partner have to control your sexual energies through masturbation and self-aeya. Sexual energy is the element of fire, and you have to control fire.

Your neh aeya (true love) is your heterosexual partner whom you have known for a very long time. Do not commit adultery; do not even look at someone with lust. Do not watch pornography.

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