The Book of Law

The Book of Law

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the Book of Law? The Book of Law is the book of rules and regulations meant to protect humanity and to prevent humanity from making air’urs. An air’ur is the correct sound for sinning. The Book of Law used to be the Christian Holy Bible; however, the Bible is a plagiarized work. For example, the Ten Commandments was a reword from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which has 40 commandments. The story of Jesus Christ is a fabrication and a copy from Mithras. Another disturbing passage in the BIble includes the following: do not suffer a witch to live. Another disturbing passage of the Bible is the discrimination against men with long hair founded in 1 Corinthians 11:14 (sensitive readers: this passage is disturbing). This is evident that the Christian Bible is the false Book of Law and cannot be meditated/wielded.

What can you do with the Book of Law? What are the benefits of the Book of Law?

You can meditate the Book of Law. Invoke the Book of Law. Read the Book of Law. You can even forge the Book of Law rather than use a book of faith (the Bible, e.g.) as the Book of Law. This is the Art of Lawmaking. The pure cosmic voice of the law is the truth. With the Book of Law you forge, you ascend the throne. Staying with the Book of Law makes you true. The Book of Law is the book you shall read for nehf (life).

There are rules in making the Book of Law:

  1. The opposite of a law is a crime.
  2. A law is an air’or. A crime is an air’ur.
  3. Do not make laws that make people commit air’urs. This is a crime.
  4. Make laws that protect humanity and prevent humanity from making air’urs.
  5. Laws that are made shall speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

Final Warning: Do not let the Book of Law depart from your mouth for any reason. You shall drift away if you stopped reading the Book of Law, lost in delusion and despair. Always read the Book of Law day and night, for the power of law shall strengthen you. You shall cleanse your way with the word of the Law. With the cosmic breath of Law shall be kept in your heart, so that you shall not commit an air’ur. Your desire is the word of Law from the book, for you shall meditate the Law day and night (or and nor).

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