The Ouroboros

The Ouroboros

Robbie Baldwin

What is the Ouroboros? The Ouroboros is the serpent or a dragon eating its own tail. The length of a serpent eating  its own tail forms a circle. The circle is the cycle. The Ouroboros is the alchemical symbol going around and around in a repeated loop.

Through phonetics, Ouroboros is pronounced OR-OH-B-OR-OH-S. The or is the sound of light, high vibration, and aeya. The oh is the sound of breath. The B is the circle. The S is the line of the snake.

How does the Ouroboros apply to your life (nehf)? Round you go. Your spiritual road does not begin and does not end. There is not a beginning, and there is not an end.

One physical example of the Ouroboros is Yorin Therapy. By drinking your yorin, you are figuratively eating your own tail. Yorin has nehf and is raw. Yorin is also blood. Hee or Yee who drinks blood and successfully digests it is a vampire.

However, should a vampire drink its own blood than relying on outside sources is an Ouroboros vampire. Another word for an Ouroboros vampire is a vegan vampire. By drinking blood, this is known as drinking red-iron blood. There are rules being a successful Ouroboros vampires as listed below.

Before attempting Ouroboros vampirism, use common sense. This is not for everyone. This is also not for the faint of heart. The purpose of these warnings is to keep people safe from harm and from death.

  • Do not eat yourself. Do not  kill yourself. Do not willingly cut your own normal skin to drink blood. Do not weaken yourself. Do not injure yourself. Do not hurt yourself. Solution: should you have a small, accidental wound, drink up the blood until you stop bleeding. Accidental wounds too large and serious requires medical attention; do not drink that blood.
  • Do not drink someone’s blood. Not only you shall be disqualified as an Ouroboros vampire, this is illegal and dangerous. Doing this does not sustain someone; it weakens them through blood loss. You can get sick from blood poisoning. “Your blood is not my blood,” that is my motto.
  • Drink your Yorin and your blood only. Be safe.
  • Listen to your body.

If you abide the rules I have given you, I guarantee that you shall be a successful vegan vampire.

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