Nudism is the Future

Nudism is the Future

Robbie Baldwin


How are we going to view clothing in the near future, presumably near 2040s? What is our attitude on Naturism going to be in the near future? Are we going to upkeep our clothes in the near future?

I envisioned a global, nudism community where people do not wear clothing shamelessly in the time of Pluto in Aquarius (from 2040s until 2070). Pluto in Aquarius is the time of freedom. Governments and religions controlling over nudism is non-existent, for government, religion, and money are destroyed by the time Pluto passes Capricorn. The battle against spiritual knowledge, free information, and nudism has finally failed. Those who sided battle against the truth and spiritual knowledge are either destroyed or punished into slavery. I also saw long-haired, nude people walking by. Pornography is non-existent, for pornography is the opposing force of nudism.

To upkeep clean clothing (especially lots of them) costs resources (water, for instance). As a result; clothing shall be optional as everyone enjoys nudism. With nudism, everyone shall be free to do anything they want to do as long as they are committing an air’or. Recreation with nudism is also encouraged as long as we are not engaging competition. Sleeping naked and doing chores naked are also encouraged. You can socialize with other people while naked. In other words, everyone shall enjoy nudism, and rules regarding about clothing-compulsory shall be extinct.

How I do prepare myself to meet other people naked? We are in Pluto in Sagittarius right now, and people are not ready to see the truth of nudism (at least not yet). First rule of nudism is that all people, especially you, are born naked. Second, naturism does not have to be sexual after all. Remember, you have to control your sexual energy by masturbating in order to avoid unwanted sexual intercourses. If you are about to erect in front of people of your opposite sex (especially, with long hair representing strong sexual energy), masturbate until you achieve orgasm away from these people in private while at the same time leave no trace behind. You can start doing something naked privately first, if you are in living accommodations with people who do not support naturism. This is done out of respect. Start slowly. If you have a TV that spies you, I am going to ask you to ditch the TV. Close the blinds so that non-nudism neighbors do not see you. If you are going to expanding your nude experience to communities, go to a nudism community or club where they allow you to practice nudism safely. I also seriously recommend camping in nude recreations (if they have a camping site) for those who are doing the moneyless manifesto.

When Pluto enters Aquarius, clothing shall be optional; however, we are still in the Time of Pisces for another 583 years. Nudism is the future.


<> – For those practicing nudism in Arkansas: I hear that public nudism in Arkansas (United States) is illegal; I think this is best if you moved out from Arkansas in order to practice nudism.


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