The Real Sovereign

The Real Sovereign

Robbie Theer’nigor

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave,” Frederick Douglass.

What is a sovereign? A sovereign is a king or a queen, as defined in the dictionary. A king is an emperor, as a queen is an empress. The sovereign is the highest rank; there is not a rank higher than a sovereign. The opposite of a sovereign is a slave. There is not a rank lower than a slave.

Sovereigns and nobilities are ruled by the planet Jupiter (also known as Thor). Jupiter rules Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces. Jupiter also rules the crown (note the king and queen wearing crowns). The crown deals with cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachments. What are the real traits of a sovereign?

The traits of a real sovereign are defined through the following list.

  • The sovereign is a real Jew. The Phoenician word for a Jew is a Yew (Y-UE/OO). Those who say they are Jews from the outside and circumcised of the flesh are not Jews. These are false sovereigns, for they are the Synagogue of Satan. The Synagogue of Satan are the Global Elites.
  • A sovereign is either a hee (man) or a yee (woman). All men and women have equal rights. A man is not greater than woman. A woman is also not greater than man.
  • A sovereign is not dependent on others or living with others.
  • A sovereign is not a crew to the captain/admiral/sovereign.
  • A sovereign must not be a slave to corporation and must not give his/yis sovereignty away to corporation.
  • A sovereign must not have any religion. Religion is in the same bed with the government.
  • A sovereign must own a vessel/ship or be a ship/vessel.
  • A sovereign must have long hair (including beards for men). Long hair represents freedom. People who favor short hair or being bald are true slaves.
  • A sovereign must not work for the Global Elites, or they shall be false sovereigns, recognized as enemies of humanity. A sovereign must work for humanity.
  • A sovereign must not be spiritually ignorant. Knowledge makes a man fit for sovereignty. Ignorance does the opposite, for ignorance is not bliss.
  • A sovereign must use the Book of Law on the throne and meditate with it.
  • A sovereign must not commit an air’ur.
  • A sovereign must be cosmic-energy oriented, not earthly-attached oriented.

Hee or yee must meet all the requirements of the sovereign in order to be a sovereign. What does a child of a sovereign undergo?

The child undergoes sovereignty-in-training. The rank of a sovereignty-in-training is a prince for a hee or a princess for a yee. A hee who is actively undergoing sovereignty-in-training is officially a prince. A yee who is actively undergoing sovereignty-in-training is officially a princess. Once a prince meets the requirements on becoming the sovereign, the prince is officially the king. Once a princess meets the requirements on becoming the sovereign, the princess of officially the queen.

So basically, once you actively begin your path to sovereignty, you are officially a prince or a princess. As soon as you have met all the requirements on being the sovereign, you are officially a king or a queen.

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