How To Win The No-Win Game

How To Win The No-Win Game

Robbie Theer’nigor

How do you win the no-win game? I know most of you are going to ask me this question; if this question is for you, please keep reading. But first, what is the no-win game?

A no-win game is a game that is designed to make you lose 100 percent. In other words, the no-win game makes the game not possible to win. Every time you play the no-win game and no matter how hard you try to win this game, you always lose, nie? All of this happens because the game is a no-win game. In reality, you can actually win the no-win game.

I know many of you are going to ask me: “How do you win the no-win game?” The only way to win the no-win game is to remove consent and support from the no-win game. By saying remove consent and support, I am saying that you should use peaceful non-compliance. Fighting, rebelling, arguing, protesting, complaining, or resisting shall make you lose the no-win game. By removing your consent and support, you are declaring a checkmate to the creator of the no-win game.

An example to the no-win game in reality of what we see is the Matrix. The Matrix is an artificial reality (or an artificial game) that has taken over a natural reality of the Geeth. This artificial reality is designed to turn human beings into batteries for the Global Elites. In other words, the Matrix is a slave game that does not allow players to win; this game is designed to turn humans into slaves. Again, there is a way to win the game against the Matrix The only way to win against the Matrix is to remove consent and support from it. Removing consent and support from the Matrix is exactly how you exit the Matrix and shut down the game. Here is however a warning to be mindful of when you are winning the no-win game.

The Matrix has defense mechanisms to keep you locked into the game. Fighting, rebelling, protesting, arguing, complaining, and/or resisting is a big failure, and this is how you exactly lose the no-win game, only to be locked more into the Matrix. Do not give up the no-win game, when you know (as I do) there is a way out from the Matrix. Exiting the Matrix requires a leap of faith, because exiting the Matrix is very emotive. When there is enough people (including you) removing their consent and support from the Matrix, the Matrix is shut down, or it is game over for the Global Elites and their Matrix system.

When you exit the Matrix, there are still rules you have to apply. This is not what you have been taught at mainstream school. The only rules that shall apply to you are natural rights and natural law. Knowing natural rights and natural laws shall make you a sovereign. This is how you puts the Global Elites in checkmate when they violate your natural rights. The Source has its own justice system. As always, you are fully accountable for every actions you make (period). Do not make air’urs.

For probably most of you, I think what I have lectured you shall answer to these questions: “How do you exit the matrix?” and “How do you win the no-win game?” These are your answers to those two questions.

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