All About Marriage

All About Marriage

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is Marriage? Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman. To marry is to take as one’s wife or husband in marriage. You often see marriages performed in many religious organizations. What is marriage really about?

During marriage, both partners exchange wedding rings in vows prior to the legal unification of husband and wife. However, the wedding rings are ruled by Saturn. All types of rings are ruled by Saturn, because they represent the rings of Saturn. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. Saturn rules Capricorn and rules the number 3. Satan is also known as the king of the Beast. The number (chromosome) of the Beast is 66, not 666. Satan is also known as the Saturn God: El. Satan is also the Biblical God, Yahweh, and Jehovah. However, God and Satan are fictitious and dead. So, when people get married, this event boils down to a Satanic ritual. No wonder everyone gets married on a Saturday.

There are corporations who are making heterosexual marriage a privilege, not a right. The corporations that promote marriages are primarily religious organization. This all boils down to money. Marriages and weddings are very expensive (this is not a joke). When you and your partner get married, both of you sign a marriage license (or a written contract). A license requires a NAME to operate aboard the ship. These corporations wanted NAMEs and money to survive. That is their current-sea (chi/ki). If there are not any NAMEs, then there is not business anymore. If you lose or kill the NAME, you cannot get married under the “SPELL.”

Marriage is optional; however, do not commit adultery. By looking at someone of your opposite gender with lust, you are already committing adultery inside your heart. Lust is one of the Seven Deadly Air’urs. Coincidentally, love and lust share the same sound of UH, the sound of sex. This is also one of the reasons that you should not say the F-word. The correct sound for love is aeya (AE-Y-AH). Marriage is optional; however, you and your partner have to consent with each other to bring forth the highest form of heterosexual relationship and aeya. You and your partner have the option to engage in sex only to raise children, only if you both agree to have children. This is the real purpose of sex. Any use of sex other than raising children is considered a misuse or abuse of sexual gift. Adultery, masturbation, and sexual immorality are misuses or abuses of the sexual gift. To prevent the misuse or abuse of sex, you have to do the Sixth Tibetan Rite.

The Sixth Rite is the easiest way to do chastity; however, you are required to do the Five Tibetan Rites. Doing the sixth rite transmute sexual energy to your root chakra in order to be used for spiritual purposes. In other words, the sexual energy are turned upwards. In other words, you are transmuted into a superman/superwoman. If you and your partner do not want to raise children, both of you are required to do the Six Rites, so that you and your partner are transmuted into a superman and superwoman.

So, what is marriage really all about? Marriage is the Satanic ritual that people go through when they are married. Marriage is nothing more than a contract license, used a fuel for corporations. Wedding rings are the rings of Saturn. Religious marriage is ruled by Elohim. Marriage is optional; however, the two individuals have to consent with each other to bring forth the highest form of heterosexual relationship and aeya. If you do want to get married, then do not hire the church, not even you should go to a religious church. In other words, do not get religiously married. You have to exit the Matrix in order to cut off the life force of religious corporation.

to consent with each other to bring forth the highest form of heterosexual relationship and aeya.

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