How To Avoid Nocturnal Emissions

How To Avoid Nocturnal Emissions

Robbie Theer’nigor


What is a Nocturnal Emission? A nocturnal emission is the release of sexual fluids during a sleep, mostly during a sexual dream. Yet where does your sexual fluids go when you are affected by Nocturnal Emissions? It is left to waste permanently. Sexual fluid is also known in Chinese Medicine as Jing. Jing is one of the three treasures (the other two being Qi and Shen). Jing is released during any sexual emission, which includes either sexual intercourse, masturbation, or nocturnal emission. However, I am going to be only specific about avoiding nocturnal emission.

It is virtually impossible to change the laws of your body. Like Sexual Intercourse and Masturbation, Nocturnal Emission is only natural when you have excessive sexual fluids to be released during sleep. Unlike Sexual Intercourse, the seed has already been left to waste and there are no take-backs. Masturbation is natural if and only if you choose to reuse Jing. In other words, you have to eat/drink your sexual fluids to avoid wasting your seed. Masturbation is only unnatural if you choose to spill your seed to waste it. By wasting your seed, you will be weak like every other slave. By eating/drinking your seed, you will be a strong as a sovereign. Today, I am going to give you what you need to avoid nocturnal emission.

Because you do not want your sexual fluids to be left to waste, you have to reuse Jing, if you and your partner do not want to raise a family. The only sufficient way to reuse Jing is to achieve orgasm via masturbation and immediately eat/drink your sexual fluids afterwards. However, you do not want to over-masturbate, which takes longer to achieve orgasm.

You can take a break from masturbation for up to a fortnight. A fortnight is 14 days and 14 nights. In other words, the maximum amount of days abstaining from masturbation is 14 days. Once you reach day 15 of abstinence and beyond, you will increase your risk of wasting your seed through nocturnal emission and your Vortex E (sexual vortex) will be tender on you. This is true for those reaching at least 18 to 21 days of abstinence. The preferable, minimum amount of days abstaining from masturbation is 7 days. Only then you can resume Jing recycling once you have finished your break. This time frame will allow you to achieve stronger orgasm via masturbation in a very short time, allowing you to eat/drink that sexual fluid.

So, how do you avoid nocturnal emissions? You can masturbate as long as you are spilling your seed to reuse it. Do not spill your seed to waste. If you are over-masturbating, take a break for up to a 14 days, preferably a minimum of at least 7 days. Do not exceed at least 15 days of abstinence, or you will increase your chance of wasting your seed by nocturnal emission. Return to masturbation between 7 and 14 days of abstinence, and then you will not have nocturnal emissions.

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