How To Deal With Sexual Predators On Social Media

How To Deal With Sexual Predators On Social Media

Robbie Theer’nigor


Though on the recent months and very recently on, I have seen female online users leaving behind some impressions on their profile. For example, I see this on “๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘„ Do you wanna get sex today? ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’— 1 step is left !๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’˜ Press the site – ” This site ( contains adult/mature content. To jump your bones is an expression to have sexual intercourse lustfully or aggressively. I recently seen a profile user today on the group posted the following: “Hello! Do you want a hot night with a pretty girl? go to this site” This site (known as is the link to their profile which contains pornography, illegal/questionable, and suspicious.

How do I know that these websites contain pornography, illegal/questionable, suspicious, and adult/mature content? I have installed a K9 Web Protection Software on my computer. This software is free to download (reference provided below). This software can be used on the computer or your mobile app to protect your children or yourself from temptations and scams. It can also be used for computers or for organizations.

Here is what you do if you have a sexual predator following you or posted on your page. I very strongly recommend installing the K9 Protection Software. I bolded and italicized “very strongly” for a good reason; it is because I want you to be safe and protected while surfing online. You have to setup your K9 administrator email and password in order to use it.

After this, there is a top tab on the left side that says: Web Categories To Block. I recommend you do moderate to normal. High security is for social networks and unrated websites, and it is not recommended. Personally, I set up my own categories to block almost all categories except the following: alternative sexuality/lifestyle, alternative spirituality/occult, nudity, open image/media search, sex education, personal/dating, and intimate apparel/swimsuit. This is mostly because I practice things that empowers humanity. On the other hand, I block pornography, alcohol, abortion, suspicious, extreme, gambling, hacking, phishing, illegal/questionable, illegal drugs, spyware/malware sources, spyware effects, proxy avoidance, tobacco, and violence/hate/racism. These things can infect your computer or cause you to become a criminal. These malicious things has to be blocked, or checked on on Web Categories to block. You save the settings for web category blocking to take effect.

You can also do website exemptions if K9 Protection Software happens to block your website if it is in your and humanity’s interest. You can always allow website to be unblocked by typing the webpage url below “Web Site to allow” and enter. You can also block websites that is not in your interests by doing the same except under: Web Site to Block.ย You have to save the settings for this to take effect.

In regards with blocking effects, I checked bark when blocked for fun and show https blocks; in addition, I checked off show admin options when blocked. You have to save settings to take into effect.

Once you have done all the steps, you are now armed and protected against predators and scammers alike. You can click on the link that the sexual predator has given to you and the K9 Web Protection Software will automatically block the link for you. This will give you the chance to block/report malicious users on your social media. Do unfriend/block/report that sexual predator immediately on your social media platforms. I happened to report a user on MeWe just minutes after seeing the malicious link (

The featured image and the other pictures I posted above are examples of eroticism. If you happen to see a user posting a picture with a link that contains sexual eroticism, you will know that this user is very likely a sexual predator.ย Sexual predators are Zeros, cut off from the infinite energies from the Source and siphoning sexual energy off from consenting victims.

Here is a friendly black box warning: If you were on any social media (,,,, and and I happen to catch any of your spam/scam links demanding sex or jumping the bone on my page, you will automatically be on the spammer wall of shame by reporting/blocking you. Then you will be automatically cut off from my group and my page. Don’t do it.

Oh, one more thing: DO NOT GIVE YOUR NAME TO THE SEXUAL PREDATORS! Okay, I did it in all capitalized letters in a stressful manner for a single purpose. Do not give your LEGAL NAME to sexual predators, and do not register to sexual predators, ever. The LEGAL NAME is required to operate in a commerce, especially for a sexual offender. No names, no business. This is how a sexual predator is starved.


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