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I have recently signed up for Miramir, another social media platform that will be launched by (hope I am correct) by March 10th at 7:00 AM EST. Prior before the launch, I am not able to post on Miramir until the launch date has passed. So anyways, what is Miramir?

Miramir is all Russian; Mir is translated into three ways: peace, universe, and world. When putted all together, it translates as peace to the universe.

Miramir is an alternative social media platform that promotes vegan, yoga, truth, whistleblowing, sacred geometry, recycling, healing, and lots of goodies at humanity’s best interests. It is founded by Velimir Sidorov, an Ukrainian author of four selling books which includes natural healing, fasting, alternative therapies, and raw foods. It is also a social media platform that is decentralized, or not controlled by corporation. It is powered by humanity like you. Miramir is about privacy and freedom. Like MeWe, Gab.ai, InformedPlanet, and other alternative social media platforms, there are no more shadow banning and censorship like Facebook and Twitter. Miramir also includes petitions, alternative wiki, mass action, global social blitz, and fellow change-maker meetings.

By the time Miramir is launched, Miramir shall also have profile, dating, store, events, and articles.

I am going to give you a link to get signed up (see reference below). In addition of giving you the link, I am also inviting you to Miramir so that you can be part of the change. As Mahatma Gandhi used to say: “Be the change you wished to see in this world.” Signing up on Miramir is always free, so using Miramir will always be free.

Before I let you go: I also saw their policy, known as the Miramir Constitution, while signing up for Miramir, and I would like to give you a friendly warning: For those who promote ignorance, lies, and deception, Miramir is not for you. The zeros (liars, charlatans, robots, government agents, shills, or dead entities alike) are not allowed Miramir. It is only for the living, or the One.



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