What Is God?

What is God?

Robbie Theer’nigor


What is God? What is the origin of the word God? God is pronounced G-O-D. The G is the sound for earth. The O (as in lock and aum) is the all. And the suffix D is the growing. God is actually earthly wealth in Phoenician.

When you break down wealth, you have W-EL-TH. Welth (wealth) is the spread of thundering El. El is the name of the Saturn God. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. So earthly wealth is another name for earthly attachment. Rich is broken down as R-I-CH. Rich is the work of the unknown ruler. Those entities who have very little to none cosmic energies are dead entities. The rich people are those ruling the world under the tutelage of dead entities. They are the Global Elites; they have excessive earthly attachment. The dead entities are the Zeros.

The correct sound for God is the Source. The Source is not only your creator, but also both your real father and mother. By real father and mother, the Source has created your soul. The Source is both Creator, God, and Goddess into one supreme entity. This is known as the Universal Trinity. The rest of us are soul brothers and sisters. The primary numbers of the Source is 3, 6, and 9.

So, when people say “dear god”, they are unknowingly invoking strong direction into earthly wealth instead of cosmic energy. God is Phoenician for Earthly Wealth. I prefer to call the Source, “Father/Mother” or “Hyaethor”.

Bonus: Goddess

Goddess is broken down as G-O-D-D-I-S. Goddess is the earthly wealth that strongly is in Phoenician.

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