Do Not Watch Pornography

Do Not Watch Pornography

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is pornography? Pornography is sexually explicit videos, pictures, writings, or anything that can cause sexual arousal. Pornography is an addicting drug, causing you to commit an air’ur if you allow pornography to control your life (neth). Almost always, pornography leads to masturbation. However there are two types of sexual discharges via masturbation: one you keep and the other you permanently waste your seed. Here is what happens when you watch porn and permanently waste your seed.

Watching pornography equals lust. Lust is L-UH-S-T. L is descending. The UH is the sound for sex. S is the slither, and T is solid. Looking at someone of your opposite sex with lust is an earthly attachment and a disease. Raping, homosexuality, and pornography are all classified as sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is the misuse or wickedness of your sexual gifts. Pornography turns human beings into sexual predators.

Pornography kills love (aeya) and feeds lust. Pornography plus permanently wasting your seed equal weakness. The more you permanently waste your seed, the less willpower and aeya you have in your neth. Watching pornography leads to divorce or breaking-up of heterosexual relationship. Nations that promote pornography and homosexuality has the highest rates of divorce and break-ups.

There are parasitic entities, also known as dead entities, that use sexual energies in a sinful and destructive way. These entities are known as the succubi and the incubi. The Succubi are zero entities in female human forms that feed off sexual energy from men. The Incubi are zero entities in male human forms that feed off sexual energy from women. These entities are those who betray the source and lost the right to be immortal. In other words, they are dying souls, living in darkness. In order to avoid their “real” death, they feed off energy from consenting victims to survive. By watching pornography and permanently wasting your seed, you are giving fuel to the dead entities to survive; this in turn pollutes your mind with endless streams of porn. There are also pornographic corporations that make profits by propagandizing pornography and destroying naturism.

Naturism and pornography are opposite forces, for they are the antithesis. These corporations are against humanity. As pornography turns humans into sexual predators, the number of the devil is 55. In chromosome code, the chromosome of Saturn is 66. Six plus Six is twelve, and one plus two is three. 3 is the number of Saturn. Saturn is Satan in astrotheology. Satan is the Top Zero. What is dead and fictitious does not have the right to exist. This is true for those who betray the Source.

Here are the solutions against pornography:

  • Do not masturbate to pornography. Those who do masturbate and waste their seed to pornography promote homosexuality and pornography. You can masturbate without pornography and feeding AEYA into you. You can also do chastity for 14 days to avoid nocturnal emissions. Abstinence allows you to be heterosexual, increases your willpower, increases energy, and lots of useful benefits. Be very careful with the cost of sexual intercourse, so that you and your partner would not cause any unwanted pregnancies.
  • Masturbation without pornography is okay in moderation, however you must not waste your seed after you sexually discharge. In other words, spill your seed at the cup via masturbation and immediately eat the seed.
  • Go vegan. We, humans, are designed to eat plants, not meat. By violating the laws of your human body, you are increasing your risk of falling back to pornographic addiction. You cannot change the laws of your body.
  • Take some colloid silver. Folklore says that silver kills a werewolf and a vampire. Metaphysically, silver is known to kill a beast. The chromosome of EL is 66. Silver is the metal of the yee (moon) and female. Quicksilver is ruled by Mercury. Colloid silver is the elixir of truth and insights. In case you get sick, you have to triple to dosage.
  • You can explore you body by taking the path of naturism. Naturism, or nudism, is the antithesis of pornography. Naturism teaches you to accept your body and to explore your own nudism. Naturism reclaims your innocence and frees your soul from artificial limitations. Pornography does the exact opposite what naturism does.
  • Listening to the main 28 universal tones shall bring pornography addiction to a stop.
  • Do not sin (commit air’urs) by looking at people with lust. If you are at risk of being raped, you have the right to defend yourself. Whenever a sinner entices you, do not consent. Fight back.
  • If you want to have more self-control and willpower, do not watch pornography!


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