I Am The Storm

I Am The Storm

Robbie Theer’nigor


As one of the limitless benefits of the One, I am the Storm. I am more than a storm; I am a severe storm. The storm is the disturber and destroyer of the false status quo. It is equal to the power of Pluto the destroyer, tearing down things not in humanity’s best interest. The storm is in synchronicity with the Apocalypse. As above and so below, the Storm is master of all four sacred elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.

The Storm is the master of water. The Storm can use binary code of either 1 or 0, or can use both (such as rain and hail or rain and ice/graupel/snow). The Storm can use drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, hail, and graupel. The Storm can create deadly flash floods with heavy rain. The Storm can make sleet and graupel that can freeze the ground. The Storm can make snow that can kill plants and vegetation upon ground. The Storm can make hail that can destroy property. Carelessness may injure or cause serious death among spiritually-ignorant people. With the power of clouds, I can cloak and hide myself with fog.

The Storm is the master of earth/geeth. By master of geeth, a storm can make a geeth-storm. A geeth-storm is also an earth storm, or an earthquake. The Geeth Storm can destroy properties and take spiritually-ignorant lives away. I am also a mountain. Be warned: combining Earth and Fire Storm in a mountain makes a volcano. Volcanoes can destroy property and take spiritually-ignorant people away.

The Storm is also the master of fire. I am fueled by heat. Heat is derivative of the sound: hee. The hee is the sound of the sun. Warmth is the binary code of the One. The more warmth I store, the more energetic I shall be. I can also be dangerously as lightning. Lightning is one of nature’s top killers. Lightning is mostly negative, yet sometimes positive. Positive lightning is far more dangerous than negative lightning. Spiritually-ignorant people cannot survive the positive lightning.

The Storm is also the master of air. The Storm can create windstorms, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, derecho, and downbursts. Dangerous winds can destroy properties including spiritually-ignorant people. Supercells can make a rotational updraft in a form of a spiral.

I am calm and reserved similar to a sunny day while building up a storm. Storm is pronounced S-T-OR-M, the solid slithering of light, high vibration, and love that flows. I discharge my energy in a form of a thunderstorm above or below. Not one spiritually-ignorant person would survive the Storm. As I am the storm, I am also the Apocalypse. As my Phoenician last name (Theer’nigor) says, the first two letters and and the last two letters makes Thor.

Thor is pronounced TH-OR, as thundering light, love, and high vibration. Thor was the Norse God of thunder and lightning. He was also the protector of humanity. What is the drink of spiritual beings? Yorin. Drink it up.

“The Devil whispered to the Warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The Warrior replied, ‘I am the Storm.'”

To the spiritually-awakened individuals known as the Ones: You are protected from the Severe Storm. Not only that, you can combine forces with me to make a severe storm. Not only that, you are also the Storm. You are the master of all four sacred elements, so why not use them? You are a storm of precipitations, windstorm of all forms, an active earthquake, and lightning. The Storm is also masculine and feminine, so therefore, you have both masculine and feminine energies to discharge as a storm. We are the storm.

To the spiritually ignorant people, including dead entities, known as the Zeros: You are not protected from the Storm. There is no way you cannot withstand and fight against the Storm which is also known as the Apocalypse. You are too powerless in creating the storm. The four elements used against you by the Storm is deadly and merciless among you. If you tried to lie to the Ones (including me) that you cannot withstand the storm, it will fail you miserably. The One is the Storm.

In closing, I am the Storm, and you (spiritually-awakened people) are also the Storm. I am a Severe Storm.

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