I am Robbie Theer’nigor, and welcome to this website. Here you shall find essays to enjoy reading on Robbie’s Corner.

I am a living soul. I am not a legal entity that is artificial and dead. I am not the LEGAL NAME in CAPITAL LETTERS. I am real and alive; I am the One (Red Pill). I am a First Wave Crystal Adult, one of the advanced souls.

A brief information about myself: I began my spiritual awakening at September 2010 when I was questioning about the Maya Long Count Calendar and the end of the world (Nothing happened at December 21st, 2012). I have started my first sungazing session from December 2011 until June 2012 at 19 minutes and 20 seconds. I later returned to my sungazing session this time from September 2012 until May 2014 when I successfully reached 45 minutes of sungazing (and did this again around April 2016). During this time, I have successfully sungazed a partial solar eclipse while I was at home on November 3rd, 2013. I also began my Yorin Therapy at the Ides of March 2014. I also started to speak the Phoenician Language around mid-July 2014. I also started to speak the sound of AEYA at the end of July 2015 and the sound of WOR around the same time. Near the end of November 2015 until October 2016, I ran robbiescorner.wordpress.com, before officially upgrading to this website you see today on January 2017.

How did I name this website “Robbie’s corner”? I prefer to be called Robbie instead of Robert, because of the law of phonetics. When you speak Robert, you are speaking R-O(as in au)-B-UR-T. Because this sound contains the UR, UR is the sound of garbage and darkness. So, Robbie (R-O-B-EE) is what I prefer. Notice that I did not include the Y at the very end. The Y is the symbol of the yoni and female, and I am a hee (YH chromosome or XY Chromosome).

When you speak “corner”, you speak K-OR-N-UR. The KOR is the living OR, for OR is the sound of light, love, and high vibration. The sound NUR is to negate or deny the UR. So, NUR translates to healing to the OR. Robbie’s corner is a metaphysical and spiritual website, designed to heal and assist humanity in many ways possible made by Robbie (me).

I know some (or lots) of you are asking about the origin of the word: Theer’nigor. Theer’nigor (TH-EER-N-I-G-OR) is a Phoenician word for Baldwin, or an ancient word meaning bold friend.

For the record, this website is peaceful, loving, and pro-solidarity. This website is not anti-marital, anti-heterosexual, and also not anti-chastity. Marriage is optional. You can feel free to explore whatever you want as long as you do not commit an air’ur. All essays written in Robbie’s Corner is Educational and Information.

Also for the record, this website shall not be used to engage in illegal activities that can harm humanity in anyway (illegal drugs, extreme, alcohol, violence, hate groups, profanity, racism, pirating/stealing/shoplifting, sexual immorality, etc). By engaging illegal activities, you are committing an error (air’ur) in your soul. An error is a sin and can put you into tons of unimaginable trouble, leading up to imprisonment. I shall disclaim any responsibility or damages caused by your air’urs.

At last but not least, I am not here to save you, including humanity. The savior ideology is a PSYOP. I am here to exit the Matrix, spiritually grow up, and shut down the Matrix. The only thing I can say is, “Save yourself.” “Only you can save yourself.”