The Kind of Game You Want To Play

The Kind of Game You Want To Play

Robbie Theer’nigor

What kind of game would I want or recommend you to play? I am asking this for the sake of humanity and to fix problems of what is happening around the whole globe. One of these problems I want to discuss specifically is competition.

Competition is a game that is more of my tribe versus your tribe. You are also taught the importance of winning at a young age. Competition is boiled down to divide and conquer. Divide and conquer is the Global Elites’s specialty and interest. Competition is more of social and cultural training, and it is not part of human nature. Competitive sports does not build character, cooperation is linked with emotional and behavioral maturity.

I know there are aggressive and competitive games that either gives you reward or punishment. I also have these kinds of competitive problem when I was a child. I may get so angry or irritated rarely to a point of throwing a tantrum if I lost a competitive game. This is also true for playing racing games to a strong hardcore degree where you will almost always lose no matter how hard you try. For a racing computer game or video game, I would generally do the following: either cheat or withdraw. By cheating, I meant finding cheat codes so that I would not have to be mentally imprisoned to competition. An ideal car video game for me is a cruising game without any form of competition. If it were reality instead of computer games, I would very likely to withdraw. This is because I do not stand on losing games, where an emotional bruise shows from the inside. Here is the kind of game I want you to play for the sake of humanity.

I recommend you playing cooperative games. The antithesis of competition is cooperative. If you have players, I recommend you playing with each other as friends, not enemies. Cooperative games are games designed for players to cooperate and play as team. This is known as teamwork. Teamwork is for cooperative players playing in a non-competitive game.

As part of the in5d project I would recommend banning the following games in par with competition and aggression:

  • Football
  • Golf (used for competition only)
  • Hockey
  • Racing (may that be cars, bicycles, etc.)
  • Soccer
  • Board Games (Monopoly, Game of Life, Sorry, Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock-Paper-Scissors, etc.)
  • Card Games (Hearts, Spades, etc.)
  • Games involving animals for cruelty (Bull-fighting, for instance).
  • Any “competitive” games that I have not listed, yet these things are good examples.

Also as part of the in5d project, I would encourage the following games as long as competition is out of the equation.

  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Arts
  • Teamwork games
  • Creativity
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Any cooperative games that excludes competition from the equation.

For online/computer/video gamers: good luck finding a cooperative online game, and do not play mature-rated games that includes violence, drugs, aggression, pornography, and the like. Do not play online competitive games; play online peaceful games. I have tried to find cooperative online games which does not involve competition. If this is the case that you cannot find cooperative online games, you can even make a peaceful or non-competitive game. How about a game/scenario that involves strategy and teamwork?

As for cooperative games, all games require a strategic plan to overcome any obstacles if we are in a realistic situation. None of the strategic plans to overcome people is mentioned in cooperative games. Cooperative games are all about teamwork.

Cooperative games is the only game I want or recommend you playing for the sake of humanity.





<> – some ideas for peaceful online games

Publix: Not A Great Place To Work

Publix: Not A Great Place To Work

Robbie Theer’nigor


At last, I am now blowing the whistle against Publix Super Markets, Inc. for corruption and abuse.  I have finally had the courage (with being half of a coward) to expose the fictitious entity, used for evil purposes. I have made the whistleblow on my diaspora and social networks. I am now asking/begging you to share with your friends, families, or whom you know. It is time for the whole world to know the real truth about Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Here is the real post I have made on diaspora:

“[Publix: Not A Great Place To Work](

“IMPORTANT: Please share to whom you know.

“Publix: Where Shopping is a Pleasure. Publix: Where Working is a Pleasure. These two things are not so.

“As a #greyworker (see greyworker), I have now #defected and #blowed the #whistle against #Publix #Super #Markets, #Inc. This is now one of my life purposes.

“This is a #wake-up #call to those living in the #United #States (including the Southeast: #Alabama, #Georgia, #Florida, #Tennessee, #South #Carolina, #North #Carolina, and #Virginia).

“After over ten years of working at Publix as a #part-time #front #service #clerk, the time has come to expose them as a #whistleblower. Since I started working at Publix at 2007, things were not the way it used to be. Although I am still working at Publix, I also feel that my Publix career is coming to a close. I am already tired of the abuse treatment caused by management. However, I was able to listen and give credit to one of the customers (which I shall not name to keep the identity of the customer anonymous) who used to work at Publix and shared her story to me.

“Publix used to be a grocery supermarket, caring other customers and associates since #George #Jenkins started it in #Lakeland, Florida at #1930. Publix used to have a policy where you have two customer complaints, just fine. If you made another customer complaint again: it’s time for a talk, equal to a Verbal Counseling Statement. If more of the same continues: then it’s a written counselling statement, or a write-up.

“Here is the Publix Mission Statement:

“‘Our Mission at Publix is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. To that end we commit to be: Passionately focused on Customer Value, Intolerant of Waste, Dedicated to the Dignity, Value and Employment Security of our Associates, Devoted to the highest standards of stewardship for our Stockholders, and Involved as Responsible Citizens in our Communities.’

“Where the line goes “Dedicated to the Dignity, Value, and Employment Security of Our Associates”, this has been forgotten. This happened around the same time that #Charles #Jenkin #Jr left as #CEO and #Ed #Crenshaw took over in 2008. As a result; things went south (S-OW-TH) for the employees of Publix.

“Publix is now a corporation used for #evil and #selfish purposes. Their policy is now if you have a customer complaint or standing up against an argument with a ill-mannered associate: it is a write-up. There are no more two verbal warning; three write-ups within a six month period, and you are basically fired and cannot be rehired: plain and simple. Their policy now is to “suck-it” up; be nice to the customers as you can. Everyone wants to leave the store happy, yet customers are going to treat you, associates, as #dog-doo and get away with it. Publix is now becoming just like the policy made by #Wal-Mart. In other words, Publix no longer cares about people and associates; they care about only themselves.

“Even worse: Publix does not accept or allow #tips. I do not know the reason why, yet I now see that Publix is now used for malicious purposes. There is more: Publix’s new policy is made to get rid of higher paid, full-time employees with higher benefits and replace them with lower paid, part-time employees with fewer benefits.

“Fortunately, Publix only have the #privilege to exist, not a #right to exist. Publix is a fictitious or a dead entity, used for evil and selfish purposes.

“I am #asking / #begging you for help. Please read this link that I have given to you above (right below the logo). For those living where Publix is in your neighborhood: Do not shop or buy things at Publix, and do not work at Publix. Do not support Publix: they no longer care about people or associates as it used to be; they now care about profits and themselves. This is the only way to deprive Publix of its existence. That will get the corporate’s attention. Be gray-hearted.

“For those who persist on #tipping: save yourself by not going to Publix. I do not mind you tipping somewhere else, but not at Publix; I am sparing you from the pain and abuse made by apologetic associates who say: “We do not take tips.”

“Please share this to whom you know (friends, clients, and families). This will make my life a lot better for all of us, and I shall be very appreciative. For my part, I am going to #quit / #resign from Publix once and for all.

“This is all the truth about Publix as I am exposing as a whistleblower.”

I have a few more words to add.

Another thing I would like to add is you do not enter Publix at all. Another thing to add is that do not do anything foolish, just do not feed Publix. No shoplifting, no robberies, or any air’urs shall be made against Publix. Do not apply at the application kiosk at Publix. This will deprive its energy and shut down the corporation.

Please share to whom you know: friends, families, or whatever. Educate them about the corruption of Publix. Buy local, Go local. I shall be very appreciative for you sharing this essay.

Update 1/11/2018:

Publix is introducing a test in Personal Standard Appearance Retail Code that “permits” male associates in growing facial hair. Facial hair is professional and may include beards of up to two inches.

Fifth Frequency Relationships

Fifth Frequency Relationships

Robbie Theer’nigor


What is the Fifth Frequency Relationship? Basically, it is a relationship that resides in the Fifth Frequency. There are a total of nine frequencies. One of the nine frequencies is the frequency where both opposing energies united together. The opposing energies are both male and female energies, equally balanced. When you add all frequencies and divided the sum by all nine frequencies ((1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9)/(9)), you have the number 5. Coincidentally, the number of all-male is 3, and the number of all-female is 9. Add these numbers and divide the total by 2, you shall have 6. The number 6 is the energy of the sun, which the square sum is 666. The male chromosome is 96, and the female chromosome is 99. Adding these chromosomes via Pythagoras Reduction, you have 33. When male (6) and female (9) meet together and kiss, they form the number 8, as found in the yin-yang symbol. 8 is the number of Venus. Venus rules the heart vortex (see the Seven Vortexes).

The fifth frequency is the 666 frequency code, or the frequency of inner peace. As a result, the fifth frequency relationship is also known as the 666 relationship. Here are the basics of having a fifth frequency relationship:

  • Integration and Reintegration
  • Honesty and Openness
  • Heterosexual relationship
  • Unlimited and Unconditional AEYA (love)
  • Being in the Present
  • Allowingness
  • No Expectations
  • Absolute Trust
  • Personal Growth takes precedence to relationship
  • Self-sufficiency
  • A person can fully AEYA his or her heterosexual partner.
  • My partner spending less time with me is fine.
  • Happiness, pleasure, and ecstacy
  • Ending a relationship does not cause pain and loss.
  • Feeling connect to significant others
  • Anger at myself (see the Seven Air’ors)
  • I create my reality
  • Being responsible of what I would like to give to my partner and our relationship.

In my opinion, I think it is best to date your partner in order to know each other, being open to each other one step at a time, and allow your partner to give space to grow. This is a personal growth that takes precedence with relationship. You alone are responsible for what you would like to give your partner and your relationships. I also think it is not a good idea of taking a romantic relationship with someone whom you met yesterday, basically without knowing each other. Let us see what is the issue with our current relationships right now.

The third frequency is EL/Saturn dominant where the physical plane is dominant over the spiritual plane. The male energy is two-thirds dominant and the female energy is one-third dominant. With two-thirds and one-third on a balance scale, there is imbalance, where the male outweighs the female. As a result, you cannot achieve inner peace at all, virtually not possible. There are three planes within the universe. They are the physical plane, the 666 plane, and the spiritual plane.

Here are the basics of the Third Frequency Relationship:

  • Separation
  • Secrecy
  • Fear-based monogamy
  • Conditional AEYA
  • Commitment (being past and future oriented)
  • Manipulation
  • Expectation
  • The Need to Control
  • Relationship takes precedence to Personal Growth
  • Dependency
  • A person cannot fully AEYA more than one person.
  • My partner spending less time with me is not okay.
  • Pain
  • Ending a relationship creates pain and loss
  • Fear or Pain of Loneliness
  • Anger at another
  • Victimhood (Playing hurters and victims)
  • Feeling Responsible for the needs of my partner

This type of relationship does not bring inner peace between you and your partner. This is more of controlling your partner instead of allowing your partner to grow up. You will not live in the present by engaging in a 3D relationship. Separation is only an illusion. Secrecy only prevents you and your partner from uniting together, only encouraging division. In conclusion, the 3D, or the Third Frequency, relationship is designed to prevent you and your partner from uniting together.

Ready to take on your partner? Here is what you only need to do:

  • Date your partner. Pick a place of your choice.
  • Do not be shy; know your partner one step at a time.
  • Allow your partner room to grow up. Give your partner plenty of space, even if you are spending less time with your partner.
  • If your current relationship between you and your partner does not resonate with you, break up that relationship immediately.
  • Save personal topics until you and your partner become very close. Be fully open with your partner.
  • Do not manipulate your partner. Read my essay about Gender Equality. Both male and female energies are equal in balance.
  • Grow out your long hair full (including beards for men).

Remember: Personal Growth takes precedence to relationship.

Fifth Frequency Relationship Bonus #1: True Love Kiss

What is a true love’s kiss? A true love’s kiss is powerful. This is all about you and your partner know each other fully, trust fully each other, being open to each other, found inner peace with each other, and be truthful with each other. Once you know your partner fully and kiss your partner, you have unlocked the power of true love. The True Love’s Kiss is the kiss between you and your partner within the 666 relationship.






My Experience With A Total Solar Eclipse

My Experience With A Total Solar Eclipse

Robbie Theer’nigor


Bevohd (Behold)! This is my second sighting of a solar eclipse yet the first total solar eclipse I saw through my own eyes. My first sighting of a solar eclipse was in the sunrise of November 3rd, 2013 (the first day that Daylight Savings Ended), and both the sun and the moon were at the full-bodied Scorpius at that time. The skies were clear, and I was able to sungaze for a whole 32 minutes and 20 seconds.

However, the second sighting was different than the first one. The setting was mid-day at August 21st, 2017, and looking at the mid-day sun can permanently damage your eyes (in par with the rules of sungazing). Both the sun and the moon was at the Huntress Constellation when the total eclipse happened, near the Regulus Star. The weather was mostly cloudy with some thunderstorms from a far distance, yet the sun was visible thanks to the shadow. To substitute for looking at the mid-day sun, I used a camera with mathematical calculations to get the full picture of the eclipse and used the Stellarium App (you get this for $2.99 for Apple and $2.49 for Android) to watch the solar eclipse. Please note that I did not use any solar eclipse glasses, even approved by NASA.

This all started when I was leaving the house around 12:15 pm (note: I am at Eastern Standard Time). I used both my bike and bike trailer to pack my sleeping bag, some snack, sleeping mat, camera tripod, a tent, a gallon of distilled water, and many other things (related essay: The Moneyless Manifesto). So anyways, I left the house to bike around to check for the correct weather conditions, especially for a presence of a thunderstorm. There were some thunderstorms, but not threatening close by. Lasting no more than 15 minutes, I finally setup my base camp on the front yard after biking.

For a few minutes to no more than half an hour, I was relaxing in the tent. The weather was hot; the real feel was 96 degrees, and the humidity was high. I was sweating because of this. I finally cooled down after a few minutes.

Sometime after 1:00 pm yet before 1:11 pm, I began to setup my tripod and camera, using mathematical calculations. Earth (Geeth) rotates roughly at 15 degrees an hour (or a degree every four minutes), I had to align the camera with the shadow made by the sun, and I was doing this frequently. The sun’s latitude position was at 11.66 degrees North; based on where I am, I position the angle of the camera at 68.11 degrees. I then began taking pictures of the sun prior to the solar eclipse entry at 1:17 pm, at a rate of per minute or a couple minutes to prevent the camera from turning off itself. A couple times I took videos, the last one being the total solar eclipse entry. Also, at the same time, I was watching out for thunderstorms with the DarkSky App ($3.99 for Apple).

The magnitude of the moon was at 5.27 at the beginning of the eclipse, and the magnitude of the sun stayed constantly at -26.72 throughout the whole eclipse. After 15 minutes of entry, the magnitude of the moon then changed to 5.88 at 1:32 pm. Then at 1:47 pm, the lunar magnitude then changed to 6.58. At 2:02 pm, the lunar magnitude increased to 7.48. At 2:17 pm, the lunar magnitude was at then 8.85 and rising slightly faster. However at 2:32 pm, the magnitude increased to 11.00, rising much faster at around a rate of 0.01 magnitude a second. By 2:37, the lunar magnitude was at 12.17. By 2:42, the magnitude was at 14.55, increasing the rate about a magnitude per half second. As every minute passed, the rate of the lunar magnitude kept increasing. From 2:46 to 2:47 (nearly 2:48), the lunar magnitude went from 17.88 to 22.80. The total eclipse lasted no more than a couple minutes. The magnitude-difference of the total solar eclipse was at -3.92.

To correlate all the last paragraph, there was still light (or) for the first hour of the solar eclipse entry. I had something to eat at that time when I was making one short-length video. Starting after 2:17, I started to notice the difference, yet I can still see my shadow. Throughout the next fifteen minutes, the skies gradually became dark.

The penumbra effect was getting stronger prior to 2:32 pm. I feel the eclipse was getting stronger. I was amazed that I can barely see my shadow. The environment was darkening within a rate of a minute. The environment became cooler as the total eclipse became prominent. The UV rays were weakening. Within the next fifteen minutes was a chilling and a breathtaking experience.

Near at 2:46 was the chilling and breathtaking experience, as if this had happened very quickly. The skies were darkened, including the clouds. The skies were the color of an impending severe thunderstorm. I was able to use my flashlight during this time. Due to -3.92 magnitude difference, I would have seen stars and planets (such as Venus and Jupiter; not Mars and Mercury due to high magnitudes), but the clouds mostly obscured the skies. As a result, I was not able to see the stars and planets. I took snapshots from my iPod of the eclipse, yet this was not all I have done.

Even though I took four photos of the eclipse from my iPod, I briefly saw the total solar eclipse with my own eyes (without any aid) for no more than a second. And the second time for no more than a couple seconds, I saw the eclipse again. I was not blind, not even I had permanent eye damage. I was fortunate that the UV was weak at that time. I saw the total eclipse to be dark-violet (resembling of an ultra-violet black ball as if I was sungazing) with a bright-white corona. Nearby the corona, the skies were icy blue; when you progress away from the moon, you see the dark skies and dark clouds. This was the drawing that is closely based what I saw. During this time, I saw a thunderstorm from the north that was slowly approaching.

After the couple minutes were expired, the sun emerged from the moon, quickly brightening up. The dark skies brightened once more. However, a thunderstorm was lurking close, and I had to pack up and leave. I would have stayed and captured the whole eclipse duration; however, a presence of a thunderstorm is more than enough to make you go back indoors. I got back at home at 3:03 pm and rested.

What are the similarities between the two eclipses? Both eclipses happened while I was living at home. The 2017 solar eclipse started at the Northwest Oregon and ended right at the Coastal Line of South Carolina (where I was during the event). Now, the 2017 Solar Eclipse was the Great American Eclipse.

Finally, I was able to witness all types of eclipses from the sun to the moon. This translate to both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Thanks to the Blood Moon of 2014 and 2015, I had seen two of the four, all being full.

This was my experience with the total solar eclipse.