Do Not Join The Military

Do Not Join The Military

Robbie Baldwin

Do not join the military. I know most of you are going to ask me, “Why?” I have many reasons that you should not join the military. One of the reasons is that the military of any country is owned and controlled by the Global Elites. The Global Elites are also known as the Dark Cabals, the false prophets/sovereigns, the Controllers, the Wurlocks (evil wizards), the Powers that were/be, or whatever you want to call them. The Global Elites are false kings/sovereigns that betrayed the Source and controlling humanity with their UR magic. The Global Elites have a specific agenda called Agenda 2030, or Agenda 21, specifically a plan to reduce human population by 90 percent, engineer false flags and wars, and to bring forth a totalitarian New World Order to enslave humanity. Anyone working for the Global Elites is potentially an enemy (N-I-G-UR) of humanity.

Anyways, what is a draft? A draft is a mandatory conscription to military service. A draft board is a branch office of the military. The Military is a corporation. If something is mandatory, this is called a mandatory charge. Here is what you should not do when not joining the military.

Do not do nothing, and do not be silent. This is implied consent, or implicit consent. Do not run away from the draft. This not only shows cowardice and implied consent; this is also illegal. Do not fight the military draft system; this is not only illegal, but also a one-way ticket to jail and servitude. Do not engage in mutiny; you can go to jail as a mutineer and servitude. Do not do anything foolish and stupid. Do not give up on your quest.

The only legal way to not join the military via conscription is that you do not use your legal name and you must have the courage to say no. In other words, do not use the legal name. The legal name is the name of a fictitious entity. Because fictitious is fake, this is a fraud. A fraud is a crime willingly to deceive to trick someone with the intent of unfair or dishonest advantage. The name of a fictitious entity is CAPITALIZED. For example, JOHN H DOE. Because a corporation is a fiction, a corporation cannot operate without a fictitious entity. In other words, a business cannot operate without a name. You, readers, are a living soul. You are an ommortal soul. You are not a NAME; this is what the controllers do not want you to know. All living souls are not NAMEs. You are a sovereign, a king or queen. You can say that you are not JOHN H DOE, or whatever LEGAL NAME you carry/represent. Only fictitious entities can be enslaved into servitude, not you!

You really must have the courage to say no; this procedure is very emotive. How do we say no? Use the peaceful non-compliance, or the Art of Wor of non-compliance. Peaceful non-compliance is the art of saying no without engaging in a fight and being emotionally neutral. A motto goes: no names, no business. Beware of premeditated threats and cons used against you, especially earthly attachments; these things are designed to lower your frequency. Those people who used premeditated threats against you ARE going to be held accountable for their own actions. Do not fight back from premeditated threats and/or cons. The only reason that the military is using premeditated threats and/or cons so that the military can entice you into slavery. Repeat on using the peaceful non-compliance. Be emotionally neutral. Use your peaceful non-compliance as a sovereign. Speak out your rights as a sovereign.

There are tons of advantages of being a sovereign. As with “no NAMEs, no business”, you cannot be imprisoned or arrested without a NAME. You cannot be harmed without a NAME. You cannot be enslaved without a NAME. You cannot be press-ganged without a NAME. You have limitless rights, and you have free will as a sovereign. Unless you give them consent to enslave you, I do not recommend you doing so. You do not have the right to lie.

Lying is bearing false witness against thy neighbor. Lying is an air’ur. Anytime and for any reason you are being asked a question and you know that whatever answer you speak is going make you have a gut-feeling to lie, you can say this, “I am not going to answer this question, based on the facts that can discriminate me.” This defensive quote is lie-proof.

Giving your consent (the NAME) to military conscription is EQUAL to giving your sovereignty away. By doing so, you are not being courageous at all; you are press-ganged with the cowardly, ignorant sheep. By doing so, you lose your rights, yet given only privileges. This is how you give corporations power. Military corporations require men to cut their hairs short because short hair makes men slaves. This is one of the reasons for men who wanted long hair and beards to not join the military. If you are a man and want to keep your long hair and beards, use your peaceful non-compliance against military conscription. Do not allow others to give your NAME to the military (I am talking your parents too). If someone is giving your NAME against your consent (even if you are not allowing anyone to do so), they are betraying you. This is called treason. Treason is a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign; treason is also the betrayal of trust or confidence, or a breach of trust.

The military is not the only mandatory-charging corporation out there. There is also jury duty. Similar with the mandatory-charging from the military, the peaceful, non-compliant procedure is still used. Beware of the mandatory-charging corporations/entities that are enticing you into slavery; use the peaceful non-compliance, nothing more and nothing less. They can be vaccines, voting, haircuts, or anything at corporation’s best interest.

So, do not support the military, and do not join the military. In other words, you have to remove your consent and support from mandatory-charging corporations/entities such as the military. Do not be counted among the population reduction agenda.



The Ancient Definition Of Man And Woman

The Ancient Definition of Man And Woman

Robbie Baldwin

What is the ancient definition of man and woman? What is the law of man and woman? The answer to these two questions is very simple. A man was created to have sex with a woman. A woman was created to have sex with a man. This is the very law of the body that cannot be altered or changed. A man is not greater than a woman, while a woman is not greater than man. This is balance.

There is also a Cherokee proverb that defines the true purpose of man and woman. “A woman’s highest calling is to lead the man to his soul so as to unite him with Source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.”

The ancient union of man and woman is boiled down to only one word: heterosexuality. Heterosexuality is the couple, both man (hee) and woman (yee), engaging in sexual relationship. Only heterosexuality can make children. Another word for describing heterosexuality is straight. 6 is the number of the hee, and 9 is the number of the yee. As 6 and 9 meet in union and kiss, they form the number 8. 8 is the number of Venus and aeya. Relationships are ruled by Venus. 6 and 9 are required to make children (tikes). To make a child is to engage in a PVI (Penile-Vaginal Intercourse). Be warned, there are corporate villains who are trying to destroy the ancient definition of man and woman.

Those who are destroying the ancient definition of man and woman are homosexuals.  Homosexuality is the couples that are either both men or both women engaging in a sexual relationship. There are two types of homosexuality: Gay and Lesbian. Gay relationship is both men engaging in a sexual relationship. Lesbian relationship is both women engaging in a sexual relationship. Whenever homosexuals engage in sexual intercourse, this is not PVI. This is classified as masturbation. PVI and masturbation are clearly the exact opposites. Anal sex and oral sex are also classified as masturbation. Oral sex leads to throat and mouth cancer. Because of this, homosexuals are not able to make children. Which corporation is an example in destroying the ancient definition of man and woman?

The Alfred Kinsey Foundation is an example in destroying the ancient definition of man and woman. Alfred Kinsey was the father of modern sexual revolution. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) movement is funded by the Alfred Kinsey Foundation Movement. The Alfred Kinsey Foundation also sponsors pornography. Do not support the homosexual propaganda (LGBT movement); there are other corporations who are not only destroying humanity; but also funding the homosexual movement. They are also working on legalizing sodomy all over the world. On June 26nd, 2015, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that homosexuality is now the law of the land. This law is effectively destroying the very ancient definition of man and woman. The corporate villains are also making heterosexuality and raising babies a privilege, not a right.

Do not teach your children homosexuality and masturbation! If schools are teaching homosexuality and masturbation, consider homeschooling your children without the Alfred Kinsey propaganda. PVI and nocturnal emissions are the only ways to effectively stop masturbation. Chastity is also okay for those wanting to hold their seeds; however, due the laws of your body, expect to have nocturnal emissions about every three weeks. Marriage is optional, yet the two mature individuals have to consent with each other to engage in a heterosexual relationship.

Por favor, I want you to support the very ancient definition of man and woman!

The Book of Law

The Book of Law

Robbie Baldwin

What is the Book of Law? The Book of Law is the book of rules and regulations meant to protect humanity and to prevent humanity from making air’urs. An air’ur is the correct sound for sinning. The Book of Law used to be the Christian Holy Bible; however, the Bible is a plagiarized work. For example, the Ten Commandments was a reword from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which has 40 commandments. The story of Jesus Christ is a fabrication and a copy from Mithras. Another disturbing passage in the BIble includes the following: do not suffer a witch to live. Another disturbing passage of the Bible is the discrimination against men with long hair founded in 1 Corinthians 11:14 (sensitive readers: this passage is disturbing). This is evident that the Christian Bible is the false Book of Law and cannot be meditated/wielded.

What can you do with the Book of Law? What are the benefits of the Book of Law?

You can meditate the Book of Law. Invoke the Book of Law. Read the Book of Law. You can even forge the Book of Law rather than use a book of faith (the Bible, e.g.) as the Book of Law. This is the Art of Lawmaking. The pure cosmic voice of the law is the truth. With the Book of Law you forge, you ascend the throne. Staying with the Book of Law makes you true. The Book of Law is the book you shall read for nehf (life).

There are rules in making the Book of Law:

  1. The opposite of a law is a crime.
  2. A law is an air’or. A crime is an air’ur.
  3. Do not make laws that make people commit air’urs. This is a crime.
  4. Make laws that protect humanity and prevent humanity from making air’urs.
  5. Laws that are made shall speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

Final Warning: Do not let the Book of Law depart from your mouth for any reason. You shall drift away if you stopped reading the Book of Law, lost in delusion and despair. Always read the Book of Law day and night, for the power of law shall strengthen you. You shall cleanse your way with the word of the Law. With the cosmic breath of Law shall be kept in your heart, so that you shall not commit an air’ur. Your desire is the word of Law from the book, for you shall meditate the Law day and night (or and nor).

How To Start A Heterosexual Relationship

How To Start A Heterosexual Relationship

Robbie Baldwin

How do you start a heterosexual relationship? The minimum requirements for engaging in a heterosexual relationship is to be straight through sexual orientation. Also, the most important requirement is to not fall in love and succumb to lust to someone whom you have met yesterday or today. This is so because of the law of the body. A man was created to have sex with a woman. A woman was created to have sex with a man. This is the law of the body; you cannot change these laws.

You have to first find ways to draw lustful thoughts away from that particular person. You can direct these energies through aeya yourself. By speaking the sound of aeya (AE-Y-AH), draw in the self-love inside you. You have to engage in chastity, or to hold on to your seed; however, you have to undergo nocturnal, sexual emission within every three to four weeks. Purge those lustful thoughts, and replace them with socialization.

You have to socialize in order to engage in a heterosexual relationship, especially in a long-term. Use your willpower to socialize to someone of your opposite sex. Always remain truthful to your partner. A lie is a very serious air’ur that can cause your heterosexual relationship with someone to meet a dead end. In other words, someone shall break up on you if you lied. What are the things you are allowed to socialize your partner about?

How about socialize to your partner about cosmic energy? In metaphysics, cosmic energy opposes earthly wealth. Por favor (P-OR F-AH-V-OR) view closely that I did not include earthly wealth. Do not show off your personal properties (earthly wealth) to your partner. Excessive materialistic items can control you (this is not a joke). Do not control your partner. Your partner is not your property. One zodiac resists being dominated; the name is Ophiuchus. Feel free to break up a partner that is only dominating/controlling you. Heterosexual relationship revolves around only cosmic energy, not earthly attachments. Of course you can discuss about many topics from cosmic energy, this can literally be anything from astrology, sungazing, yorin therapy, Phoenician, truth, bicycles, chakras, warlocks, numerology, etc. This can be anything as long as you are truthful. What should you not talk about in heterosexual relationships?

Do not get up close and personal. Plain and simple. Here is the list of things that you should not be discussing about:

  • Sex (lust, talk about someone’s private body parts; however, the spiritual power of long hair is an exemption)
  • Religion (exposing the dark side of religion is an exemption)
  • Politics (nowadays modern politics is corrupt [K-UR-R-UH-P-T]; again exposing modern politics is an exemption)
  • Birthdays (please ask first to your partner before asking someone’s birthday, or this could be viewed as an offense)
  • Weight (do not call someone skinny or fat)
  • Money (do not ask about someone’s money or how much they have)
  • Earthly Attachments (as discussed about cosmic energy versus earthly wealth)
  • Not anything up close and personal (any of these things not listed)

Do not fall in love with someone whom you have met yesterday. What if someone whom you have met yesterday is too sweet to be true? Someone can be luring you into a vicious trap of living in the dark. Love is L-UH-V, descending sex at sight. Do not succumb to sexual lust with someone whom you have met yesterday also. This is not aeya. Aeya is not love. Lust is L-UH-ST, or a strong descending sex. Have you also noticed that looking at someone of your opposite sex with lust is considered adultery in your heart? Adultery is sexual intercourse between you and someone (married or not) other than your partner. Here is an example to adultery: This is you and your heterosexual partner together, and you saw someone of your opposite other than your partner walking that you begin to have sexual arousal. You find ways to have sexual intercourse with someone other than your partner, and do that. This is adultery; this is not aeya also. And por favor, do not watch pornography. Pornography causes not only heterosexual relationships to end; it also causes you to commit adultery deep in your heart.

Who is your partner going to be? When you make tons of air’ors and raise your frequency, you can feel the desire to find the heterosexual partner with the same frequency. You can also find that a particular partner ending the relationship on you. Remember, people are earthly attachments. You have to personally grow up before taking on a true heterosexual relationship. Once you are matured, you can take on a heterosexual relationship through socialization and controlling your sexual energies. As long as you are truthful, the heterosexual relationship can sustain for a very long time.

Is this okay to have sexual intercourse with your partner? As long as you are planning to have children, have known your partner for a very long time (some years to be exact in my comfort zone), and have not committed adultery in your heart, you can do so, only if you and your partner consent with each other. Marriage is optional. If you and your partner do not want to raise children, then do not engage in sexual intercourse; you and your partner have to control your sexual energies through self-aeya. Sexual energy is the element of fire, and you have to control fire.

Your neh aeya (true love) is your heterosexual partner whom you have known for a very long time. Do not commit adultery; do not even look at someone with lust. Do not watch pornography.

How To Raise A Child Until Puberty

How To Raise a Child Until Puberty

Robbie Baldwin

How do I raise a child until he or she reaches puberty? Raising your children is equal to raising your pets. This is a formal guideline on how to correctly raise children without lowering their frequencies. This is true for new parents and experienced parents akin. This is also a formal guideline to raise a child with his or her parents, not fatherless/motherless. This guideline is also for conscious/homeschooling parents on raising a child while minimizing parental mistakes.

Here are the following steps for a yee who is pregnant until delivery:

  • Do not abort the baby. Abortion is murder. The baby has the very right to live as you do.
  • Pay close attention to what the baby wants.
  • Do not miscarry the baby, or the baby dies of miscarriage.
  • Avoid the mainstream pharma (including mainstream doctors/nurses) at all cost.

Here are the following steps for caring a baby until he or she is a child:

  • When they are babies, they have to taken care of and breastfed (from human mother’s milk only). Failure to comply the rules equals the death of a baby from neglect.
  • Feed only vegan to babies. Always introduce simple foods to babies one small bite at a time. You can feed them coconut, avocados, fruits, vegetables, etc. Do not feed meat (beef, chicken, fish, pork, etc.), GMOs, or garbage foods to babies ever.
  • Do not vaccinate babies at all. Babies will get sick from vaccines.
  • Do not register your babies to the Archon Matrix Control System. Do not register social security and birth certificate for your baby. Do not register anything to the Archon Matrix Control System. Names are not allowed.
  • Do not deliver a baby in a mainstream, corporate hospital. Always deliver a baby in a stress-free, high-frequency environment (e.g. forest, cabin, at-home, rivers, etc.).
  • Do not perform C-section (cesarean section) while delivering babies. Deliver baby via vaginal delivery.
  • Do not baptize babies into religious organizations (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.). Religion opposes science and spirituality.

Here are the following steps in raising your child until he or she reaches puberty:

  • Always allow the child to grow up to find his/her purpose.
  • To the mothers: do breastfeed your children. When the child wants milk, breastfeed them immediately.
  • Do not vaccinate your children (period).
  • Do not lower the frequency of a child, yet do not allow children to fall into the clutches of what the lower frequencies can hold. In other words, do not make children commit air’urs. Do not make air’urs against children.
  • Do not cut the hairs of your child. The energy of hair is so important for children, especially for us.
  • Always speak the truth to a child; do not lie. Lying severs the bond/connection between you and your child. If you lie, you are not trustworthy anymore.
  • Always home-school your child. Do not send your child to corporate schools that uses state-sponsored propaganda. In other words, un-school your children. Do not send your child to school that dumbs them down.
  • Teach your children defense.
  • Do not feed your children GMOs, meat, drugs, alcohol, and any lower-frequency garbage. Feed your children vegan always. Keep children away from pornography, adultery, and other acts of sexual immorality.
  • Children are meant to be dependent on their parents until they reach puberty. Once they are newborn adults (after going through puberty), they are not dependent on you. They shall begin to work, live on their own, raise a family, make love, etc.

Tips for treating newborn adults:

  • Newborn adults are to be treated with full respect.
  • Do not call a newborn adult a teenager.
  • Do not allow a newborn adult to fall into the clutches of the lower frequency.
  • Do not prolong the childhood of an adult (whether they are newborn or not), not even you should treat an adult as a child.
  • Provide guidance to raising a family.

Here is another guide for protecting your children. Do not allow an enemy to take your baby/child away. Use your peaceful non-compliance.

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<; – CPS is Child Protective Service, actually translated into something entirely opposite: Child Legal Kidnapping. CPS, in other words, is actually the enemy under the powers of the Global Elite. Use your discernment while handling the CPS.

The Humanity Code of Ethics

The Humanity Code of Ethics

Robbie Baldwin

I am destroying the Ten Commandments and replacing them with the Humanity Code Of Ethics at humanity’s best interest and for everyone. The Ten Commandments were literally stolen and reworded from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, that contains 40 commandments. To steal an idea/credit from the original source and claiming this stolen idea as your own idea is classified as plagiarism. In other word, the Ten Commandments is a plagiarized work. The Bible contains materials that are either disturbing, silly, derogatory, insulting (particularly to women), or too segregating. The Biblical God is also known as El, Jehovah, and Yahweh. El is another name for a Saturn God. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. In other words, God is Satan. Both God and Satan do not exist. The Source, however, is not the Bibical God/Satan. The Source is the male (6), female (9), and creator (3).

The Law of Free Will is also a myth. You are not exactly free to do what you want. You cannot transcend into the OR without mor-ae-ing (learning) the laws and morality. In other words, you cannot be truly free without the laws. If you have basically sinned, you have made an air’ur. An air’ur is an experience designed to lower your frequency into the UR. Accidents however are not air’urs. An air’or is an experience designed to raise your frequency.

Here goes the Humanity’s Code Of Ethics:

  • You shall not make idols of the dead, you shall not serve them or worship them.
  • You shall not murder. 
  • Do not honor ignorant people or make ignorant people famous. 
  • You shall not steal. Do not take what is not yours, whether that be from a person, community, forest, or culture. Do not shoplift.
  • You shall not speak lies; you shall not lie in defense. Be truthful all the time.
  • Rise with the sun to pray. You can sungaze the white sun, of course.
  • Know thyself. Temet nosce.
  • Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes, and words.
  • Tikes are people/adults of the future; once they are adults, give them space to grow. Do not prolong the childhood of an adult.
  • Do not speak others in a bad way.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. Accidents are not air’urs; they are air’ors.
  • Respect all things of Gayth: plants, animals, and humans.
  • Treat your guest(s) in your house with consideration: respect and honor.
  • Beware of negative thoughts: these things causes disease of the body, mind, and spirit. Practice optimism all the time.
  • Do not hurt the heart of others.
  • Be tolerant of those who are lost in their path.
  • Nature is part of us, not for us.
  • Keep yourself balanced; your body, your emotions, your mind, and your soul has to be balanced.
  • Be true to yourself; this is how you activate your throat chakra. You cannot nur-chor (nurture) and assist people without being true to yourself.
  • Be responsible for your own airs (your actions, of course).
  • Respect the privacy and personal space of others. Do not touch the property of others, especially sacred and spiritual objects; this is forbidden and an absolute not-not.
  • Respect the spirituality of others; do not force yours on others.
  • Share your good fortunes with other; do some charity, give up things that you do not really need. This is how you allow cosmic energy to flow in you; earthly attachments block the crown chakra.

The Humanity Code of Ethic shall have only one motto: Aeya everyone, respect everything. Always make an air’or.




Hope, Wish, Belief, and Faith are Illusions

Hope, Wish, Belief, and Faith are illusions

Robbie Baldwin

Have you hoped for things to happen, only that has not happened? Have you wished for things to happen, and your wishes did not happened? If you have answered NIE to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Hope is H-OH-PE. Hope in the dictionary is expectation and desire combined for a thing. A Wish is a desire, request, or aspiration. How about believe is B-EL-EE-V (or BEL-EVE)? BEL-EVE is the bubble of El (the Saturn God), and EVE is the energy of sight. Belief is defined in the dictionary as “something believed, an opinion or conviction; confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof; or confidence, faith, trust.” What if desire is a long craving for manifestation? Desire is D-I-S-IE-UR. Desire is also to wish or want something. Faith is F-AE-TH. Faith in the dictionary is confidence or trust in another being; faith is also belief that is not based on proof. These things are an illusion.

To be a warlock, as I am, requires you to accept that hope, wishes, beliefs, faiths, and desires are truly illusions. To get things that you really wanted requires intention, for you have to do the work. You have to open up your chakras to manifest what you really want. This is the Law of Attraction. The Universal Law of Attraction states that you have to power to create reality, by creating that inside to bring this manifestation to the external reality. For a lot of ignorant people and all the naysayers on Gayth, they are going to dismiss the Law of Attraction as garbage and useless. In reality, they are locked into the illusions of hope, wish, beliefs, and desires. Here is a Greek mythology that shall demystify hope.

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman to be created by Hephaestus, at the order of Zeus. The pithos was a gift for Pandora that contains the evil of humanity, including death. Pandora, in curiosity, opened a jar, and all the diseases and evils of humanity escaped. In a hurry, Pandora closed the box, leaving only one thing in the box: Hope. According to the mythology, hope has not been brought out on Gayth. The reason that hope is in the box is because that hope is evil. In other words, one can deduce that hope is the villain of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction remains dormant inside of souls since the dawn of creation.

In closing, you have to power to make things happen before your own eyes. You do not have to hope or wish for things to happen.




All About Marriage

All About Marriage

Robbie Baldwin

What is Marriage? Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman. To marry is to take as one’s wife or husband in marriage. You often see marriages performed in many religious organizations. What is marriage really about?

During marriage, both partners exchange wedding rings in vows prior to the legal unification of husband and wife. However, the wedding rings are ruled by Saturn. All types of rings are ruled by Saturn, because they represent the rings of Saturn. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. Saturn rules Capricorn and rules the number 3. Satan is also known as the king of the Beast. The number (chromosome) of the Beast is 66, not 666. Satan is also known as the Saturn God: El. Satan is also the Biblical God, Yahweh, and Jehovah. However, God and Satan are fictitious and dead. So, when people get married, this event boils down to a Satanic ritual.

There is an opposition to marriage. This movement is called the Free Love movement. The Free Love Movement is a movement that opposes and rejects the traditional form of marriage. However, free love is F-UR-EE L-UH-V. The F-UR-EE/free is the hidden energy of darkness. L-UH-V/love is the descending sex at sight. Love and lust both contain the UH sound. When you support free love, you are basically supporting lust before taking any relationship. For this matter, I am basically going to throw free love out of the window because you cannot simply engage in a long-term, heterosexual relationship with a partner by holding on to free love. This is placing sex before any relationship. This is similar to having sex with someone who you have met yesterday or today. Do not commit sexual lust with whom you met yesterday or today. Have you noticed that you are committing adultery in your heart by looking at someone of your opposite sex with lust?

There are corporations who are making heterosexual marriage a privilege. The corporations that promote marriages are primarily religious organization. This all boils down to money. Marriages and weddings are very expensive (this is not a joke). These corporations wanted money to sustain the ship. Having sexual intercourse between you and your consensual, mature partner does not cost you anything except a baby in the next nine months (then you have to raise the baby until adulthood). If you and your partner do not want to raise children or want to put aside in raising family for now, then chastity is the key. You have to release sexual tensions through sexual, nocturnal emissions because you cannot change the laws of the body.

So, what is marriage really all about? Marriage is the Satanic ritual that people go through when they are married. Wedding rings are the rings of Saturn. Both religious marriage and free love is ruled by Satan. Do not do deal with Satan, who is the devil. Marriage is optional; however, the two individuals have to consent with each other to bring forth the highest form of heterosexual relationship and aeya. If you do want to get married, then do not hire the church, not even you should go to a religious church. In other words, do not get religiously married.

The Cost of Sexual Intercourse

The Cost of Sexual Intercourse
Robbie Baldwin

I see sexual intercourse is not to be foolishly taken into aspect of our NEHF. Actually, I am not against sexual intercourse, yet I am warning you the foolish act of sexual intercourse. I do not care if you are married or single. Do not foolishly engage in sexual intercourse. A misuse of sexual intercourse has a price that you shall live to regret.

Should sexual intercourse happen and does result in a CLIMAX, this is a process that cannot be taken back, period. This climax is the fish (yoni) swallowing the penis, and from the penis bring back a Hee or a Yee (Man or Woman) in a form of a baby. Raising a baby requires responsibility; similar to raising pets. In addition, raising a baby requires RESOURCEs. Babies may be forms of earthly attachments. If you are not emotively prepared to raise children and does result in a climax between you and your partner, you and/or your partner shall live to regret. If you do not want to raise children or maybe you want to hold off from raising children for the time being, I have only one piece of advice for you: Chastity.

Do not masturbate. Masturbation is a physical disease. You cannot however change the laws of the body. A man was created to have sex with a woman. A woman was created to have sex with a man. If you and your partner do not want to have children or decide to put aside from raising children, do chastity. Be mindful that between three to four weeks, the sexual tensions will peak on you. To avoid masturbation, you have to induce nocturnal emissions without any sexual activity.

Do not do pornography. Do not even engage in homosexuality; this destroys the very ancient definition of man and woman. Pornography is an earthly attachment and a physical and psychological disease. Pornography teaches you to explore someone’s sexual parts so that you can give in to masturbation. Pornography creates heterosexual divorce/break-up. Do not bow down to pornography. Pornography and humans can turn humans into beasts; the sexual monsters are the rapists, prostitutes, and sexual offenders.

Another advice is to accept your body via Naturism. You can also grow out your long hair and/or beard so that you can also accept and play with your hair. If you are watching pornography from others, you are negating your body. If so, there is something not correct with you. You are induced by sexual lust. The Art of Nudity allows you to reconnect your body. Naturism allows you to express what you are born to be and what you are. One thing that you should not do: Do not put tattoos on your bodies, ever! Tattoos on your body is a permanent mark of negating your body, not to mention full of toxic chemicals and thiomersal (similar ingredient found in vaccines). In other words, Tattoos are defilers of your body. You put tattoos on your body, and you are going to live to regret (period).

Whatever you do, do not do pornography! To prevent unwanted pregnancies or making unwanted children, chastity is the only key. Stay away from pornography, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, and other forms of sexual immaturity.

Going against birth control and/or not practicing birth control by foolishly engaging in frequent sexual intercourse may result in overpopulating Geeth and abusing our natural resources. Pornography is the enemy’s fuel for energy, designed to weaken us, especially our soul. This also weakens our chance to intimidate the opposite genders, feeling an isolation and the fear to talk to opposite genders.

If you want to raise family, that is okay. You have to have a heterosexual relationship to raise children. Raising children requires a lot of resources and, of course, responsibility.

Do not want sex? Do not want children? Do not engage in sexual intercourse, and do not do Pornography! Beware of ignorant souls who can sexually lure you to their game (one of these too sweet to be true), for they are the Servants of the Urkas. Do not use the Christian Cross and the Satanic Crosses, for they are the symbols of penises!

<; – Truth of Tattoos
<; – Tattoo ink, chronic disease

The “So-Called” Teenagers

The “So-Called” Teenagers

Robbie Baldwin

What is a teenager? A teenager is a person to be on his or her teens. A teenager is also considered to be a person of 13 to 19 years. What is the origin of the word teenager?

Teen is a Latin word that is found on our English numbers to be 13 through 19. However, teenager is classified as adolescence. Adolescence is the transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development, extending mainly over the teen years and legally terminating when the age of majority is reached. Look at this definition again, “transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development, extending mainly over the teen years and legally terminating when the age of majority is reached.”

In history, there are (and has been since the creation of man) two stages of human development: childhood and adulthood. The transition of childhood to adulthood is called puberty. Puberty is the period or age at which a person is capable of sexual reproduction of offspring. A person who has been recently experienced puberty is called a newborn adult. The legal and true age of those experiencing puberty is between 15 to 16 years of age.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things” 1 Corinthians 13:11

As a child, you are not allowed to do labor. You are also dependent on your biological parents until you reach puberty. Once you reach to adulthood, you are not dependent on your parents. In other words, newborn adults are not children anymore, they are formally adults. As adults, they begin to work, have sexual desires, and raise a family.

However in the 19th century, a third group has be implemented: adolescence. Looking at the word “adolescence”, adolescence is nothing more than treating adults as children. In other words, adolescence was created to prolong the childhood of an adult, nothing more. This translates as newborn adults not having the right to work, not allowing newborn adults to have PVI (Penile-Vaginal Intercourse), and not even allowing newborn adults to raise a family. What a shameful world we live in. These newborn adults do have sexual urges, yet they are treated as children. They are treated as “big” children without a purpose, a reason, or direction in their lives (nehf).

From the 1850s to right now, the age of puberty has been decreasing. Nowadays the presumed age of puberty is 12 to 13 for both men and women; as a result, these children are becoming adults too early. Even some children are experiencing puberty at a very early age than the presumed age of puberty.Those who experienced puberty earlier than 15 years of age are experiencing precocious puberty. Precocious puberty is also known as early and immature puberty. Triggers of precocious puberty are eating the wrong foods (GMOs, garbage foods, meat-eating, or any foods that violates the Laws of the Human Body), smoking, alcohol consumption,and drug use. The consequences of precocious puberty is associated with antisocial behavior, greater risk taking, and greater propensity for violence. All of these consequences are a danger and a threat to the general public health. This all results into “precocious-puberty” newborn adults developing sexuality much faster than intellects, judgments, and brains. This is classified as hyper-sexuality, resulting in a risk of unprotected sex.

There are solutions to protect the rights of newborn adults. All living things have rights; the dead does not have any rights.This is a repeat of facts so that all of us can ingest this knowledge. Here are the solutions as listed below: 

  • Do not call/label newborn adults “teenagers/adolescences.” You are going to be a racist if you do. 
  • Always accept that children who are entering puberty are transitioning to adulthood. By the time after puberty, they are not children anymore. They are formally and officially recognized as adults. 
  • You shall not prolong the childhood of an adult. Prolonging the childhood of an adult is an air’ur (sin), designed to lower your frequency. Dire consequences shall await you should you prolong the childhood of an adult. Do not do that. 
  • The age of an adult is 16 years. 
  • The age of puberty is 15 to 16 years. After puberty, they are capable of sexual reproduction. Anything earlier than 15 years classified as precocious puberty.
  • Beware that newborn adults have sexual desires after they reached puberty. 
  • By the time children are adults, they shall have the right to work, live on their own, be independent from their parents, have PVI, and raise a family.


<> – picture of trend graph that the age of puberty is falling.