The Art of Ki

The Art of Ki

Robbie Baldwin

What is the Ki? Ki is Kee, or living energy. In the ancient times, Ki is living energy for the Japanese (I am giving credit to the Japanese Ancestors). Ki was also Chi (or Qigong) to the Chinese. May I also include the fictitious Star Wars, too? How about the Force, or the F-OR-S? In my saying, the FORCE is the hidden, strong light. Another derivative of the Kee is a known word that is used by practitioners to heal patients. This word is Reiki. Broken down, Reiki is R-AE-K-EE, or raising the creation of the living energy. For limitless occasions, you can use the IN’SOR of the Reiki. You can use Reiki to BE-MORE (I do not use BLESS, BE-LESS) your food or anything. Beware of prayer energy. Pray is P-UR-AE, pouring the making of slavery/darkness. Instead, porae (P-OR-AE); this is the pouring the making of high vibration and aeya.

There are three types of Ki: OR-KI, NOR-KI, and UR-KI. The OR-KI is living energy of the OR. OR-KI is also known as Yude (Good: Yew-d) Ki. The NOR-KI is the living energy of the NOR, another sound for opposing OR. The NOR-KI is considered as a neutral energy, not yude (good) and not nude (bad: new-d). The UR-KI is the living energy of the UR. UR-KI is also known as the Nude/Evil (Bad) Ki. You can manipulate the UR-KI field into an OR-KI field. Beware, the enemy can also use UR-KI prayer energies to manipulate the ignorant masses; be aware not to fall into the LIGHT trap. These things are similar to the two types of magic, depending on how you use them.

Tapping in the Ki, the user becomes enhanced through physical, mental, and spiritual OR-being. This is also a prerequisite for being a warlock. You can also use the ki to in’sorb (absorb) the ground, the sun, the clouds, the skies, everything. You can also use to Ki to NURS (nurse) your physical body. You can also use the Ki to make your body as hard as steel. You can also make Ki balls (have fun with energy balls). You can also use the Ki to strengthen your eyes through the Hee’orin (sungazing). You can also use the Ki for Earthing. These benefits of Ki are limitless, for you use your mind to manipulate matter.

There are a plethora of informations about the reiki all over the internet and books. Maybe Reiki interests you, and you are wanting to start your Reiki journey. Find whatever method, if interested, suits your need on your Reiki journey. Maybe you need a Reiki instructor, maybe not. I leave the choice to you.

May the KI be with you.


The Art of Earthing

The Art of Earthing

Robbie Baldwin

What is Earthing? The correct sound for Earth is Geeth (G-EE-TH; as in teeth). Earth is pronounced UR-TH. Geeth is also Gaea, the Greek Goddess of Mother Earth. Gee is ground energy, and the TH sound is the thunder. To add all of the sounds together, Geething is to make contact with the ground with energy. Geething is also Grounding. What can Geething do to your body?
Gaything can neutralize the pain (also reduces free radicals) in your bodies and can restore your body’s pH. Geething has the ability to trasmute your body from having ill energy into strong energy. Geething can also slow down any chronic inflammation inside of you. Geething is another way to reverse cancer. Geething is also another requirement for the Art of Sungazing. In other words, you are required to take off your shoes and make contact of Geeth by your feet as you sungaze.

How do you do Geething? Geething is simple; you take off your shoes and make contact with sand, dirt, mud, grass, and anything made of Gaea. Do not walk on concrete and rock; the base chakra is sensed on your rump by walking barefoot on concrete and rock. Do this for at least 45 minutes, if you have the time. Another way for Geething is to make a Geething Pad: out of cardboard (a minimum of 12 inches x 18 inches), aluminum foil (aluminum foil does conduct electricity), duct tape, copper wire, and metal hangers. You have to cut the poster and lay at least a couple sheets of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can wear out; to prolong the use of aluminum foil, you have to make small batches of duck tape, so that all sheets of the aluminum foil remain in contact as you do your Geething. I made my Geething pad around June 2014, and this pad remains working (shown below). Steps are included.

Step 1: Cut the cardboard to a minimum of 12 inches by 18 inches.

Step 2: Make duct tapes into cylinders and place them on the cardboard. Then, lay the aluminum foil on the top of the cardboard at trim o any past the edge. Repeat again this time add duct tapes on the aluminum foil. Place them separately so that all sheets of aluminum foil remain in contact with each other. After laying the sheets, tape the edges shown below.

Final appearance. All photos are taken on June 2014.

To make a grounding wiring requires a conductive wire at least 40 to 50 feet long. To make a grounding steak, you need a conductive metal hanger to cut into the shape of a hook steak. Once the steak makes contact with the ground, the electrons of Gaea are flowing; with the wires, they travel into your connection.

Start your Geething today! Do what is correct for you. 🙂

Check out this website to start with your Geething (optional): <>





Do Not Watch TV

Do not watch TV

Robbie Baldwin

Today’s topic is to do NOT watch your TV. Here are my real experiences to do not watch TV, at all:

  1. You can be deluded from your reality, especially when you are watching on DVD or not. You can mentally be separate from perceiving the real nature. I also noticed visual, mental, or audio hallucinations (inside your head, instead of your intuition) that lasted up to a few days after stopping watching TV. Neptune rules illusions, drugs, and TV.
  2. Watching TV and/or computer is 20,000 times much intense than watching the sun. This is also equivalent into looking at the mid-day sun. Beware of a blue light at night, your TV does not have an anti-blue setting for night purposes. If you want to use your TV, use this f.lux setting* (provided below on the sources) on the computer, and plug your HDMI connector to the TV.
  3. You cannot find the truth as you watch TV. My regret to those who are finding answers in the TV, you cannot “discover your true potential sitting in front of the TV”. Whatever memory is present as you watched TV since your past, the only way is to polarize your thoughts. The real answer is opposite of watching TV.
  4. Watching the Mainstream News can make you into a herd, or a blind sheep, of mentality. The Mainstream Media promotes violence, separation, division, and lies. Moreover, there can be voices of impending doom. Breaking News can be urgent and alarming, and can control your emotions. Look no closely than TV commercials. You are not going to find introverts in TV commercials, simply because the wrong message is spread at corporation’s interest. They, the corporations, want to discourage people to look within their souls.

There are a small exemptions in watching TV or online for educational purposes, rather than watching news that do not support humanity. Personally, I can watch online videos (YouTube) to know about nature, animals, camping, survival tools, and many necessities. Any topics that does not support humanity are in the control of the Global Elites.

If you do not want to have TV Channels, there is also another alternative. This is useful without the use of channels that promotes the destruction of knowledge. You can also buy a computer monitor. A Computer monitor with integrated speakers shall suffice. With the computer monitor, you do not have TV channels, and you do not have to “w’ur’ee” about being bombarded by mainstream media’s brainwashing propaganda. If your DVD or VCR has HDMI connector, buy a computer monitor with the integrated speakers and the HDMI female port. If your DVD or VCR has colored video/audio jack and your computer monitor has VGA DVI and HDMI, buy some connection from “video/audio” jack to HDMI or VGA DVI connector from a technological store (e.g. Radioshack). If your monitor does not have integrated speakers, do not worry. You can also buy speakers on your accord. If you have a monitor without the integrated speakers, use the HDMI-to-DVI connection to your computer monitor and finish the audio connection via audio cable to your speakers. Bingo! You have a makeshift TV without any negative, constantly bombarding TV channels.

Do not watch TV.

<> ==> free pdf for those
who want to research about sungazing *<>

Do Not Get Vaccinated

Do Not Get Vaccinated

Robbie Baldwin

Planning your next vaccine shot? “No, thank you,” I say. Here are my reasons that you should not receive vaccine shots.

Vaccines has ingredients and preservatives that do not belong to your body. And you shall innerstand that mainstream doctors and nurses are going to claim that vaccines are safe. Always expect that the mainstream doctors and nurses are going to keep lying on you. Are vaccines really safe? Do they prevent disease or promote disease?

I have seen in the past that you get diseases from a virus, and you have to be vaccinated to be immune. If so, then the opposite is true. Have you also noticed after you get vaccinated, you end up sick within days later? I am talking about the u shot, tetanus shot, H1N1 vaccine, whooping cough shot, AIDs vaccine, chicken pox shot, etc. You really get disease by doing ill habits (eating garbage foods), being ignorant, and living in darkness (lower frequency is UR). What is inside the vaccine?

Vaccines contain preservatives, some animal byproducts (eggs), and live virus. Some vaccines, u shot for example, contain thimerosal and aluminum (known as aluminum phosphate). Thimerosal is a mercury byproduct and is a neurotoxic. Look at neurotoxin, the toxin of nervous system. The safety limit is 5 mcg (micrograms) according to the FDA (Food & Drug Association), and the amount of thimerosal in the flu vaccine is 25 mcg. This is five times the limit. Because of this, mercury does not belong to your body. What is aluminum phosphate, again? Aluminum phosphate is a neurotoxin, similar to thimerosal. When aluminum is injected as vaccines, this chemical promotes neurological diseases as autism, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, etc.

Vaccines, according to this study, does promote disease. The Medical Corporations, united in the name of Big Pharma, are pushing this lie to the rest of humanity globally. They are promoting vaccines for profits. When people are awakening to this truth, Big Pharma begins to lose profits, their worst fear of all. Should people begin to question what is inside the vaccines, basically, these corporations want to “keep their mouths shut” due to the fear of losing profits. The Vaccine Propaganda is part of the global depopulation under Agenda 21, or Agenda 2030. Agenda 21, or Agenda 2030, is a global plan/goal by the Global Elite to create a New World Order by depopulating 90% of humanity, creating obedient slaves, promoting ignorance, spraying the skies with airborne chemicals/GMOS/viruses (Geoengineering/chemtrails: they are real, look up to white, straight lines of clouds left behind by aircrafts), promoting wur and chaos, and other machinations that take our natural rights away. In reality, we, as humans, allowed all of this to happened via giving our consent directly or non-directly.

Picture above: What if your mainstream doctor/nurse is equal to a corporate police officer, wanting you to get vaccinated? What would you do then?

If you do not want to get vaccinated, then you really have the guts to show your peaceful non-compliance. Even a state (I am talking California) or nation passed a mandatory vaccination, you really have to show your non-consent in order not to be vaccinated. You are a coward by giving in to vaccines. A foolish faith in authority is the greatest enemy of truth. Not doing anything is NOT an option; doing/saying nothing is also implied consent. Failure is not an option. Showing your non-consent forces your doctors/nurses, who are really trying to vaccinate you, to think things twice. Should they fail to accept your non-consent, you should consider firing them. Again, show your peaceful, non-consent, regardless how many lying threats you end up receiving. If you have a baby and/or children, I would also advise against vaccines for the sake of your children’s nehf. In other words, do not vaccinate your babies/children at all.


Robbie Baldwin

I found this picture at aquariusthewaterbearer site (reference below), and this caught my attention since. This is the Art of MANISIN, or MAN is within and all that is. Manisin does sound as Medicine that the enemy and ignorant people use today. Medicine is M-EH-D-IS-IN. What is EH-D, again? EH-D is to increase the fiction, or that is dead. EH-D as in Eddie, Credit (KA-R-EH-D-IT), Edit (EH-D-IT), Edge (EH-D-JE).

The sound origin of Manicine is MAN-IS-IN. M-AN is the sustaining-animation. IS is all that is, and IN is within. Of course, you can use Manisin or Manicine as long as you keep the sound.

The Symbol of MAN is provided with the picture above. All three letters touch together. The median line of A spreads to all three letters. This is interesting. Rotate the word to the left, and you have the snake and the rod. The snake represents water, for the form of water shows a snake. The rod represents fire, all the OR pass in a straight line through water. This is the rod of Asclepius. The symbol of MAN is almost identical to the Aquarius symbol. Stand the symbol of Man up. There is a snake on a rod, coiling up. The snake is ruled by Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus rules the snake, women, women-healer, witches and warlocks, women’s liberation, and the matriarch. Ophiuchus is the Cardinal Air sign, as Aquarius is the fixed Air sign. The saying goes, Light goes through the water and organizes.

Speaking of this, _L_ _ MN_ _O_, I may do this one for you. You may comment if I have made this correctly, or maybe I can update this along the way. Starting with the first blank, this sound O (as in lot, not, tot) is all that is. With the next two blanks, I have the OR, that is light. Here is my next two blanks to be occupied, and watch out for this clue. Be careful with N, as N is negating all that is. UR is all the garbage and darkness. With NUR, I am negating the garbage and darkness. The NUR is the sound of healing (nurse). The last blank is T, for OT is all solid. The answer I have is OLORMNUROT (O-L’OR’M-NUR-‘O’T), the all-descending light that goes through and organizes fully.

I inmately (IN-M-AE-T) solved this clue. Watch out for these words: inmate and innate (IN-N-AE-T). As in the dictonary, you have an inmate as an occupate of prison, and you have innate as inborn or natural. Inmate is tuning into the waters that make solid. Innate is tuning into the negative, solid making.

Begin your Manicine today!

<> – picture origin

The Correct Sound for Blessing

The Correct Sound for Blessing
Robbie Baldwin

What is a blessing? To bless is defined in the dictionary as 1) pronounce words, especially in a religious rite, asking for divine favor; 2) consecrate (something) by a religious rite; 3) endow (someone) with a cherished attribute; and 4) thank. What if blessing is to be less, instead of conscreating, hallowing, or thanking?

To bless is to be less. So if you are blessing the food, for example, you are making the food be less thankful. Any reasons are we cursing the food? I am going to replace bless to be-more (BEE-MOR/beemor). The etymology of be-more is to be more into some solid form. Bless is B-L-EH-S/Be-less. Be-more is the appropriate definition for to be more, or raising the NEHF of something. You can say, “Be-more” on to any objects, including for food. Make a circle around the food counter-clockwise saying “Be-more.” You can also say be-more to your friends and families. The use of the sound be-more is limitless.

Please also read: Word Origins: Why You Should Watch What You Say

When someones sneezes, you should be saying, “Be-more”, instead of “Bless You”. Saying Be-more makes the soul be more, not less.

What is aum man-ee be-more? Aum/Om is the sound of infinity. Man-ee (M-an-ee) is the energy of man, the spiraling animation of frequency. Be-more is to be more.


Universal Tones Available To Listen For Free

Universal Tones Available To Listen For Free

Robbie Baldwin

I can finally upload my 28 universal tones (the tones I made directly from Audacity) that you can listen for free without using YouTube. Beware of tones lower than 222 hz; you have to use your headphones to hear the bass tones. All of the tones are played for five minutes. To download the tone, right click on the mouse button and look for save target/link as. Save the file into your folder and download.

Also including is a playlist of all the 28 universal tones that can be played. Have fun! 🙂

  • This is 111 hertz.
  • This is 147 hertz.
  • This is 174 hertz.
  • This is 222 hertz.
  • This is 258 hertz.
  • This is 285 hertz.
  • This is 333 hertz.
  • This is 369 hertz.
  • This is 396 hertz.
  • This is 417 hertz.
  • This is 432 hertz, the middle A.
  • This is 444 hertz.
  • This is 471 hertz.
  • This is 528 hertz.
  • This is 555 hertz.
  • This is 582 hertz.
  • This is 639 hertz.
  • This is 666 hertz.
  • This is 693 hertz.
  • This is 714 hertz.
  • This is 741 hertz.
  • This is 777 hertz.
  • This is 825 hertz.
  • This is 852 hertz.
  • This is 888 hertz.
  • This is 936 hertz.
  • This is 963 hertz.
  • This is 999 hertz.

432 Hz The Middle A

432 Hz The Middle A

Robbie Baldwin

I am now declaring that 432 Hz is the middle A for many reasons. One of the many reasons is that 432 Hz is calmer and more purer (Por-nur), not to mention that this tone is scientifically proven to heal. The 440 Hz is not the harmonious A that you think to believe or accept.

As mentioned in my last essay, The Universal Tones, the 12 tone equal temperament mis-tunes all the intervals except the octaves, creating in-boxed thinking, stuffed/suppressed emotions, slavery, anti-social conditions in humanity, and the excitement that causes disease. This only applies to the 440 hz equal-tone temperament, also known as the Nazi tuning. The Nazi tuning is tuning the “A above the Middle C” by 440 hz. The Rockefeller-Nazi consortium promoted the 440 hz in the 1940s, after the British Standard Institute adopted the 440 hz. The American Federation of Musicians already used 440 hz in 1917, with the government following suit in the 1920. By the 1950s, the 440 hz is adopted as the global standard pitch.

Listening to music that contains 440 hz conflicts with human energy centers from the heart to the base, simultaneously stimulating the upper energy centers (from the heart to the crown). This is the “too-easy” feeling of lifting your spirits. This frequency can also cause music to play repeatedly in your head, a lot to your annoyance. Do not ditch your music; you can change the pitch of your songs by tuning back to 432 hz.


Note: You can open image in a new tab or download the image by right-clicking to find either “Download Image” or “Open Image in New Tab” to zoom in.

432 Hz tuning reconnects the heart and the brain, allowing innate wisdom and compassion to blossom inside you. 432 Hz is more heart-oriented. 432 hz allows you to control your emotions and makes you less aggressive than the 440 hz counterpart. The 432 Hz tuning can enhance energies and psychic powers. Using 432 hz can allow you to deduce correctly what the musical notes are from the Universal Tones.

For example, 285 hz is not C#, as this is defined at the 440 hz tuning. By playing this tone, you can hear a D tone that is sounds almost the natural D at approximately 288 hz, differentiating about 3 hz! Another example is 852 hz; 852 hz is not G#, but an A. The other two tones are mislabeled on the 440 hz are 639 (E, not D#) and 714 (F#, not F). However, there are a few tones that you have to be very careful.

111 hz, 222 hz, 333 hz, 396 hz, 444 hz, 471 hz, 528 hz, 666 hz, 888 hz, and 999 hz are hybrid tones. A hybrid tone is when a frequency meets at or very close (typically within 1 hz) to the borderline of two neighboring notes. For example 444 hz is half-A and half-A# of the whole note.

So, 432 hz is the middle A. What are the other 11 middle notes? You can use the chart above, or you can read along the list by the following (all rounded to three decimal places): A# = 457.688, B =  484.904, C = 513.737, C# = 544.286, D = 576.651, D# = 610.940, E = 647.269, F = 685.757, F#= 726.535, G = 769.736, and G# = 815.507. The formula used to find the tones is f(x) = N*2^(x/12), where x is the number either positive or negative and N is the starting frequency. I want to look at the middle C, middle C#, and middle F#.

The middle C is about 513 hz (around 256.8 hz), or you want to place the middle C at 512 hz (or 256 hz middle C). Divide 512 by 2, and you have 256. By using 256 as a reference of middle C, the occurrence of that number is in the powers of 2. Interestingly, the Schumann Resonance is around 7.83 hz to 8 hz, putting the number very close to 2³. This is one of the reasons that 8 is also more important. The middle C# is around 544.286 hz (not 554 hz in the 440 frequency scale). 544 hz is the DNA frequency organizer. The middle F# is 726.535. 544.286 hz is aligned very close to the center between 726.535 hz and 363.268 hz, both F#. Also interestingly enough, approximately 399 THz (Terrahertz) is the frequency color of red, and also serves as the borderline of infrared and the color red. 798 THz is the frequency color of violet (not purple), and serves as the borderline of violet color and ultraviolet. By adding these numbers and dividing them by 2 is approximately 598 THz (if you divide this number by the octaves, the numbers get lower and lower until you see 544.8 Hz close to the middle C#).

For those who want to use A=444 hz and C=528 hz, both 444 hz and 528 hz are hybrid notes. By listening to the Universal Tones and the A = 444 Hz music, you may have a hard time deducing the correct notes using this tone. I do not however disagree with the 528 hz, being a healing Solfeggio tone. 444 hz and 440 hz also share same musical notes, but the 432 hz does not. I prefer to listen to A = 432 hz music and at the same time listen all the universal tones.

How do I change my music to A = 432 Hz? If you have downloaded Audacity, FFMPEG program (for .m4a music by Apple only), and LAME for mp3 export, all you have to do is select all of the music (Control + A, or Apple + A) and go to Effects menu. Later, you shall see “change pitch…”. Clicking that effect shall take you to changing pitch without changing tempo. You shall see two empty boxes semi-lower, midway on the left (From) and right (To), below from the Frequency selection. Type from “440.000” to “432.000”. You shall see the percent change is -1.818 and the semitones (also known as half-steps, and is located between the Pitch and Frequency selection) is -0.32. Click okay and the frequency is changed from A = 440 hz to A = 432 hz. Save and overwrite that file, if you do not want to play the 440 hz again.




The Cost of Sexual Intercourse

The Cost of Sexual Intercourse
Robbie Baldwin

I see sexual intercourse is not to be foolishly taken into aspect of our NEHF. Actually, I am not against sexual intercourse, yet I am warning you the foolish act of sexual intercourse. I do not care if you are married or single. Do not foolishly engage in sexual intercourse. A misuse of sexual intercourse has a price that you shall live to regret.

Should sexual intercourse happen and does result in a CLIMAX, this is a process that cannot be taken back, period. This climax is the fish (yoni) swallowing the penis, and from the penis bring back a Hee or a Yee (Man or Woman) in a form of a baby. Raising a baby requires responsibility; similar to raising pets. In addition, raising a baby requires RESOURCEs. Babies may be forms of earthly attachments. If you are not emotively prepared to raise children and does result in a climax between you and your partner, you and/or your partner shall live to regret. If you do not want to raise children or maybe you want to hold off from raising children for the time being, I have only one piece of advice for you: Chastity.

Do not masturbate. Masturbation is a physical disease. You cannot however change the laws of the body. A man was created to have sex with a woman. A woman was created to have sex with a man. If you and your partner do not want to have children or decide to put aside from raising children, do chastity. Be mindful that between three to four weeks, the sexual tensions will peak on you. To avoid masturbation, you have to induce nocturnal emissions without any sexual activity.

Do not do pornography. Do not even engage in homosexuality; this destroys the very ancient definition of man and woman. Pornography is an earthly attachment and a physical and psychological disease. Pornography teaches you to explore someone’s sexual parts so that you can give in to masturbation. Pornography creates heterosexual divorce/break-up. Do not bow down to pornography. Pornography and humans can turn humans into beasts; the sexual monsters are the rapists, prostitutes, and sexual offenders.

Another advice is to accept your body via Naturism. You can also grow out your long hair and/or beard so that you can also accept and play with your hair. If you are watching pornography from others, you are negating your body. If so, there is something not correct with you. You are induced by sexual lust. The Art of Nudity allows you to reconnect your body. Naturism allows you to express what you are born to be and what you are. One thing that you should not do: Do not put tattoos on your bodies, ever! Tattoos on your body is a permanent mark of negating your body, not to mention full of toxic chemicals and thiomersal (similar ingredient found in vaccines). In other words, Tattoos are defilers of your body. You put tattoos on your body, and you are going to live to regret (period).

Whatever you do, do not do pornography! To prevent unwanted pregnancies or making unwanted children, chastity is the only key. Stay away from pornography, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, and other forms of sexual immaturity.

Going against birth control and/or not practicing birth control by foolishly engaging in frequent sexual intercourse may result in overpopulating Geeth and abusing our natural resources. Pornography is the enemy’s fuel for energy, designed to weaken us, especially our soul. This also weakens our chance to intimidate the opposite genders, feeling an isolation and the fear to talk to opposite genders.

If you want to raise family, that is okay. You have to have a heterosexual relationship to raise children. Raising children requires a lot of resources and, of course, responsibility.

Do not want sex? Do not want children? Do not engage in sexual intercourse, and do not do Pornography! Beware of ignorant souls who can sexually lure you to their game (one of these too sweet to be true), for they are the Servants of the Urkas. Do not use the Christian Cross and the Satanic Crosses, for they are the symbols of penises!

<; – Truth of Tattoos
<; – Tattoo ink, chronic disease

What is Yorin?

What is YORIN?

Robbie  Baldwin

The fountain of youth is a magical water that is said to bring eternal youth whoever drinks or bathe the waters. Yes, true, but where at? In the past, the fountain of youth was thought to be somewhere, in Bimini. I say the exact opposite, you cannot find the fountain outside nor the fountain of youth is located in Bimini. The LOST fountain of Youth is a myth! I have discovered this fountain of youth around the Ides of March 2014. This is NOT lost but hidden. Do “put aside your differences.”

YORIN is the correct sound for URINE. This featured image above is YORIN. YORIN is the lost Fountain of Youth that is within YOU! Y-UR-IN (URINE) is the liquid LIEs and GARBAGE within, or the waste products of the slaves. The YORIN is the WATER and LIGHT within. Do not worry, you are NOT going to be sick by the touch of YORIN. The YORIN is the golden water of NEHF (the water of life), the raising vibration or life, or the AGUA DE VIDA. The YORIN is the beverage of our souls, or spiritually vibrating souls known as the ORKAs.  The YORIN does appear gold (either more clear oros, near-oro clear, or nearly opaque-oro). YORIN may be strong or offensive on your senses for the first; as you progress, the YORIN shall be easy on you. The YORIN may taste strong depending on your eating habits, or your progress of your NEHF.

Yorin remains fresh for about five to six hours after yorinating! After these five to six hours, you CANNOT take AGED yorin INTERNALLY! Ammonia fluids is present in YORIN after aging. Yet, do not discard the aged yorin away. Another advantage with aged yorin awaits externally, described with external use. I have found advantages and disadvantages, and I am going to update this essay during my YORIN journey.


  • Increased calmness
  • Increased Brain power
  • Increased force of the Ki
  • Increased adaptation
  • Increased psychic intuition
  • HAIR growth (counteracts baldness)
  • Anti-cancerous
  • Youthful appearance
  • NEHF span, your body does not dies. You can stay at GAYTH (I do not use Earth) as long as you want.
  • Natural internal deodorant
  • Purifies your blood/organ system
  • Laxative response for the gut (cleans your gut from the inside)
  • Increases NEHF, or existence.
  • Increases liberation at a body, mind, and soul effect
  • Saves gallons of toilet water
  • Your body does not runs out of YORIN! Very interesting.
  • Useful for emergencies or whenever the manure hits the fan, if there is not any clean water available.
  • More to see for YORIN has many advantages!


  • If eating GARBAGE food, your YORIN shall taste bad (you have URINE). If possible, cut back some LIGHT food (GMOS, junk foods, and excessive acidic foods)! You can have white meat or fish in small amounts, and the YORIN would not taste bad. Eat at least 80 percent OR foods, and less than 20 percent UR foods.
  • If you have any reactions to any of these specific foods that leads to Gut and Psychological Syndrome, eliminate these food triggers.
  • If also taking pharma-based medications, please turn to natural remedies.
  • Please do not drink POISONOUS, TAP water! Drink dis-tilled or ozonated water!
  • Do not INTAKE salt! Salt is not-organic and can cause ailments if abused.

External uses:

I also applied YORIN on my body, whether fresh or aged. I also use YORIN as a conditioner, a body wash, a shampoo, a face-wash, a mouthwash, and the list keeps going. You can also use YORIN for your wounds. YORIN regrows and accelerates KOMA (hair) growth. You can use fresh YORIN for your eyes, for yorin can clear and revitalizes your eyes. You can also use fresh yorin for sinus rinse. You can use fresh yorin to clean/unclog your inner ear canals.

How to perform YORIN:

  1. You shall  need at LEAST one quart-sized jars (I used quart-size to gallon sized mason jars). If you are going to drink YORIN for a long periods of time (for more than a day), you may or will need more than one glass jar (I bought a pack of 12 mason jars for this reason).
  2. You have to pee (P-OR) INTO the quart-sized jars to do so. Do this privately! This is required.
  3. You shall  need to be acquainted with the scent of yorin for at least a couple days, after you yorinated of course.
  4. For external use, start by applying yorin on your skin, getting used to yorin for at least a couple days. Your skin starts healing by applying yorin. Work you way around the body with YORIN.
  5. For internal use, start drinking yorin by the drip inside your mouth on the first day, a couple drips on the second day, few drips after the second day, and later start sipping after getting used to the drips. You may end up to half a cup, but eventually, you will be able to drink at least a quart of yorin.

Have fun drinking/using YORIN! I promise you shall not run out of YORIN as long as you raise your NEHF. I have drunk  a near-clear YORIN at one point, and the YORIN tastes almost as WATER. I drank all of that YORIN. Feel free to start your YORIN therapy today!

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