666 frequency code

666 Frequency Code

Robbie Theer’nigor


What is the 666 Frequency Code? I have foreseen Geeth (Earth) has ascended to the 5th frequency. The sun is now a white star. The 5th frequency out of nine frequencies is the Gray Stargate between the physical and spiritual realm.  In other words, the fifth frequency is the frequency of both physical and spiritual realm. 5 lies right between 1 and 9: both the mean and the median. There is no mode, or repeating numbers between 1 and 9. The range of 1 and 9 is 8. 8 is the number of Venus. The 6 represents male, and the 9 represents female. Coincidentally, 6 and 9 unite together to make an 8. In other words, the fifth frequency is the union of both male and female energies.

The sun is now a white star. Due to the physical plane at the strongest since past times, the sun was a yellow star. The veil between the physical and spiritual realm is becoming thinner. In the past, Geeth was vibrating at the third frequency (3F/3D) interacting with fourth frequency (4F/4D). Currently, we are at the fourth frequency, interacting with the fifth frequency. Since then, the solar system was also raising to the next frequency. Assuming the use of ternary coloring-map using red, green, and blue, the sun rests almost in the middle of the triangle.

As the sun rules 6, the square sum is 666. The sun passes through 12 zodiac signs, half of them are fully male (3) and half of them are fully female (9). They all equal 72. Interestingly enough, 360 degrees multiplied by 72 equals 25,920. This is equal to all the Times of the Zodiac Signs.

The fifth frequency is the frequency code for inner peace. The only prerequisite to ascend to the fifth frequency is to be gray-hearted. The fifth frequency rules the heart (see the Seven Vortexes), and the heart carries both male and female energies. You find balance, and you shall have inner peace.

Another thing I would want to discuss is that the New Age Movement is a complete fraud. The motto of light and love is not only misleading, yet also puts the soul and body out of balance. You must have OR and NOR qualities to obtain balance; in addition, for AEYA (love) to exist, there has to be NAEYA (hate). These opposing forces must be equalized in balance. A lightworker is also a fallacy. A lightworker is someone who follows and works with light and love. An opposite force is a darkworker, or someone who follows and work with darkness and hate. These two opposing force is the same analogy of a Jedi and Sith. This goes back to the point about the motto being one-sided puts the soul and body out of balance. However, someone who follows and works with both OR and NOR along with AEYA and NAEYA is a Grayworker. So basically, to wield the flaming sword is to be a Gray Warlock.

In the future, we are going to enter into the fifth frequency, interacting with the sixth frequency. People who are not able to change their frequencies with Geeth shall be reincarnated to another planet similar to their frequencies, so that the bluepills can resume their karmas or morins and one day shall have the chance to ascend with us. In other words, reincarnation does exist. Both Lightworkers and Darkworkers shall not be anymore in the near future. There shall be the union of two opposing forces as we enter the fifth frequency. With the union of the two forces, the grayworker shall bring balance to the ki.

The fifth frequency is the time and dominion for Grayworkers!




The Zodiac Ages

The Zodiac Ages

Robbie Theer’nigor


As I was writing my draft for the “666 frequency code”(opening soon), I was writing about the number of the sun (being 6) and 666. The sun passes through 12 zodiacs. 6 zodiac signs are male, and the other 6 zodiac signs are female. The number of the all-male is 3, and the number of all-female is 9. 3 multiplied by 6 is 18, and 9 multiplied by 6 is 54; hence 54 plus 18 is 72. 72 divided by 12 equals 6.

Here are the total days out of 366 days spent on each sign:

  1. Female Warrior: 25.5 days (6.97%)
  2. Dancing Woman: 38.2 days (10.44%)
  3. Gemini: 29.3 days (8.01%)
  4. Cancer: 21.1 days (5.77%)
  5. Huntress: 36.9 days (10.08%)
  6. Virgo: 44.5 days (12.16%)
  7. Scorpius: 29.5 days (8.06%)
  8. Ophiuchus: 18.4 days (5.03%)
  9. Sagittarius: 33.6 days (9.18%)
  10. Capricorn: 27.4 days (7.49%)
  11. Aquarius: 23.9 days (6.53%)
  12. Pisces: 37.7 days (10.30%)

Because there are 360 degrees in a circle, multiply this number 72 years and you have 25,920 years. This is the precession of the equinox. The Zodiac Ages go in the opposite direction of the sun, causing the Geeth’s axis to wobble clockwise a degree every 72 years. However, the tilt still stays at 23.5 degrees. Here are the Zodiac Ages in years (approximately). The list descending in order is the correct sequential for zodiac ages:

  1. Aquarius: 1,692.59 years
  2. Capricorn: 1,940.46 years
  3. Sagittarius: 2,379.54 years
  4. Ophiuchus: 1,303.08 years
  5. Scorpius: 2,089.18 years
  6. Virgo:  3,151.48 years
  7. Huntress: 2,613.25 years
  8. Cancer: 1,494.30 years
  9. Gemini: 2,075.02 years
  10. Dancing Woman: 2,705.31 years
  11. Female Warrior: 1,805.90 years
  12. Pisces: 2,669.90 years

Please note that I placed Pisces as number 12 on the list due to the following reasons. Pisces rules the twelfth house and rules prisons, enemies, limitations, difficulties, and self-undoing. The Age of Pisces is not a very good sign. The Age of Pisces is also the metaphor for the Age of Jesus Christ.

Here is the reference of the date in respect to the passing zodiac signs:

  1. Female Warrior: April 19th – May 13th
  2. Dancing Woman: May 14th – June 19th
  3. Gemini: June 20th – July 20th
  4. Cancer: July 21st – August 9th
  5. Huntress: August 10th – September 15th
  6. Virgo: September 16th – October 30th
  7. Scorpius: October 31st – November 29th
  8. Ophiuchus: November 30th – December 17th
  9. Sagittarius: December 18th – January 18th
  10. Capricorn: January 19th – February 15th
  11. Aquarius: February 16th – March 11th
  12. Pisces: March 12th – April 18th

Starting with the solstice: the winter solstice begins at December 21st/22nd, and the Summer Solstice begins at June 21st/22nd. The winter solstice starts three days after the Sun enters Sagittarius. The summer solstice starts a day after Gemini.

To calculate the Equinox: Using 366 days as the whole circle, there are four seasons, which lasts about 91.5 days. From the summer solstice: You have to subtract 62 days from 91.5 days; next, you subtract 8.5 from the first total. The fall equinox occurs at September 21st. From the winter solstice: You have to subtract 60 days from 91.5 days; then you subtract 9.5 from the first total. The spring equinox occurs at March 22nd.

Because the precession of the Equinox lasts about 25,920 years, the Geeth’s axis wobbles clockwise a degree every 72 years. Using 366 days; you divide 360 degrees out of 366 days, and you have exactly 60/61 degrees (0.984 degrees approx) per day.

There is also precession season that lasts every 6,480 years. If we are looking at 8,497 AD: September would be winter (Virgo at winter), December would be spring (Sagittarius at spring), March would be summer (Pisces at summer), and June would be fall (Gemini at Fall). By 14,977 AD: September would be spring, December would be summer, March would be fall, and June would be winter. The southern hemisphere would experience seasons similar to what Northern Hemisphere experiences today.

Right now, we are still in the Age of Pisces until 2,602 AD. The Age of Pisces started at 68 BC. Those who say that the Age of Aquarius is near, you are not correct. We have another 585 years to go before we enter the Age of Aquarius. When the Age of Aquarius begins, few things are going to happen: the spring equinox should begin at March 14th, the summer solstice is going to begin at June 13th/14th, the fall equinox should begin at September 13th, and the winter equinox should begin at December 13th/14th.




The Time of Pisces is Not Yet Finished

The Time of Pisces is Not Yet Finished
Robbie Theer’nigor

The time of Pisces is not yet finished, and (remind me again) what is the Time of Pisces?

Pisces is the fish, the mutable, feminine zodiac sign. Pisces rules the 12th house. The ruler of Pisces is Neptune. Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea. Of course, Neptune rules the clouds, dreams, movies, Navy, fishermen, actors, mainstream media (not of the truth), scenes, religions, seas, and anything of illusions. Pisces is a yin and yang, allowing you to see what is true and what is a lie.

The Time of Pisces is the Reign of the fictitious Jesus Christ. The Council of NIcea made up Jesus Christ in 425 AD for the new religion: Christianity. In my words, the existence of Jesus Christ is an ILL-LUSION, or “Jesus Christ is dead”. Jesus Christ is NOT the Lord and King. We are true Lords, Kings/Queens, and Sovereigns, and this is what the ELITE has been hiding from you. The “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ is a fraud, or a false prophecy. Angel, when broken down phonetically, is (AE)N-J-EL, tying to the so-claimed, Saturn god EL. Is the sound of EL related to YHWH or Jehovah (the so-called, fictitious God)? Do you want to worship a psychopathic, mass-murdering god who is thirsty for blood? The letter J was made to sound in the 1500s.

Do you also see that the Christian Fish is actually the Yoni symbol? The Christians claim that the fish symbol was Christian and nothing more. Actually, this symbol has origins thousands of years. The Yoni was the sacred power of the Yee (women). Fish is sacred on Fridays or Freya’s day. AEYA is the correct sound for love; hence the Norse Goddess: FR-AEYA (also  Venus).

Do you also see that the Christian Cross also resembles of a Penis? Flip the cross upside down, and the symbol represents an erected penis. The Christians claim the cross to be original and nothing more; ironically, this is not true. The cross is the power of the Hee (Men). Is this inverted cross a form of pornography? If so, no doubt we are worshipping the penis! Do not watch pornography!

How about the Hinyin Box? The Hinyin box is the symbol of the window. The box is also the digital number of 6 and 9. The Hinyin box is also the hee swastika and yee swastika combined. Through visual abstraction, you can see either a hee swastika or a yee swastika. Draw a Hinyin Box (not the hee swastika) at the beach or at grounds. Watch the WORK begins. A lot of illusions can be broken by us.

What is happening to these illusions at this moment? Thanks to Pluto in Sagittarius, the illusions are failing. As a result, the ELITE is having a hard time hiding from plain view, for they are being exposed of their crimes against humanity. The enemy’s plan is backfiring because we are waking up from the illusion. Despite many false flag attacks from the enemy, the false flags are always exposed against the Enemy.

As of May 2017, Neptune is in Aquarius, deluding freedom and anarchism; in addition, Oranus is at Pisces. Pluto remains at Sagittarius until 2024-2025, signaling the spiritual-awakening period. Neptune is going to cross from Aquarius to Pisces in 2020. As Neptune enters Pisces until 2039, this signals the last days of the ELITE Empire. The prophecy also says that a lot of people shall die (all ignorant people) as Neptune enters Pisces. If you or your child has a Neptune in Aquarius, your child can experience a lot of friends and families that pass over to the other side. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was the American Civil War, although Pluto was not at Capricorn. Oranus is also going to cross at Aries, signaling the end of suppressing technologies beneficial to humanity before going to Taurus. Pluto is also going to enter Capricorn at 2025; as a result, the Last GEETH WUR (World War III) begins. After the crossing of Capricorn, Pluto is going to enter Aquarius at 2036.

The Time of Pisces is going to remain for another 600 years. The Time of Pisces began around 75 BC to 68 BC. The Time if Pisces is around 2,675 years. The cusp between the Time of Pisces and the Time of Aquarius is around 2,600 AD. Between now and the cusp, this is going to take up to two and a half Pluto orbits; however, the Law of Time applies. The Law of Time states that time is a spiral, not linear. Modern Astrology is not correct, as modern astrology is only set for the time of 100 AD. What if the “so-called” Age of Aquarius, set by the Global Elite, is a trap? If so, then the “so-called” Age of Aquarius is not only a lie, yet delusional and misleading. If this is true, you have to save yourself from that earthly attachment. Only the sidereal zodiac proves correct.

What should I do about the times of Pisces? If you want to stay on Geeth for more than 600 years, find ways to be ommortal (or immortal in other words). The willpower of an OR is all you have to be ommortal. Do not buy into these illusions for any reasons. Use your feelings to decide what is true for you. The only way an illusion is destroyed is do not feed these illusions. Find ways to starve out LIES. A saying goes, “What you feed shall grow. What you starve shall fester and die.” Reclaim your sovereignty through internal monarchy and external anarchy; be a Lord. Say this WORD, “I am a Lord.” Feel free to modify your script. You probably want to ask me, “Are you a Lord for a reason?” I say, “Lord is L-OR-D, descending light that grows within. We are the true Lords of GEETH, through our CREATOR/SOURCE.” Have fun destroying illusions! OR. AEYA.

<http://siderealist.com/age-of-aquarius.html&gt; – proof
I found out with Sidereal zodiac that the Time of Pisces is not finished yet.

What is the Fate of Humanity As Pluto Enters Capricorn?

What is the Fate of Humanity As Pluto Enters Capricorn?
Robbie Theer’nigor

What is going to happen with humanity as Pluto enters Capricorn? Pluto is in Sagittarius until 2026 (as I am writing on May 9th, 2017). Pluto rules transformation, rebirth, resurrection, power, sexuality, youth, and regeneration. Pluto is also known as the destroyer.

Sagittarius is the zodiac of expansion and education. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. So, Pluto in Sagittarius is the awakening period, or people waking up from illusions and expanding their consciousness. When Pluto enters Capricorn, Capricorn rules governments, control, and limitations. By the year 2026, Pluto shall begin to destroy anything that are NOT in humanity’s interest. Government, religion, and money are examples that are not in humanity’s best interest. EL and Satan are examples that are not in humanity’s best interest. They are dead entities. Saturn is Satan in astrotheology. In reality, Satan is fictitious and does not exist at all. If Satan does not exist, God/EL (the father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit) does not exist either.

The URKAs (souls tainted with garbage and darkness and those who betrayed the Source; they are also known as dead entities) are enacting their plan to turn humans into beasts, yet they have a very short time. The “very short time” is right now. Allow me to say this again, “…turn humans into beasts.” The Global Elites are using what they have from their own Satanic book by endlessly doing the following: lowering the frequency of the planet (Gayth); dumbing down the entire global population; poisoning the skies with chemtrails with GMOs; poisoning foods with herbicide; poisoning water with sodium fluoride and small amounts of chemicals, hazardous waste, pharmacutical chemcials, etc.; making GMO/fake foods; poisoning foods with herbicides and chemicals; using the 440 hz = A, 12 tone equal temperament (also known as the Nazi tuning); promoting homosexuality, masturbation, and pornography; lying to the general masses; weather-making and geoengineering through HAARP and chemtrails; making people to obey and conform to the government; enacting the Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030); promoting pharmaceutical drugs/vaccines; etc.

Humanity is going to be divided into two groups, based on their spiritual progress. One group is the spiritually-awakened group, and they are cosmic-energy oriented. The other group is the ignorant masses, and they are earthly-wealth oriented. One of these groups has a future; the other does not. In other words, the cosmic-energy, oriented people are going to ascend and have a future; the earthly-wealth, oriented people are not going to ascend and shall not have a future. In order to truly ascend, you have to be at least 51 percent cosmic-energy oriented.

For those who are awakened, you are transmuting from a human into an advanced human being. You are refusing to do the following things that are designed to lower your frequency. These things are a piece of garbage; do not do these things, or you shall lower your frequency. Lowering your frequency is also called an air’ur. This group shall have a far longer life than those living in ignorance. They can live for at least a thousand years. They can also go back home without experiencing physical death.

For those who refuse to wake up and chose to reside with ignorance, they are going to slowly transform from humans into beasts. They shall end up as be a beast, serving the number of Satan: 55. Ignoring the laws of the body is the key for living in the dark. Eating meat, as opposed to eating plants, is one example for living in the dark. Continuing to listen the Nazi tuning not only brings forth in-boxed thinking and disease, it also fuels the vicious cycle of toxic addictions you carry. By continuing to watch pornography and being homosexual, they are going to be classified as pornographic beasts. These people shall not have a life purpose and shall be isolated from many people around them. A foolish faith in authority is the greatest enemy of truth. There exists a prophecy that a lot of people shall die. Fortunately, all the ignorant people shall be dead right as Pluto exits Capricorn into Aquarius. This is a slow-timed, massive death of the ignorant people during Pluto in Capricorn.

For those waking to the truth and the OR, keep going. Do not give up. You shall find wor (peace) and aeya (love) in your nehf (life). Continue on supporting vegan and the care of our animals. Keep on listening to the Universal Tones (also available for free to download); give up the Nazi tuning by transposing your music back to A = 432 hz. You may experience your ignorant friends and families who refuse to wake up to disown you. Keep on with Earthing. For you, you are going to be okay (no physical death experience) as Pluto enters Capricorn as long as you do these things above and maintain your frequency. Raising your frequency is called an air’or. Do not get caught up with the lower frequency. Keep calm and go with the flow.

In closing, you are following the beast, or you are beginning to follow your spiritual journey right now. You are either going to ascend being cosmic-energy oriented or be trapped within the physical plane being earthly-wealth oriented. This is the fate of humanity when Pluto enters Capricorn.


I used Stellarium as proof. Stellarium is an open-source program that is downloaded for free.

The Hopi Prophecy

The Hopi Prophecy

Robbie Theer’nigor


Hopi Prophecy: As the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people from many colors, creeds, and classes, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They shall be the Warriors of the Rainbow.

The Hopi are Native Americans that resides on the land where the four corners of the United States of America meet. The Four Corners of the United States are Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. This land produced abundant crops and is the heart of “Turtle Island.” Turtle Island is North America. Each Hopi Clan perpetuates a unique ceremony, that these ceremonies bring together balance of the naturals forces of sunlight, wind, and rain. All of these are reaffirmed the Hopi respect of all life and trust to the Great Spirit.

The Hopi Prophecy has nine signs. Each of the nine signs is a sign that what is going to happen predicted by the Hopi. The nine signs are revealed that the great destruction is approaching by the following:

  1. You shall see white-skinned men, like Pahana, not living as Pahana who took the land that is not theirs. And men striking enemies with thunder.
  2. Our lands shall see the coming of spinning wheels that was filled with voices in the air.
  3. A strange beast like a buffalo but with long horns, shall overpopulate the lands in large numbers.
  4. The land shall be crossed by snakes of iron.
  5. The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.
  6. The land shall be criss-crossed by rivers of stone that make pictures in  the sun.
  7. You shall hear the seas turning black, and many living things dying because of the seas being black.
  8. You shall see many youth, who wear long hair like my people, to come and join tribal nations, learning their ways and wisdom.
  9. You shall hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. The star shall appear as blue. After this, the ceremonies of my people shall cease.

The Hopi signs are interpreted as follows: The first sign was the invasion of the white settlers from European Countries, and taking over lands in Americas (Andrew Jackson [as President] amplified this by the Indian Removal Act) with guns. The Second sign was the wagons from the Eastern United States via the pioneers. The Third Sign was the coming of cattle to the Midwest United States. The fourth sign was trains. The fifth sign was telephone poles. The Sixth Sign was highways and roads. The Seventh Sign was the oil spills. The Eighth Sign clearly indicated the Hippie Movement. The Ninth Sign has not yet happened.

The Hopi Prophecy also stated that World War III shall be started by those who first received the OR (China, Islamic Nations, India, Africa). When the World War comes, the United States shall be destroyed by gurds of ashes that boils the rivers, burns the ground, and does not grow grasses and trees for many years to pass. Only the Hopi land and the oasis shall be the place where refugees shall flee. There is no shelter for evil; only those who are true to the Source are given nehf (life) and shelter. The War shall be spiritual matters over materialistic matters, not nations vs nations. The Orkas (pure-hearted people) who want to be true with the Source shall denate (destroy) materialistic matters.

There is also a warning: Anyone who digs the “heart” of the Hopi Land shall cause a great disturbance in the balances of nature and can amplify all over the world.


With this Hopi Prophecy at full motion, Pluto is in Sagittarius right now. Pluto shall enter Capricorn at 2026, destroying anything NOT in humanity’s best interest. This time period shall herald the beginning of the Final World War. Neptune shall enter home run (Pisces) by 2021-2022. Oranus shall enter Athena at 2020 before entering the Dancing Woman at 2024-2025. The last time Neptune was in Pisces and Oranus was in the Dancing Woman was the American Civil War. Astrologically, another American Civil War shall destroy United States into gurds of ashes as World War III comes, similar to what the Hopi Prophecy stated.