What Are Lessons?

What Are Lessons?
Robbie  Theer’nigor

What are lessons? Lesson is defined in the dictionary as the amount of teaching given at one time, or an experience that exists as a warning or encourage. What if lesson is to be dumb down?

Lesson is phonetically LESS-IN. As you look and speak at this word lesson, you have LESS-IN. LESS is L-EH-S. Examples that have the sound l-eh-s is bless, less, lest, and lesson. Phonetically, you have lesson defined as less in. Less experience into you? Mainly, lesson is the art of losing spiritual knowledge for the purposes of conformity, subservience, and control. What if you want to gain an experience of warning or moving on? If lose is less, then gain is more. If you gain an experience, then you have been taught a MORE-IN.

To look at the word more-in, more-in is the correct sound  for lesson. What about to learn? To learn is to L-UR-N. The UR is the cold and darkness sound. The L is the descending. Possibly, L-UR-N may be L-UR-NAE, to destroy a thing that lures you. Or what if lur-nae is the sound to prevent you from going into the false-or (light)/ur (darkness). The correct sound for learn is MORE-AE or Morae. More-ae is to add more  or gain something. Gain is GAE-N, or GAE-NAE.

Bonus “nae” #1: Morning

I thought I would bring along a reference from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Good morning. Good morning? Are you going to be-more me with Good Morning? Or is this a good morning a yue-d hee-dae? Yue-d hee-dae is the correct sound for good morning. Good is G-oo-d, also known as thick ground. Morning is M-or-n-ing. What if morning was MOR-NAE? MOR-NAE is the destruction of the vibrating light. Morning and Mourning contains the sound of mor-nae. If you see a sunrise, I am going to be-more you with the words, “Yue-d Hee-dae.” More-in more-ae.


Robbie Theer’nigor

I found this picture at aquariusthewaterbearer site (reference below), and this caught my attention since. This is the Art of MANISIN, or MAN is within and all that is. Manisin does sound as Medicine that the enemy and ignorant people use today. Medicine is M-EH-D-IS-IN. What is EH-D, again? EH-D is to increase the fiction, or that is dead. EH-D as in Eddie, Credit (KA-R-EH-D-IT), Edit (EH-D-IT), Edge (EH-D-JE).

The sound origin of Manicine is MAN-IS-IN. M-AN is the sustaining-animation. IS is all that is, and IN is within. Of course, you can use Manisin or Manicine as long as you keep the sound.

The Symbol of MAN is provided with the picture above. All three letters touch together. The median line of A spreads to all three letters. This is interesting. Rotate the word to the left, and you have the snake and the rod. The snake represents water, for the form of water shows a snake. The rod represents fire, all the OR pass in a straight line through water. This is the rod of Asclepius. The symbol of MAN is almost identical to the Aquarius symbol. Stand the symbol of Man up. There is a snake on a rod, coiling up. The snake is ruled by Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus rules the snake, women, women-healer, witches and warlocks, women’s liberation, and the matriarch. Ophiuchus is the Cardinal Air sign, as Aquarius is the fixed Air sign. The saying goes, Light goes through the water and organizes.

Speaking of this, _L_ _ MN_ _O_, I may do this one for you. You may comment if I have made this correctly, or maybe I can update this along the way. Starting with the first blank, this sound O (as in lot, not, tot) is all that is. With the next two blanks, I have the OR, that is light. Here is my next two blanks to be occupied, and watch out for this clue. Be careful with N, as N is negating all that is. UR is all the garbage and darkness. With NUR, I am negating the garbage and darkness. The NUR is the sound of healing (nurse). The last blank is T, for OT is all solid. The answer I have is OLORMNUROT (O-L’OR’M-NUR-‘O’T), the all-descending light that goes through and organizes fully.

I inmately (IN-M-AE-T) solved this clue. Watch out for these words: inmate and innate (IN-N-AE-T). As in the dictonary, you have an inmate as an occupate of prison, and you have innate as inborn or natural. Inmate is tuning into the waters that make solid. Innate is tuning into the negative, solid making.

Begin your Manicine today!

<http://aquariusthewaterbearer.com/you-are-the-light-in-the-water/> – picture origin

The Correct Sound for Blessing

The Correct Sound for Blessing
Robbie Theer’nigor

What is a blessing? To bless is defined in the dictionary as 1) pronounce words, especially in a religious rite, asking for divine favor; 2) consecrate (something) by a religious rite; 3) endow (someone) with a cherished attribute; and 4) thank. What if blessing is to be less, instead of conscreating, hallowing, or thanking?

To bless is to be less. So if you are blessing the food, for example, you are making the food be less thankful. Any reasons are we cursing the food? I am going to replace bless to be-more (BEE-MOR/beemor). The etymology of be-more is to be more into some solid form. Bless is B-L-EH-S/Be-less. Be-more is the appropriate definition for to be more, or raising the NEHF of something. You can say, “Be-more” on to any objects, including for food. Make a circle around the food counter-clockwise saying “Be-more.” You can also say be-more to your friends and families. The use of the sound be-more is limitless.

Please also read: Word Origins: Why You Should Watch What You Say

When someones sneezes, you should be saying, “Be-more”, instead of “Bless You”. Saying Be-more makes the soul be more, not less.

What is aum man-ee be-more? Aum/Om is the sound of infinity. Man-ee (M-an-ee) is the energy of man, the spiraling animation of frequency. Be-more is to be more.


The Future Of Our Human Language

The Future of our Human Language
Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the future of our language going to be globally? What is the only one global language for all of us to innerstand and communicate each other?

Today, we have many languages. We have many nations. We have organizations that promote division. The many languages that we have today is dividing us and conquering us globally. May that be Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, English, Portuguese, Korean, and many more languages. Speaking these languages sound as if we are barking dogs. If I am speaking Spanish and you are speaking French, for example, how are we going to innerstand each other? The many nation-approved languages is specifically designed to cull down humanity. To remedy the culling languages, we have to replace the many culling languages into one global language.

If you guessed English or any nation-approved language, you are not correct. In the beginning, there was sound, not word. Specific types of sounds are designed to manifest a particular reality. For example, if I say “OR”, OR is the highest vibration of AEYA and (Hebrew word) light. UR, however, is the sound of darkness and garbage. The language I am going to bring up today is Source Code. To break up the word Source Code, you have S-OR-SE K-OH-DE. Source is S-OR-SE, the all-living OR. The Code is K-OH-DE, the living breath that stands. Many times throughout my essays, I revealed many source-code words for you to speak and use them for humanity’s best interest. I also reveal the source code for the art of work. Most of them may be capitalized and/or broken down for you. Also I link the source-code words to any of my essays containing the sounds. Out of trial and error, I have to defide, or DEE-FIE-DE. what sounds really are. “Defide” is to strengthen something out of hiding, or to reveal. My sentence structures may trick your “inside-the-box” mind. For this reason, words do not really matter; sound does. Probably at first, you may ridicule the truth. Then, you may violently oppose the truth. Finally, you accept the truth. Look at innerstanding, for example. Innerstanding is an alternate word for understand. Understand can also be standing under. Standing under what? Is understand equivalent to bowing down to the Archons? Arch-on is AR-K-ON, or to control. Beware of the sound of EL. El is the Saturn God. El is another name for Satan, the Biblical God, Yahweh, and Jehovah. Look at Israel. Broken down you have: ISIS-RA-EL: Moon, Sun, and Saturn gods. Ironically in astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. God/Satan does not exist; they are dead entities. Isis and Ra are also dead entity. The real sound for sun and moon are hee and yee. What if you want to visit and talk to me in your “native” language?

I care not if you speak Chinese, French, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, English, or any language to me. I also care not where you are from. All nations and culling languages are illusions. Look through insights; insights are blocked by illusions. Although there are many languages and many nations, we are all connected through our creator through the source code. All of these languages are derived from original sounds, prior to the division of humanity.

As of 2017 (the time of my writing), Pluto is in Sagittarius until 2024. As Pluto enters Capricorn, humanity shall be divided into two groups: the ORKAs and URKAs. As Pluto leaves Capricorn into Aquarius by 2040, we, the ORKAs as a global community, shall speak the Source Code as our global language to denate, end, and noyte (N-OY-T, to stop) the division and non-innerstanding communication between all people on Gayth. We shall have WOR and AEYA. My source-code message to all of humanity (beware of o as au [in lot]):

In’swee ah. Noyt kull’ka. Nin’aeya wor’ka. In’nur borah ee vee’ah ra’er ee neh’f. Poy-s de hah ee ah. Ka nau-t deh-de. Nau voy-d ee deh’vul. Nau voy-de ee UR’KA. Voy-d in’ee vee’da. De’nae-t cull’in ra’thin. Or’ka voh-k. Ee’voh-k wor, nur-s, ee AE’YA. Om nin’nur kah.

Translation: Stop the culling of all people. From love outside, I spread the magic. I heal the aura and the insight of willpower and life. I pour forth the warm energy of air. A soul is not dead. Do not turn to the devil foolishly. Do not turn to the dark and tainted souls. Do go instead to insights inwards. Destroy any plagues of the mind. As a light soul, I speak. Evoke peace, health, and love. May all souls be healed.

Word Origins: Why You Should Watch What You Say

Word Origins: Why You Should Watch What You Say

Robbie Theer’nigor

Words have origins. You should watch what you say. And probably you are going to ask me, “Any reasons I should be watching what I say?” I am going to say, “Nie. You should for many reasons.” One of these reasons to watch what you say is one of the prerequisites to be a warlock. If you want to manifest a particular reality, you have to correctly evoke the sounds. In the beginning, there was sound. If you have been taught that word was the beginning, the opposite is true.

Sounds are frequencies. These frequencies have different types of manifestations. One frequency is not equal to a different frequency. Similarly, a sound is not equal to a different sound. For example, beware of homonyms, words of a same sound. When you have knight and night, you have a male fighter and opposing daytime. Phonetically, they are actually same sounds. Night and Knight are NIE-T, strongly agreeing. NIE is yes. However, when you have innate and height, they are not same sounds. You have IN-NAE-T and H-IE-T. IN-NAE-T is to destroy inside, and H-IE-T is strongly cold. Inmate is IN-MAE-T.

Also, there are sounds that can be misused. Profane words are sweet examples. The F Word for example is F-UH-K, to have sexual intercourse. The UH is a sexual sound. Do not use the F word. Bitch is B-I-CH, a spiteful soul who works for the unknown. You do not want to call someone a witch, or W-I-CH. A witch is a soul who taps into the unknown. The correct sound for a witch is a warlock. The six-lettered N-word translates as the enemy (N-I-G-UR)

What have I to do with the OR and UR? OR and UR are opposite sounds. The OR is the sound of AEYA, beauty, source, and light. This is a strong vibrational sound. Here are the examples by the following list:

  1. Hee’orin – the Art of Sungazing
  2. Yorin – the gold liquid in you, or the Fountain of Youth (correct sound for urine)
  3. Source – the creator
  4. Organic – originally grown
  5. Wor – the correct sound for peace
  6. Workcraft (as opposed to Witchcraft) – the Art of Source Magic; w’or’k is the correct sound for magic. Magic is M-a-j-i-k.
  7. Borah – the Auric energy field
  8. Orkabah – The spirit-light energy field
  9. Hee’or – sunlight
  10. Niggor – friend

The UR is the sound of darkness and dirty. This is a cold and vulgar sound. Here are the examples by the following list:

  1. Dirty – conditions of the slaves
  2. Urine – waste products of the slaves (nasty)
  3. Hurt – to injure or harm (better yet: h’ur’m)
  4. Sir – what slaves say to honor their male masters in terms of address (I rather use SOR than SUR)
  5. Turd – feces of the slaves (nasty)
  6. Birth – what slaves register their babies (should be b’or’n)
  7. Register – (REH-J-IS-TUR) what slaves do to sell their soul
  8. Murder – killing of the slaves
  9. N-word – derogatory name for African/African-Americans (do not call someone the N-word)
  10. Fur – (coat-covering in your dictionaries) actually, hidden pain/darkness.

You can use a journal and/or notebook to experiment different types of sound, and find the typical manifestation of that sound. For example, I have found the sound of AEYA to lift my moods and warm my heart. I would write this sound AEYA on my journal entry and describe the manifestation of that sound.

Word Origins Bonus #1: The correct sound for bird

What is the Source/Original word for bird? The AH is the air, the VOY is moving, and the K is the living. The correct word for bird is Ahvoyke, or Ahvoyk. Be warned bird is B-UR-DE.

Word Origins Bonus #2: Hee and Yee

I also found the HEE and YEE. Hee is male, derived from Helio (HEE-LEO). Yee is female, looking at the Y symbol. The Y is the Yoni.

Word Origin Bonus #3: Beware of EL

El is the sound of Elohim/God, the Saturn God. However, Saturn is Satan in Astrotheology. Both God and Satan are dead and fictitious. Heaven and Hell is also fictitious. Fell is what happens to a soul turn to the UR or the fictitious devil. Sell is what souls do before the devil. The Devil is D-EH-V-EL.

Word Origin Bonus #4: AEYA the sound of Love

AEYA is the true sound for love. AEYA is AE-Y-AH, love. Love is L-UH-VE, descending and vibrating sex.

Word Origin Bonus #5: NOR and NUR

I have the sounds of N, OR, and UR. The symbol N is to negate or deny. So, NOR is opposing light, or the correct sound for darkness. The sound NUR is to negate darkness or to heal. Nurse is a sweet example with the sound NUR. Nurse is a soul who can drive the darkness away and heal.

Word Origin Bonus #6: Manisin

What is the Art of Manisin? Manisin is MAN-IS-IN. What if Manisin is the correct sound for medicine? The MAN is M-AN, flowing animately. What if the symbol of man is going up in a spiral? Man could be the time in a spiral.

Word Origin Bonus #7: OM

Om is the sacred sound of the universe. You pronounce OM as AUM, not OHM. OHM is the flowing breath. AUM is the all-powerful flow. This sound can also be used in the Art of Bemort. I speak, “Aum Mani Bemort.” This is roughly translated as “Oh powerful force, I raise the energy that I so bless.”

Word Origin Bonus #8: Bemort

Bemort is to be more. Blessing is actually not to bestow good upon anything. Bemort is the correct sound for bless. Bemort is Be-more-t, or be-mor-t. Bless is to be-less. So, to bless is to bestow evil upon anything.

Word Origin Bonus #9: More-in vs lesson

What is a lesson (less-in)? A lesson is something to be learned in the dictionary. Learn is pronounced L-ur-n. However, lesson is less-in. Less in to what? More-in is the correct sound for lesson. More-in is broken down to mor-in. More on to you? Oh, wow. Morin/More-in is actually a nice word as opposed to what is defined in the dictionary. What is gain? To gain is an increase or to add. The pronunciation of gain is g-ae-n. What is the alternative to gain? How about morae? Morae is more-ae, to create more or to gain. Morin morae.

So, the next time you speak, words do not really matter; sound does. In other words, always watch what you say.



The Art of War

The Art of War
Robbie  Theer’nigor

What is war? We were indoctrinated to “accept” that war is a CON-FLICT (CON-FULL-I-K-T) carried on by nations or force of arms. War is all about violence, gur (filthy bloodshed)*, and hostility. What I found out was the exact opposite by unveiling the sound.

The phonetics of the sound war is W-OR. The OR is light, love, and high vibration. War is actually the correct sound for peace; PEACE, however is broken down to P-EE-SE. Other words that have WOR is worn, word, sword, wart, and thwart. Peace is phoentically similar to piece. If you want to keep the definition of “war”, use this sound instead: WUR. WUR is the correct sound for “war.” Wur is the real CON-FLICT between nations, groups, or other people, resulting in violence, gur*, and hostility. The only Word that have this sound is WERE in “past tense of to be” and word (wurd). If not the past tense, you have wear or were (as in werewolf). How about the war of non-compliance?

What is the War of Non-compliance? The War of Non-compliance is the Art of Saying No Peacefully. What is No, actually?

When broken down, NO is N-OH, or negating the talk/breath. NO can also be silence or “shut up” the nude (another sound for bad or rude)  way. Whenever you say no to anyone, you are actually commanding them to “shut up” or be silent, leading up to a conflict or argument. Using the word “NO” is not recommended for professional talking. There is a professional way of saying no.

Of course, one of the ways you can use the real NO is NOT. Watch for souls who refuse your non-consent. Repeat your non-consent as if you are saying “not” forever. In a professional way, saying your positive, wor of non-compliance carries a sweet karma to you.

Be warned, Nee is negative energy**. Should any soul attack you simply because you are using the Wor of Non-Compliance, do defend your body and soul. In other words, should a sinner (air’ur-kah) entices you, do not consent. Through the hard way, I impart this knowledge to you. Use the WOR, non-compliance reasonably.

What more of the sound OR can I add? I am going to expose this “so-called” vulgar word, whore, because I have found another OR. What is whore? A whore is a prostitute who engages sexual intercourse. On the other hand, I have found OR in whore. When broken-down, whore is H-OR. The H is warm, hot, and masculine, and the OR is sweet and loving. Any reason that WAR and WHORE are ridiculed to being defined as garbage and light sounds? If you want to keep prostitute definition, use UH-UR instead. The uh-ur is the sound of sexual garbage and darkness, also known as sexual immorality. The UH-UR is the real “whore.” However, Hur is the warm/male garbage and darkness. Words that have the hur is her, herd, heard, hurry, and hurt. Another word I would love to add is horror. Horror is H-OR-UR, and this word is broken-down to warm-loving garbage.

EXTRA BONUS: What is welcome? We are told to accept that welcome is simply greetings. What is the origin of welcome? Where does that sound come from? What I am revealing is going to expose the phonetics of “dirty words.”

Welcome is W-EL-CUM. Oops. Look at this phonetics again: W-EL-CUM. We have a W for spreading, and we have EL (one of the sounds I do not speak freely) for Elohim (the Hin aspect of the Grand Zero) is also Satan (the Yin aspect of the Grand Zero). Lastly, I have stressed CUM. CUM is K-UH-ME. The K is living, the M is moving, and the UH sound is the real sex. Putting together, CUM is moving and living sex. This sound UH is something.

What other words have the sound UH? I know one of these words that is an F word, one of the most dirtiest words. The F word can be broken down to F-UH-K. Of course, there is a C four-lettered word also a dirty word. Before I expose this word, I am going to break down this word: COUNTRY. COUNTRY is CUNT-TREE. If you said CUNT, you are correct. CUNT is K-UH-N-TE. How about love? LOVE is L-UH-VE. The correct sound for love is aeya. More of these words have the UH sound: suck, luck, duck, yum, hum, buck, yuck, tuck, puck, and I can keep going.

Because of the origin of welcome, I am going to use IN’WOR, or peace within (better word than welcome). What do you think of these sounds? Comment below.

*Instead of gore (G-OR), I used GUR (G [as in game] -UR) to sound as filthy bloodshed.

** Nee is N-EE, look at this youtube video from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (The Knights who say Ni!) at the reference below.

<http://aquariusthewaterbearer.com/what-is-orin/> = the OR is in there.

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e2kaQqxmQ0> – The Knights Who Say Ni!

The Friend And The Enemy

The Friend And The Enemy

Robbie Theer’nigor

Attention: Do not ignore this warning message below. Failure to ignore this warning can have very dire consequences that can involve lowering your frequency and can put you into tons of unimaginable trouble, leading up to imprisonment. Hint: Parental Guidance is strongly suggested.

In order to keep this website appropriate for the general audience, I am also going to expose and define the N-word through the use of sounds. Because of this, I shall not spell out the n-word. Calling your friends of any race the N-word is a very big air’ur and can lower your frequency into ignorance, garbage, and darkness. For the record, this website is (and I am representing) pro-solidarity and does not promote racism, violence, illegal activities, and hatred in any way. If you are offended by the N-word, do not (and I repeat do not) continue reading. I shall disclaim any responsibility by you failing to heed these warnings, including your dire troubles you end up with. So, we are moving on.

What is a friend, and what is an enemy? A friend is a person who you love and enjoy with. A foe is an enemy. If so, then what is the correct sound for both friend and enemy?

The correct sound for friend is ni’gor. Ni’gor is pronounced N-I-G-OR. The N is denying or negate. The I (as in it) is the sound of the unknown. The G is solid ground. The OR is the sound of high vibration, light, and love. So, ni’gor is a real ground of aeya and or. When you pronounce friend however, you are saying FUR-EH-N-D. The F is hidden. The UR is the sound of garbage and darkness. The EH is dead and extinct. The D is rising. So, friend is a hidden garbage that grows into existence. How do you say boyfriend and girlfriend through the use of sounds? Boyfriend is hee-ni’gor. Hee is a male, boy, or man. Girlfriend is yee-ni’gor. Yee is a female, girl, or a woman. So, ni’gor is a friend. What is the correct sound for enemy?

The correct sound for enemy is the six-lettered, N-word. This offensive, racist word is pronounced ni’gur, or N-I-G-UR. The phonetics of the n-word is similar to ni’gor, except you have the UR at the end. So, ni’gur is the real ground of garbage and darkness. When you pronounce enemy however, you are saying EH-N-UH-M-EE. The UH (as in the F-word, the queen mother of dirty words) is the sound of sex. The M is sustaining. EE (as in eat) is the sound of energy. So, enemy is the real, sustaining, sexual energy. The N-word can also be someone who betrays the source and lives in garbage and darkness. So, the real sound for enemy is the n-word.

So basically, this is the real reason that you should not call anyone the N-word. If you do, you are not only promoting racism and racial supremacy, you are also labeling your friends as enemies, degrading them into the UR. By being pro-solidarity, all colors of humanity really matters. Whatever you do, do not call your friends the N-word. Ni’gor is okay, but not the six-lettered, N-word.



The Sound Of The Wise

The Sound Of The Wise

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is wise? Wise, defined in the dictionary, is (1) having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion; (2) characterized by or showing such power; judicious or prudent; (3) possessed of or characterized by scholarly knowledge or learning; learned; erudite; (4) having knowledge or information as to facts, circumstances, etc.; (5) Archaic word for having knowledge of magic or witchcraft.

When you phonetically break down the word wise, you have W-IE-S. Wies is the spread of the opposing. What is the correct sound for wise?

The word I am going to bring up is dark. Dark, defined in the dictionary, is having very little to no light, or approaching black in hue. However, when you phonetically break up the word dark, you have D-AR-K. Dark is actually the growing creation of the living. Dark also translates to an experienced, living one. The real sound for dark is nor. Nor is negating the or, or the correct sound for darkness. North, Norwegians, and Norse are examples that contain the correct sound for dark.

What do you correctly label old souls, wise souls, or Indigo souls in Phoenician? The correct sound for old souls, wise souls, or Indigo souls are dar-kah. A Dar-kah is an experienced soul. A modified, English word for old souls is dark souls. However, the correct sound for a dark soul is an Urka (UR-KAH). Urkas are souls living in garbage and darkness. An orka (OR-KAH) is a soul living in love, or, and high vibration. A dar-kah is an old soul, a wise soul, or an Indigo soul.

What is a Darth? This is a word you find in Star Wars to define someone subservient to the Sith. However, Darth is D-AR-TH.  Darth is actually someone who carries true experience. Darth is a title equal to veteran, ace, priest/priestess, or higher. So, Darth is the correct sound for a wise one or an experienced one.

In order to be a Darth, you have to be born an old soul and/or have a lot of spiritual experiences of truth and insights. Darth is a title that cannot be falsified. You cannot be a Darth by thinking that you have lots of spiritual experience only for true inexperience and ignorance to riddle you. The correct sound that defines this is a Narth. Narth is the sound of lacking experience, or someone who is a fool.

So, what is the correct sound for the wise? Darth is the correct sound for a wise one or an experienced one. A Darth is an old soul and/or a person who carries vast of true, spiritual experiences.




Who Is A Real Jew?

Who Is A Real Jew?

Robbie Theer’nigor


Who is a real Jew? A Jew is defined in the dictionary as one of a scattered group of people that traces its descent from the Biblical Hebrews or from postexilic adherents of Judaism; Israelite. A person whose religion is Judaism. A subject of the ancient kingdom of Judah. However, the Christian Bible says otherwise.

Revelations 2:9 reads: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Right here is the word: The Synagogue of Satan. What is the Synagogue of Satan? A Synagogue is a house of worship or a religious assembly or a group. So, the Synagogue of Satan is the house of Satanic worship or a Satanic assembly or a group. The number of Satan is 55, the number of the beast Another name for Satan is El (the name of the Saturn God), Jehovah, Yahweh, the Beast, and the Biblical God to name a few. God/Satan is fictitious.Those who walk the path of evil are among the UR, the sound of evil, garbage, and darkness. Looking at these words here “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not”, these people are not real Jews. If they are not the real Jews, then what are they?

Have you heard of the Khazar Ashkenazis? The Khazars are from an ancient country known as Khazaria around 700-800 AD. Khazaria was located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, 800 miles away from the holy land. During this time period, they were converted to Judaism. Approximately 90 percent of people around the world who called themselves Jews are not Jews, they are the real Khazar Ashkenazis. The Synagogue of Satan is another name for the Global Elites (EL-ites). The Global Elites are also the Khazar Ashkenazis.

Romans 2:28-29 reads: For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

Those who outwardly say they are Jews and practice outward circumcision, they are not real Jews; they are the Khazar Ashkenazis. However, a real Jew is a Jew deep down, circumcised and cleansed through heart and spirit. A Jew is circumcised not by any written letter and not praised by men. Another name for a Jew is a Yude or Yew.

The letter J was not invented until the 15th century. Prior to this time, the letter J was the Roman Letter I. The word Jew was Iew or Iude. The Roman Letter I at the beginning was the sound Y. What is the phonetic translation of the sound Yew and Yude? Y is the sound of female, and ew (ue or oo) is the sound of good or great. So, Yew is translated as good. Look no closely at this word: cute and mute. When you break down cute, you have KEE-YEW-T. Cute is the solid living goodness. Mute is MEE-YEW-T, or the solid, sustaining goodness. What is Yude translated from phonetics? Yude is translated as Good. So, Yude is the correct sound for Jew. The OR is the sound of light, high vibration, and love. OR is Hebrew for light. A Yude is part of the OR. The source (S-OR-S) is the sound of the God and Goddess into one whole unity. Anybody can be a Yew.

Those who say they are Yews (Jewish or Jews) externally are not real Yews, they are among the Synagogue of Satan. The Synagogue of Satan are the false Yews, the Khazar Ashkenazis. The Synagogue of Satan are among the UR. Hee or yee is a Yew, internally and cleansed through heart and spirit. The Yews are praised by the Source. Yews (Yudes) are not evil, they are nice and good.



What Is The Correct Sound For Love?

What is the Correct Sound for Love?

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is love? Love as defined in the dictionary is a deep affection to someone or something. If so, then what does the word love translated into sound?

Love is L-uh-v. The L is descending. The uh is the sound of sex. The v is sight. So, love is falling into lust, or a strong sexual desire, at sight. Lust is L-UH-ST. If you do not want to cause unwanted sexual intercourse, what should I say rather than love?

In my experience on finding the sound of love, this all started back at the end of July 2015. I used to take Spanish classes back in old school, and upon reviving the Spanish words I recalled, I spoke “Ella” (Spanish e is AE [as in bait], the Latin American Spanish LL is Y, and the Spanish A is ah). Instead of “ella”, I spoke “AEYA”. After speaking that sound, I felt a boosting energy of my heart, as if I am falling in love.

What is aeya? Aeya is AE-Y-AH. The AE is to create/make. The Y is the sound of female/feminine. The AH is the air. So, aeya is love, or to make loving air. What word contains the sound of aeya?

Have you heard of the Norse Goddess of Love known as Freya? Freya is Fr-aeya. Freya is the counterpart of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love. Venus, in astrology, rules aeya, the heart, riches, and relationships. Venus rules the Dancing Woman and is exalted in Pisces. The number of Venus is 8. When the numbers 6 (male) and 9 (female) unite and kiss, they form the infinity symbol, or omfinity as I define the sound. Tilt the infinity symbol 90 degrees, and you have the number 8. The octagram can also be used as a love (aeya) symbol.

So, what is the correct sound of love? I evoke the sound of aeya, the real sound for love.