NOR Magic Warning

NOR Magic Warning

Robbie Baldwin

Please read this NOR Magic Warning before you attempt to do NOR Magic (please note that these words are taken from my essay, The Two Types of Magic):

Do not use NOR magic for malicious purposes or personal gain; this is a very serious air’ur. There are serious and dangerous consequences for using NOR magic on the wrong end (for evil, for instance). You can use NOR magic only in defense, and you still can make an air’or. In other words, you can use NOR magic without falling into the UR.

Last, but not least: Whenever I post any material that is NOR magic, I am going to make a symbol with a black background with a red-emitting, white-colored symbols like this:

There is also a negative sign within the symbol. This shall notify you that this material contains NOR magic. I shall not be responsible for anyone’s use of NOR magic on the wrong end, especially the damages that hee or yee caused.

Be safe playing with two types of magic; I have already warned you.