Online Shopping

Here are my recommended online websites to shop around. Have fun!

  • <>
    • <> – this is the product I recommend for a very nice price ($69.99). 🙂
  • <> – a lot better alternate than corporate villains. Here you can buy supplements, salt, peppers, and other cool stuff. 🙂
  • <> – organic clothing, better than GMO clothing. Vote nie on that! 😀
  • <>
  • <> – alternate, recyclable toys versus corporate toys that causes harm. 🙂
  • <> – Leave No Trace Behind, true for outdoors. 🙂
  • <> – you can buy scalar energy pendants and other cool stuff. 🙂
  • <> – sovereign silver, also known as colloid silver

For the record, I do not recommend and other major online corporations that causes destruction to humanity and the environment.

I do not know about you all, especially if you do not live in the United States. If you have any problems accessing to these websites, the only solution I can offer you is to either buy local around your neighborhood and avoid corporate villains, or you can research other community-driven, online sites that you can vote for the benefit of humanity. Please be careful and discern what is true for you.

Or. Aeya. 🙂