Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing

Robbie Theer’nigor


I am deciding to make a photo sharing page for humanity and communities. Here you shall find pictures that relate to all my essays I have written from symbols and sigils to pictures. This page does not contain pornography, violence, lies, hate-groups, and disturbing images. The photos I post should be under the creative commons license 0 (public domain), creative commons license 4 (non-commercial), or made by me. I also use pictures. Please note that this page is under construction and shall be updated frequently.

Update: if you noticed any of the photos deleted and replaced with words, I am doing this to keep the website rated “G”.

As of now, I have the following keywords available by the following:

  • Energy of Hair
  • Marriage
  • Sungazing/White Sun
  • Astrology
  • Season of the Warlock

If you do not want to waste time scrolling down, select the following keyword, copy it, click on your keyboard at the same time: Control + F, and paste the keyword in the find blank (e.g. Find: XYZ)

Energy of Hair:



Sungazing/White Sun:


Season of the Warlock