What Happens If The Manure Hits The Fan?

What Happens If The Manure Hits The Fan?

Robbie Theer’nigor

Have you heard the phase: SHTF? This is colloquially known as Shit Hits The Fan. Through the use of phonetics and using them carefully, I use Manure Hits The Fan (MHTF). Although manure hits the fan is a literal turd hits the fan to stop working, this also translates as a society collapse.

What happens if a society collapse? Numbers of things shall happen upon the unprepared. First of all, crime shall immediately skyrocket as survival rates skyrockets. Crimes include piracy, looting, shooting, rioting, and many things w’ur’se. Imagine of a city you are living in with at least a million; if the MHTF, then a million survival modes can kick on you. This is similar to you being outnumbered by one million to one. Here are the primary ten things you can miss the most:

  • Work
    • Most of rely on work for money; however, the MHTF shall cause you to miss work and especially money.
    • Solution: Find something you enjoy doing and find ways to make a living without a traditional job (Related Essay: 11 Reasons that You Should Not Get A Job)
  • Coffee
    • That’s really caffeine. Most people start their day with their coffee. First of all, where does coffee originate? Most of the coffee originates from Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. If you live in other countries other where coffee originates, most likely, growing coffee beans are of the wrong climate.
    • Solution: Withdraw from coffee and caffeine. I know this does not sound pleasant due to side effects; fully withdrawing caffeine takes at least five days.
  • Petroleum-powered vehicles
    • Another thing I have to bring up is petroleum-powered vehicles. Petroleum-powered vehicles are listed by the following: mopeds, motorcycle, cars, vans, sports utility vehicles, trucks, buses, anything that requires petroleum.
    • Solution: If you can walk, then you can walk. If you can afford a bicycle and a bicycle trailer, then yude. Bicycling can save lots of petroleum and car repairs.
  • Communications
    • Here are the list of communications by the following: emails, phone calls, FaceTime/Skype, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone), etc. A MHTF will cause you to miss emails, phone calls, and VOIP.
    • Solution: How about engage in a non-verbal communication? For example, you can do mind-to-mind communication.
  • Internet
    • This is where we rely on the most. This is where we find information. What happens if the manure hits the fan? You will lose the internet and some/most of you, Wifi.
    • Solution: “There is no Wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.” Oh, nie. There is no internet in the forest; however, you cannot truly lose your intuition. The Internet may sound to be a universal connection; however, the Internet is an earthly attachment. You can be connected to the Source, or be downloaded with streams of cosmic energy? Have you noticed that using the Internet costs you bandwidth and money? Try not to use Wifi; okay, I know this is very difficult for most of you because you are not quite ready for this.
  • Running Water
    • What happens if you lose running water? We use running water for washing dishes, taking showers, drinking water, using toilets, dishwasher, washing machines, washing hands, etc. What happens if you subtract running water from the things we use running water for?
    • Solution: Use rivers and streams to collect and use for only washing dishes. Do not use soap, for using soap can contaminate all water sources. If you want to use the bathroom, do the deep woods dumping by picking sources at least 200 feet from both water and hiking paths. For those wanting to take a bath/shower, you have to dive into shallow water sources at your own risk. For those wanting to drink water, I prefer for you to drink your own Yorin. I was able to drink lots of yorin with up to three cups of water a day at that one time.
  • Toilet Paper
    • Most people use toilet paper after going the bathroom. What if the manure hits the fan? Would you be buying anymore toilet paper, only to find out that the shelf containing toilet paper is going? Hmm, this is going to be interesting and a nice topic to think about. Lack of toilet paper plus a lack of running water is going to be really interesting and another nice topic to think about.
    • Solution: If you have to go to the bathroom, you have to do the deep woods dumping. You have to pick the suitable location that is at least 200 feet away from rivers, streams, campsites, human habitations, and paths. Make a cathole of at least 6 to 8 inches with your trowel. Place the excavated soil near the hole in case after you are finished going the bathroom. After you go to the bathroom, add soil to bury your waste.
  • Refrigerator
    • Fact: Most people (not all) use refrigerators to store perishable items. Perishable items are defined by the following: meat of all kinds, dairy of all kinds, perishable foods, and frozen foods.
    • Fact when MHTF is added: Refrigerators shall be useless, unless you have a backup, renewable source of power to power your fridge. Your dairy and your meat shall end up in warm temperatures within a couple days maximum. Meat and dairy stored at warm temperature can create a host of food poisoning symptoms.
    • Solution: Go vegan. Even if your perishable items are not meat and not dairy, they are still okay to be digested and you should have a low chance of food poisoning. The reason for this is because humans are designed to eat plants, not meat.
  • Air Conditioning
    • Think of a hot summer day or a cold winter day, and you have to use an air conditioning. Think about after a long day from work; you want to relax with the air conditioning. A loss of power combined with the MHTF shall make you miss the air conditioning.
    • Solution: You cannot change the laws of the body. If the climate is too hot or too cold for you to live in, I suggest you pick another location to immigrate, making sure that the correct conditions for all four seasons have been met. The suggested, seasonal conditions is warm all-year round while semi-humid. Semi-arid that is not hot or cold full-year is preferable. Very low humidity suggests a desert. Being cool is awesome. You can also purchase a battery-powered fan for hot summer days.
  • Yude-nor’s sleep
    • Yude-nor’s sleep is also known as good night’s sleep. Failing to prepare for the manure hits the fan, even for the w’ur’st, shall make you miss your yude-nor’s sleep. Your yude-nor’s sleep shall be replaced with nightmares and stress.
    • Solution: Keeping your yude-nor’s sleep requires extra planning and preparation if the manure hits the fan. You do not know when the manure hits the fan on you. So, I would not procrastinate if I were you.

There are other advices for you to prepare for the worst.

Beware of cities and metropolises with a very high population density. Very high population density plus MHTF equals tons of survival modes kicking in. When the manure hits the fan, crime is going to skyrocket in respect to survival modes. You can expect looting, piracy, murdering, rioting, and other worse things. If you are living in at least a semi-urban cities to urban cities, you are still at risk of facing tons of survival modes kicking on you. I suggest that you relocate 100 miles away from major urban cities.

For those living in the United States, you can relocate to the West optionally. The West, except for California, is the Safest Place in America for you to bug out or to make a living habitat. California is not a safe place to bug out due to very high population densities, frequent earthquakes, and mandatory vaccine laws. Advantages living in the Mountains West is that there are very few nuclear power plants as opposed to a lot in the Eastern America. The West is the Intra-mountains west, and the States/Regions-of-States that qualify for the Safe West are northeast Arizona, northwest New Mexico, Western Colorado, Utah, Idaho, North-Central Nevada, Southwest Wyoming, Western Montana, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon.

If you really want to relocate somewhere (also including for those living outside of the United States of America), here is what you need to consider:

  • Do not live within a 50 mile radius of a nuclear power plant or where you are downwind within a exploded nuclear power plant.
  • Do not live within 50 to 100 miles from a major city, or where population density per area is too high, or too close to a densely populated area.
  • You need to have access of water and adequate sunlight.
  • You have to grow your own food.
  • You must build a society and a system (opposite of the Matrix) on humanity’s best interests.
  • Beware of wild animals in your bug-out location.
  • Use a bike rather than a car.
  • Have a tent and sleeping bag.
  • Know the Art of Fire Safety.
  • Please refer my guide on The Moneyless Manifesto.







The Moneyless Manifesto

The Moneyless Manifesto

Robbie Theer’nigor

What is the Moneyless Manifesto? The Moneyless Manifesto is a global project that either reduces the need for money or going out of money entirely. Only a few people are able to get off from money entirely.

Before I begin, one of my bosses from work shared me these two quotes that I shall not forget for many generations to come: “Save some for the fishes.”; and “Don’t fall in.” This translates to conserve water and be safe near open waters. If you have electronics while storing water and you happened to fall in the water, you can run the risk of losing these electronics submerged in water.

Here are a few things here to get started:

  • Ride a bike
    • Riding a bike is almost debt free, yet you may have recurring payments to upkeep your bike.
    • Owning a car is very expensive to upkeep. You have to pay gas, repairs, car insurance, property taxes, and other useless stuff. This can cost you thousands of dollars a year, maybe a bit more than a thousand.
    • Fortunately, to upkeep bike is far cheaper than to upkeep a car in terms of money. You have to morae (learn) to repair your own bike.
    • In terms of a bike computer, I prefer a bike computer that is usb-rechargeable rather than CR-2032-battery-powered. In case you have to use the CR-2032 battery, it should be rechargeable. Should that battery run low on you, you basically have to buy more, and this costs you money. The Sigma BC 14.16 wired bike computer would get you started around 66 dollars.
    • For a bike headlights and taillights, you can use either a usb-rechargable or battery power that requires you to use your NiMH rechargable batteries (which I shall cover in Electricity). The downside of usb-rechargable is the pricing. Buying headlights/taillights that requires usb-rechargeable costs more than buying ones that requires battery-power.
  • Bike trailer
    • Unless you are going on a road trip via bike and carrying a lot of load, this is what a bike trailer is for. I bought my bike trailer for about $100. This is the Aosom Bike Trailer Elite II, and this cargo trailer can carry loads up to 175 pounds.
    • Along with a bike trailer, I would also recommend a bike rack that you can buy from Planet Bike for around 35 dollars. I would then buy an L-bracket to place a reflective taillight on the back, because placing a load at least 9 inches would block the reflectors near the bike seat. I would also buy a rear reflective tape to compensate for the rear bicycle reflector.
    • Do not forget to add a rear reflective tape on your bike trailer, if it does not have one already.
  • Wild Sex
    • Wild Sex is the element of fire.
    • Sexual Energy is ruled by Mars.
    • Sexual intercourse is free, and it does not cost you a penny.
    • You and your mature partner have to agree with each other before engaging in sexual intercourse.
    • The key is half marriage and half free-love.
    • If you and your heterosexual partner do not want to raise children, you and your partner should either perform the Sixth Tibetan Rite (after diligently mastering the Five Tibetan Rites) or the Art of Jing Recycling in order to control the wild sex.
    • If you and your heterosexual partner decide otherwise, raise a family.
  • Reduced-Debt/Debt-Free
    • Find ways to either reduce debt or get out of debt entirely. You have to do this legally though. For example, owning a car costs you debt by the following lists: gas, repairs, car insurance, public parking, tickets, and property taxes. To legally be debt-free from a car, you have to sell your car (I am not kidding, and this is very emotive) and pay off any remaining debt leftover.
    • How about being a captain of your own bicycle than being a crew of a ship?
  • Energy of Hair
    • Stop going to a barber/haircut shop. How about grow out your long hair (including beards for men)? By growing your long hair, you can literally save lots of money from a barber/haircut shop.
    • Long hair has spiritual energy. I am also including beards for men. I encourage you to grow out your long hair (including beards for men).
    • Do not put soap/shampoo on your hair (especially beards); doing so can strip oils needed to grow out more hair. In other words, putting soap or shampoo on your hair can hamper your hair growth.
  • Vegan
    • Go vegan. Humans are designed to eat plants, not meat. We have flatten nails, longer intestines, less than 5 pH for stomach, and a moderate-concentrate yorin (urine).
    • Going vegan is cheaper than vegetarian and meat-eating. Did you noticed that a hamburger requires at least 666 gallons of water to be produced?
    • Avoid using a refrigerator and a freezer. This really applies to the true vegan, especially for immigrating bicycle riders. Vegetarians and meat-eaters use the refrigerator and freezer for storing meat products, or meat products left out in room temperature can increase the risk of foodborne illness.
    • If you want to be a vegan and want calcium and magnesium intake, you can buy Calcium Citrate from NOW foods (link provided here) and the Calm Magnesium Citrate from either NOW foods or from Natural Vitality (link provided here).
    • For those wanting a refrigerator, you can use a mini fridge for less than 250 dollars. Or you can go off from the refrigerator entirely and grow your food.
  • Yorin Therapy
    • I am going to bring up this quote again: “Save some for the fishes.” I have also discussed the benefits of Yorin Therapy (link provided here); now, I am going to bring forth Yorin so that you can save you lots of water, not to mention using the toilet.
    • You can also use yorin to wash your hair and bathe yourself. Yorin can also retain oils on your hair, allowing your hair to keep growing.
    • Drink some yorin; this is the fountain of youth. Round you go.
    • Unless you really need to drink water, you can use a mini water-filter straw (click here), a water purifier (click here), and a water ozone generator as an option. The ozone generator I bought was the Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator from a2zozone.com, only for 70 dollars. This generator can run about 10 watts, all within the requirements of maximum power draw from my Power Dome.
  • Electricity
    • For those willingly to go off-grid, you have to buy a portable generator that does not require gasoline and is capable of going off-grid. Gasoline-runned generators cost a lot of money than non-gasoline ones. Using gasoline is a recurring-payment. I recommend a Wagan Tech Power Dome LT (click here). This power dome has an AC plug, two DC sockets, air compressor, USB port charger, car battery starter, and a flashlight. This generator does not require gasoline and is rechargeable through either an AC plug, a DC plug, or solar panels. The cheap downside is the 25 amp replacement that costs you about 77 cents per piece. I bought this for about 141 dollars. I do not know about you, but you can invest any of the power domes that is, of course, non-gasoline. You can also buy a portable generator from Goal Zero (click here) that is convenient for you.
    • You can also buy a Wagan Tech Solar Panel e 18 (go here) that can also charge Wagan Tech Power Dome for going off-grid. Or maybe you want to buy a Goal Zero solar panel.
    • What kind of batteries shall I use? Avoid one-time-use batteries and buy rechargeable NiMH batteries. These batteries can be rechargeable up to a thousand times. Oh, do not forget the battery charger.
    • How about computers? I prefer an iPod (click here) with the highest amount of storage (128 GB for $399.99). Here are the reasons in purchasing an iPod:
      • iPod requires only to be charged at up to five watts to be recharged. You can charge this either through the Power Dome or your solar panel.
      • iPod has a high CPU and a very high GPU.
      • This is the only mini-computer I would ever need.
      • Laptops generally require about 90 to at least 100 watts to be recharged.
      • Desktops require about 250 watts in order to operate. If run for three hours a day, that is 750 watts of power used. This power exceeds the maximum wattage power for the Wagan Tech Power Dome LT.
  • Laundry
    • You can buy the Scrubba. The Scrubba (click here) is a portable washer machine that does not require any electricity and is very lightweight. I recently bought the Scrubba Wash and Dry Kit for around 100 dollars. The typical cost of a washer or dryer machine costs between 300 dollars up to a whopping 1900 dollars. Combine these two would cost at least 3,800 dollars maximum. Each load from a typical washer can take from 15 gallons to 30 gallons of water. By using the Scrubba, you can use up to 0.5 to 1.5 gallons per small load, saving about 20 to 60 times more.
    • Do not forget the SmartKlean ball (click here). Say farewell to laundry detergent; say Ah-loh (hallo) to SmartKlean Ball. This is a small device that replaces the laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheet; this is because these three things produce an extra waste in your home, costing you recurring money. Not only that, the laundry detergent and the fabric softener used in grey water can only biodegrade in land, not in water. Soap cannot biodegrade in water because of its basic pH; this can contaminate and pollute water sources. Raising the pH of a lake to a base level can really kill aquamarine life, including fishes. Whatever you do, do not pour out basic, grey water into a lakes, oceans, or rivers.
    • So, how many clothing do you really need? Think of clothing as of extra luggage that you really carry around indefinitely. If you are carrying a luggage of at least 8,000 cubic inches, you can fit about four shirts, a couple shorts, a couple pants/jeans, a few pair of socks, a couple sweaters, your winter coat, six boxer/boxer-briefs/underwear, a two-person tent, a tent tarp, and a few of your belongings in there.
  • Bedding
    •  How about buying a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag?
    • Sleeping bag comes with temperature tolerance against cold temperature. If you are planning to live in the south, sub-tropical, semi-hot desert, tropical, or around the equator, then you have to buy a sleeping bag with a minimal operating temperature of 40 degrees or more. However if you are going to camp-out at very high altitude or at very high latitudes, I would recommend a sleeping thermal pad and a sleeping bag with a maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees (or less depending on the latitude or altitude of a very high mountain).
  • Housing
    • Buying a house with mortgage is not only expensive; upkeeping the house can cost you hundred of dollars in dealing with pest, cleaning, and many more.
    • What is the alternate of a house? You can buy a tent, either a three-season or a four-season of your preference. A three-season means the tent can withstand only spring, summer, and fall seasons, not winter. A four season can withstand all seasons of the full year. A four-season tent is typically more expensive than a three-season tent. A three-season tent is more tolerant in sub-tropical to equatorial areas for a full year. A four-season tent is more tolerant from arctic regions to the near sub-tropical area for a full year.
    • If you are travelling with two or more people, the size of the tent increases. Nie, true. A family size tent would fit around 6 to 10 people, or 4 to 5 people with luggage. Do not forget a tent tarp that matches at least the whole base-area of your tent.
    • To upkeep the tent is actually cheaper than a house in terms of repairs.
  • Kitchen
    • Buy only metal-made utensils, not plastic. Plastic utensils have the tendency to break when used on dense food.
    • Do not buy paper towels and napkins; these things are one-time use.
    • If you are planning to cook some food, I recommend the cast iron pan.
    • I also decide to add a little controversy against the dishwasher. If you know that running dishwasher requires a lot of water, then you are absolutely correct. You have to hand wash your dishes to save lots of water.
    • Be mindful of dish soap; do not carry dish soap while in the backcountry.
  • Last, but not least: Personal Hygiene
    • Shower less than daily.
    • Use coconut oil and baking soda as a toothpaste.
    • To the men out there: do not shave.
    • Avoid soap. This is not 100 percent necessary. All types of soap cannot biodegrade in water; doing so can not only contaminate water, but can also kill aquamarine life.
    • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers for washing hands.
    • If you really have to use soap, use soap at least 200 feet away from water.

Above all, do not do anything unlawful (period).


<http://www.backcountryattitude.com/> – contains lots of references for backcountry recreations, also Leave No Trace Behind friendly/compatible.